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  • Won’t load, wonderful start to the new combat system.
  • You forgot to mention that chains don’t even have a guaranteed drop rate like the Rex fangs did, nor are they on a timed rotation. I liked Chult hunts, I likes Ravenloft hunts, I cant stand Avernus hunts.
  • It keeps in the range of most DPS builds I come across, to include trapper rangers, but a combat warden, thaumaturge wizard, or a skilled rouge will destroy it. There is nothing anyone can do to make an awesome archery ranger, but this was the best I could come up with so that it is at least playable for those who want to…
  • I second, if you aren’t healing you should be praying and you should never use divinity on Devout to do damage.
  • Heavier slash, all the way, useful against bosses and trash
  • I use loamweave because it looks awesome with my bronze wood. But if I was more concerned I’d pick either barkshield or bloodtheft as they will keep you alive. And if stamina is an issue, eclipse is also quite nice.
  • Full disclosure, this will not keep up with a melee warden, but it does enough damage that you won’t be a team sink if you run it; Paragon- Hunter Gear- Head: Protégé hood Chest: hags rags Arms: fearbringers Feet: boots of the willed Weapon: any Undermountain set except mountaineer Neck: baphomet talisman / jehsyria mantle…
  • Yeah, barkshield is awesome, I made mine as the first armor enchant I ever had back when nobody wanted it (hence why I chose it); totally lucked out when they buffed it. Also switched out my magistrates patience for beserkers rage due to the weapon enchant issue.
  • I've played with plenty of CWs that absolutely own mobs, mine is still a work in progress and I already hit pretty damn hard; if you are getting school by GFs and DCs, you are doing something wrong. That aside, I'm loving the dissertation on all the dirt feats CWs have to put up with.
  • Some items to consider: Barkshield is starting to get too expensive to be a viable 'economic' choice; lesser soulforged is cheap to either create or purchase and there is no real need to ever upgrade it as higher levels provide very little benefit (probably the worst return on investment for refining of any enchantment in…
  • I'll either swap to a 2k AP mount power or guild boon when I enter Chult and then swap back when I leave; lack the energy to completely rebuild my characters for one mod (I'm looking at you SKT). Honestly not super happy with the enemy DR change, it forces us to push a stat way past necessity for everything else in the…
  • I have a load out of all three paragon paths (all Stormwarden, hate most of the Pathfinder powers); I usually run combat solo (great for melting weak enemies), trapper for most dungeons (best balance of damage and survivability), and archery for specific boss fights and large raids (easiest build to keep up buffs/debuffs…
  • For some people it becomes cost analysis; azures, radiants, and silvers are plentiful and comparatively cheap to buy/upgrade, while black ice, gigantic, demonic, or draconic are considerably more expensive and/or time consuming to upgrade. Determine the stat you want to push and then figure out the most cost effective way…
  • Much of this thread has been about who does the most damage as though DPS is the end all of PVE; DPS may drive the car, but support is the fuel that runs it. Without healers, buffer, or tanks nothing would get done and all parties would be TPK'd. In other words, I'm saying don't get on the crazy train and think that there…
  • If someone is begging for a Cleric and then complains that they don't like your build, tell them to make their own damn DC. Anti-social sentiment aside, there are lot of ways to run an effective DC (especially now with load outs); I run a DODC spec'd for personal DPS for solo and T1 content and an ACDC spec'd for high…
  • Currently running Air/Earth/Fire/Siege/Erinyes; tried WHR and was thoroughly unimpressed, but was looking at the Sellsword because of her buff powers. All in all though I haven't found another combination of companions that produces damage as efficiently.
  • My squishy HR has trouble with Kabal 'cuz of his harsh DoT, but my lower IL GF has no trouble whatsoever, its a breeze for her.
  • SW and PF are almost completely interchangeable. Most of the path specific powers suck compared to the universal ones and the ones that don't are more quirky than useful. The real question: do you prefer careful attack (for single targets) or clear the ground (for mobs)?
  • Sentiments here seem to be echoing my current view of the Superior Mark grind; got one weapon on my main up to legendary and have now essentially given up on my off hand, 5 IL is not worth the effort. As for my alts, my tank has the relic set, but I'm going to get the lifeforged set from Mod 11 and use the relic weapons to…
  • Had a similar issue; hitting A didn't work, pressing left didn't work, started to freak out and just started spamming buttons and stick movements and Walla, success! Don't know what worked, but just keep playing with it and it will eventually give in.
  • Can't speak for PVP, avoid it like a locust swarm, but for PVE my trapper ranger is lava (ie I melt everything in my path); not even 4k yet (or whatever the # is under the new system on PC) and I have no problem dealing god-awful damage to the AI.
  • Uhg, stupid consoles, I want my loadouts...
  • As another writer already stated, Conqueror is for personal DPS, Protector and Tactician are for buffing; there is nothing wrong with going Conqueror, but even high-end parties will love you more if you are support the team rather than chase the Paingiver. Just yesterday I was on chat listening to a group of my friends…
  • I ended up doing pretty much that; got my tank MSVA ready and started farming marks for my dps character, but it shouldn't have to be that way, any character should be able to run the content, but the only players I know who have their relic set at legendary are all support, it is hard for any dps under 4k to get them.
  • MIght play around with a buffing Archery/Combat hyrbid just to have another option (been playing dps trapper for so long...)
  • I actually run a reflect loadout on my GF whenever I go T2 or above content. Most of my build is self-dps (boons, feats, companions) for soloing, but with a couple pieces of gear (blackthorn and briartwine) and a quick power swap out (guarded assault w/ perma shield and KV, SoS) I become a spike turtle. Aggro pull, high…
  • Yeah, didn't finish the last boon on my main until the last 2x campaign currency; spammed Tiamat during hoard level 4 almost every hour for a couple of days. Probably wont on my alts unless I break down and buy the token, it just takes way to long otherwise.
  • I keep re-slotting CoA/PG, thinking that this time I will learn to deal with it's issues; I always end up dropping it pretty quickly. Please fix, it was one of the HR's best powers.
  • AA is fine, if you don't like spamming it then don't use it. If you don't like people calling for it then don't run with them. Play how you want to play; if its fun and you aren't a team sink, then you are doing it right.