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  • Drops are based party's leader level.
  • I think best option for items like this is to mail them to one of developers. I am sure they will find way to discard them. Ofc it would work only on non-bound items.
  • Foundry sucks. It is also easy target for bots, as everything is predictable. We don't want extra lag caused by bots running foundry quests.
  • 1. Stop using wireless. 2. Never use wireless for online games 3. Never ever use wireless for online gaming :)
  • I mostly miss big blue balls, which all CWs used to trow most of the time :smile:
  • Instead of subscription model, they should simply offer "private instances" payable with zen, running on separate server. Lets say I want to farm HEs (not that I want to but I am forced to it because of game design). This process is quote boring, but constant lag makes it really frustrating. Private instance should be…
  • The only female dragon in Neverwinter is Tiamat ...
  • Depending of your connection speed, LAG issues. With low lag, CW is best choice, but with LAG, CW is really bad (you jump forward to dodge AOE and you are teleported back. You case some encounter, you see animation twice, etc. If you have lots of LAG, GWF is your choice it it least affected by lag (still lag is quite…
  • There is one major rule in trading - if product has no price (free), then YOU are the product. This game was never "free to play", if you play without paying, it is because someone is paying enough for it. It is normal that paying customers get more fun, and "free" players are there just to allow paying customers to have…
  • Go to instance where people do HEs ...
  • Technically, Pally can still keep "buble" up 100%, I can with my pally, It is just not so much fun anymore :) Anyway. I think you are forgetting something - dungeons are supposed to be playable by 2k+ IL players. 4K IL player does ~ 10x more damage that 2k IL player (if they both know what they are doing).
  • You definitely don't need IL 4k+ to do this. In your case it was probably SW who did it, but it is doable by any team of GF/DC+3xDPS 3k+ who knows how to use their class. Anyway this SW "ability" will probably go out in just 3 days (mod 10)
  • Having companion with 3x Bonding R12 and 2x(or 3x) Underdark rings is ~ 6 times better that having augment.
  • The proper solution for this is to make AD account-wide currency (like zen). Everything else is unnecessary clicking from players. Instead of fighting monsters we fight game mechanics. Same should be done for tradebars and gold too.
  • There is not exactly limit, but some kind of anti-farming measure. For me (it is pure speculation only) it looks like this: Every char has some counter, every hour you get +10 points to this counter, up to max 100. Every time you get some drop, you loose 30 points. Drop chance directly depends on how many points you have,…
  • You choose between never and longer. There is no logic in 2xAD event on PC, as there are lots of AD generated by players. See ZAX, when rate drops to ~250-300, you can expect eventually they to consider it.
  • There is no business logic in introducing new class right now. Next patch will fix 2 other classes in way to make them more desirable by players. Then we will have 3-6 months time when players will spend money to improve their chars. And only after that, it is possible to introduce new class.
  • Drop rate is probably 1:1000, unless you've been nasty in forums (I am joking ... I hope). But I personally opened more that 1000 boxes and never got any legendary item
  • My game crashed 3 times in 20 mins after maintenance. I hope they fix this soon.
  • 800K power in nothing. You should see power numbers on 25xDC tiamat party. I thing my power level was more that 1000000000000000000000000000. And since game can't display numbers bigger that ~4000000000 it was displaying some HAMSTER. Still heads died from single-hit.
  • Some advise from long time PC player. If game mechanic is same or at least similar to PC version, I would recommend starting with Control Wizard. This class is easiest to go through game quests, and provides most fun doing it. Your second char should be something useful in parties - like Guardian Fighter or Devoted cleric.…
  • Guys, seriously - "Never experiencing lag and rubberbanding before" means one thing - you haven't played long enough. There is ONLY ONE solution for this - GET USED TO IT. There are countless complains from players about lag issues - it is obvious that Cryptic don't want or simply can't fix them so just accept them as part…
  • It belongs to some player around and he named it "control"
    in Control? Comment by mmm1001 July 2016
  • I don't know if this was reported before: Casting daily (in my case AA placed into 1st slot) makes sound effect of leveling UP + sound effect of AA. I had similar problem long ago with CW, and they fixed it eventually (or I found a way to go around it - not sure which one but it is OK now) Now as I started to play with DC…
  • There are several different builds in class forum: http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/categories/the-temple
  • Yes, but it is little bit confusing - 100% recovery would not make recovery time to be 0 sec. It will increase "speed" of recovery so cool down time will be 50% of original time.
    in Recovery Comment by mmm1001 June 2016
  • I just notice same problem, 100% repeatable, started when someone started building upgrade (not sure which one, because i cash when i try to see but i guess it is warehouse 9->10)