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  • "Customer via CSS Web 08/20/2016 07:08 AM I'd like a refund for my last 6 month vip purchase. I have not started using those vip days yet as they were added on to the end of my existing vip membership which hadn't expired yet. I wanted vip status for the bonus daily invoking astral diamonds which you have now decided to…
  • thanks, I appreciate the input :)
  • Or maybe I need a controller to stun these aoe caster more but the controllers that I've tried tend to run away from attacks and pick up more agro from other mob groups.
  • Not so much do the damage as I know that no pets compare to any player at 70 but do as much extra damage as possible. I solo a ton and I was wanting to try this out for my Paladin whose dps is lacking sometimes if I have to keep the shield up due to constant aoe's. I was just thinking, a master defender has aoe immunity so…
  • I've tried quite a few companions. I like Phoera maxed out as a striker. I've been looking for the highest dps companion overall, I know that some situations some will be better than others but has anyone noticed any exceedingly higher dps when they are at max level? Also are there any defenders that do good dps? The…
  • I agree 100%. Hire this man! or woman!
  • I agree that'd be a huge help. Training manuals to raise anything to max would help too.
  • ok well to each his own. The fact is I'd buy more pets with more active slots. They want people to spend more money, and I would. Pets are extremely useful if you solo, if you think not then maybe you need a better/different pet or solo harder stuff, I've gotten through many fights solo that would've never been possible…
  • Some of you should move on to active guilds. I was in a guild that was made during pre-release. It only had 1-3 players ever on. I left it a few days before Strongholds and joined a brand new guild. It's almost at capacity and every member is active. Even if you leave out the obvious advantages to the stronghold it's 100…
  • If that's the case then this game wasn't for them anyway. People played it for a long time just fine before strongholds and I group with 70's every day that are unguilded and happy as can be. Most play great and have great gear without a guild..
  • I gave you a perfect example. The coffer doesn't track my personal progress and sorry if I don't feel like spending half my game time with a pen and paper figuring it myself. It would easily show me hey the time I spent in WoD wasn't as efficient as my Dread Ring grinding. and btw I wasn't kidding anyone, my guild has…
  • Yes I know there's only 5 active slots now. That's my point that they should have more. I disagree about upgrading, I've upgraded all of mine on several characters and any of my guild that uses pets also have them upgraded. Most pets don't get their best skills until after they're maxed out.
  • If your guild would use this info to harass players and discriminate then I'd consider changing guilds because your guild sucks :neutral: . Even if the gm can't see it, I'd like to track my own record of donations. For one thing it'd help show me which grinding actually paid off better and I'm sure other could use the info…
  • I'm glad it takes a ton to upgrade. I don't want every guild having the exact same stronghold even 2 years from now. Some will have pvp towers and some won't, it'll make things more interesting. I hope that with each mod they add new options of things to build so the guilds will have to choose, do we want a stronghold that…
  • boons would make it way to pay to win then. Right now you pay for things that you want but non paying people can get comparable things just by playing. They should do something but not boons.
  • just got around to testing it and you can still get 2 pets fyi, better look at that issue again. both pets will fight for you too so it isn't just graphics..
  • that made me lol :)
  • I agree 100% with your post and miss that type of game experience.
  • cute, I like the green highlights, you can dye the axes too so you know, at least I could and did on mine.
    in Dyes Comment by beaghan1 May 2013
  • that's how was all the way back in UO too. If you want to excel at one thing you should have to sacrifice something else. Not that way here though and I don't see that changing.
  • it actually is very flexible with enough coin/ad/zen, my main tr in all black/red (nightmare dye) with a glowing sword in one hand and a black axe in the other gets complimented every day on how I look. changed the appearance of almost every visual and dyed everything.
    in Dyes Comment by beaghan1 May 2013
  • except that there is nothing hard about leveling crafting so all will make the stuff when/if it's ever worthwhile. crafting just takes time, no thought as it is currently anyway, I base that on my having maxed all the different crafts..
  • I like that. I'm sure the devs mean well and I'm sure most work their asses off but I often feel like punching one lol. and I agree the crafting is a dumbed down joke timesink in this game, no thought needed just time and supplies :p
  • ok well hopefully they make the Deities count for something. I will have to learn more about 4e I guess in regards to alignment as everything I know is based on earlier versions.
  • that's all true that they can just make choices matter. Why have deity choices at all though? It seems like a total waste if it's not going to be put to a use. You mean they added the deity selections and descriptions just for in game titles? that just doesn't add up, doesn't seem like they'd spend time on that with so…
  • also, even in other mmo's that don't have alignment there are usually realms and factions and things of that nature to make choices matter. In a D&D mmo it seems like alignment would have to play a part at some point no matter if it's 4.0 or any other version.
  • It can add quite a lot to roleplay and to Foundry quests if they ever enable alignment to influence things. I see several requests in the "future classes" threads for paladins, well how do you have paladins without some form of alignment enforcement unless this is just totally going to be a hack/slash mmo where…
  • I see what you're saying. I was just using that as an example because I thought it'd show the point more, like a druid that sees the need for the balance in old D&D versions. I would usually consider myself like chaotic neutral as I would usually do the right thing 99% of the time but occasionally if the payoff was big…
  • lots lacking if those are it. What about someone that believes good & evil should be balanced and they try to help maintain that balance? no more neutral of any kind?