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  • I'm pretty sure u can mail gold now. It's AD that u cant mail (there are other ways ofcourse)
  • You don't have to do it every 5 minutes o.O
  • I've been patching this since last night (GMT +5). At first it was at 51% with 700MB downloaded, then after that 49% with 850MB downloaded so i left it overnight. When i got up, the launcher was closed so i though it was over. How wrong was I. Currently its at 47% with 200MB... Not sure how much was downloaded last night…
    in Patching? Comment by xiolin June 2013
  • Argh, i closed it and selected it again and it's still downloading the test server patch. EDIT: I can login to the test server but it is still patching for the normal one
    in Patch Size Comment by xiolin June 2013
  • Really?? But i selected the Neverwinter one (not the preview server).
    in Patch Size Comment by xiolin June 2013
  • Wish they'd at least post the patch size on the notes. And here i thought i was doing something wrong and it kept on downloading and downloading and downloading =D
    in Patch Size Comment by xiolin June 2013
  • Just to clear any misunderstanding, i'm talking about the patch that was just released today after maint (the one which patch the gf armor exploit and stuff). Hard to think that alone is so big. It's still stuck at 49% and continues to download. On the patched part it says (48.9MB/99MB), yet so far i have recieced more…
    in Patch Size Comment by xiolin June 2013
  • I downloaded the test server patch last night and played on it for a while. From the looks of it, i've downloaded about 600MB now :/ EDIT: @maximilious Seriously? Just for this patch? Wow
    in Patch Size Comment by xiolin June 2013
  • I had everything downloaded before by using that option. But still i just now unchecked it just in case. Started patching again from 49% onwards :(
    in Patch Size Comment by xiolin June 2013
  • How big is this patch? I've been patching for quite a while now :/
  • It's one of the things thats being patched in the "Major Patch" :)
  • Np. There are a lot of tooltip mistakes ingame and it seems they are correcting a lot of those in the upcoming patch. Btw, you should take a look at the notes. There are some good stuff on the way (along with some bad stuff as well xD)
  • I did. But i couldnt find anyone facing this problem. Most of the problems close to this was the launcher crashing when you click login and that was due to some other software conflicts (and i dont have any of them). I'll keep on pressing login again and again. Hopefully it will work at some point :/
  • I think it is 75% and the 65% could be a mistake since in the patch notes it says they will be correcting it. "Skill Kits now show the correct success rate in their flavor text."
  • Bump~ Anyone else not having this problem? It started happening again today and it's been 3 hours now but i still cant get past the login screen :(
  • I have a feeling they might not yet up the level cap. My guess is, level cap will come with Module1. But who knows :P
  • Leadership profession assets have a different icon now so it's easily distinguished. I didn't check that much yet, but later on i'll start playing around the powers and feats to test out the skill difference. This is for a 60 CW since thats the only class i have.
  • Like you said, it's all up to the individual. A couple of years ago I used to play about 12+ hrs. I had 1 class each day and i preferred staying home cause I wasn't that social. Thus I had more time to play. Besides, it was fun chatting with guild mates and friends :P Now i still play games but the duration depends on…
  • lol my thread got locked =D anyways, free respec!!! nice. More feedback coming @raphaeldisanto sorry :P EDIT 1: (After reading CW changes) booo nerf lol EDIT 2: Good to know something has been done about heal threat. Yay for all the clerics out there EDIT 3: "NPCs are now less talkative." finally something that i wanted.…
  • There will be no wipes. But you should know that there was a 7hr server roll back sometime ago due to a big exploit. Yes, there will be more class coming. As of right now, from what we know, the next class to come is a range class (either a ranger or a warlock class). More details should arrive soon. And as the game…
  • True. What i said mostly apply to when new content comes out or when the game is new. But just letting it out there that there are other reasons why people ask for offers. I agree with what most of you said about it being an underhanded technique sometimes used to scam people. So research first :)
  • There is another reason why people do this "Offer" sales. It's to get a rough idea of the value of the item. But this is for items that is rare or so and the value is not available to you. In a previous game i played, i got a rare skill drop (yes, skill level scrolls drop in game), and me or my guildmates didn't really…
  • I see. That's too bad. Another thing you could do is start making the group yourself so that you are the leader. But still, it would be nice to have a vote system or something in place.
  • Yeah, its something that seems to be happening quite a lot. Either way, did this happen during a Skirmish AD event time? If not, then you didn't really lose much (other than a couple of copper coins). Try grouping up with some friends. Seems to help prevent these things :)
  • I'm guessing you got kicked :(
  • Ok if it's bot farms run by companies, then what you say can be true. But that doesnt mean the bots can be run from home as well. Heck, it's possible to run atleast 7 clients in my pc not to mention my friend has access to 4 pc's and 2 laptops in his house (hes a tech geek and loves his computer stuff). If he wanted to, he…
  • Maybe I'm wrong with this (if so just let me know). But I've got a dynamic IP and if i restart my modem, my IP changes. Around a year ago i got IP banned in another game (yes i broke some rules) and all i had to do was just restart and bam, I'm back to playing the game. No need to pay anything or ask the ISP to change my…
  • A trade section is good. Also it would be nice to put the server you are in :P
  • There is a big discussion going on here http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?300482-Do-you-have-a-problem-with-the-current-community-policing-(24h-Mute)
  • The point is that is abusable. I also talk on the zone chat (never tried to sell anything yet) and haven't been muted. But I think someone said that if around 20 people report you, then you can be muted. The problem here is that there are people who has 20+ alt accounts they use to mute whoever they dont like. It's not…