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  • The dungeon called Infernal Citadel can drop the weapon transmutes from those packs. Ive gotten the cleric & wizard mainhands along with rangers offhand
  • The way they are getting this mount out to "new" players is just stupid. How hard would it of been to just put it in the Promo tab of the Rewards Claim Agent for a limted time just like they did with the Blue Electric Tiger? It even looks like they are the same PlayStation Blue color too!?
  • hah! Awesome in my opinion, earn your lvl 70's! Plus its a great way to really learn the mechanics of the class playing it from level 4 to level 70. I guess 1 of the main perks of that pack would be the Elemental Evil campaign completed to get them boonz but im actually glad i waited til now todo Elemental Evil because it…
  • Hopefully the developers/moderators that have the power to add a change like that to the random loot drop tables read this post or have it forwarded to them. This is even an issue for them players who have the ability to open lockbox after lockbox. They end up with too many companion upgrade tokens on 1 character which for…
  • lol well i guess they made upgrading companions MUCH faster for people willing to spend 1400 zen for that Companion Helper Pack, which honestly is wack IMO. It comes with ONLY 1 of those bags that contains just 45 companion upgrade tokens. 45 is not alot, it costs 90 tokens just to upgrade from rare(blue) to epic(purple).…
  • thank you moderators/developers, its nice to see the regular old Panther with a possible insignia bonus
  • Wheres this 15min info from?
  • Yo it goes down right in the middle of a good GG!?! Just not cool...
  • lol, that last post is true but most people do not have the time todo all that on multiple different characters, IRL stuff tends to be more important right?
  • They fixed the Moonbear when it didnt have an iBonus, why didnt the developers fixed the Panther @ the same time. I mean both them mounts came from the same box even!!!
  • i LOVE having 2 talisman both with overload slots on them, have you seen the possibilitys of the SH companion only overload enchants, they are niiice!
  • i think they should add those bags of companion tokens to dungeon chests, each bag only has 45 but thats haftway to an epic companion
  • I dont see why you cant use a sigil artifact as a feeder once the artifact hits r100 or r140 like how that "Always Double Refinement" pops up on artifact weapons once they are r15 or higher. Is that not possible or something? Now your special event artifacts are amazing generally at just 1 of 2 things, its actual power you…
  • Instead of the free Respec you get on certain toons after some mod updates it should be a Race Reroll specially after Mod 10a when that vendor popped up under King Neverwinter & after the Winter Event (so many free Respecs). I Started playing on PS4 so when i made my 1st character (Oathbound Paladin) and got to the…
  • If you are using any of those new chest armor pieces for the amazing special equip power or as just a sweet looking transmod most of those chest pieces cover up (wont show) your arms at all in my experiences with them. Hope this helps?
  • l'm Bumping this thread up because this is an issue that could of been fixed twice now on 2 different patches. 1st time was when they finally gave the Moonbear an insignia bonus, why couldnt they of gave the Panther an insignia bonus then too? 2nd time was this recent patch we just had where they fixed an issue with 2…
  • i felt the same way with my tank paly until a fellow tank paly told me to go back and try burning light again (thx boffsta) after not using it for a loooong time. Before i had smite, templars wraith, & relentless avenger slotted. I would most of the time use relentless avenger as my last attack because of how fast it was…
  • Has anyone seen the Black Death Scorpion on PS4? I was with someone when they got an unBound Death Slaad from Kessels so if that pet is in the game now shouldnt the Black Death Scorpion drop too? Anywhere...?
  • Its down for everyone on PS4, This makes 3 times its ever done this to me.. Which aint bad compared to other games like this..?
  • Start > Items > Collections > Zone Rewards
  • i still want one, even if its just for an appearance change
  • l have no idea why so many palys quit the game when they found out what changes were being done to their paly. I believed in my opinion that this Mod 10.5 update was a buff for my paly NoFear. It turned out to work in my favor but i had things backwards. I thought my PvP loadout was going to get a bigger buff compared to…
  • How do ya'll like them hidden changes in the patch notes that are most of the time hard to find but well worth it? >:)
  • From what i saw over in the pc forum when it happens now, stuff finally proc'n off that encounter, its resetting ur stacks of whatever back to 1. Which from their posts seem pissed, I cant get that dodge down for nothing so my lvl 70 is a mule, lol
  • Man i just realized the PS4's web browser displays this forum correctly compared to my PS Vita... I would of reply'd to this awhile ago if there was 1 link anywhere to click to sign in! But GH11 is going to be nice with the ability to further increase our structures ranks so our boonz go up higher. It would be lie if i…