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  • I think that it should apply a ban to the forum for the same 24 hours. It seems like every person that gets the ban comes and posts about it, it is not just my opinion that it shouldn't be posted about but also against the forum rules as mods point out daily.
  • threads posting constructive opinions for devs to consider is not whining, meanwhile you posted a whiner thread about whining. gee you can make a foundry quests, and you can post <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> on wiki so you must be so smart so all should do as you say. welcome to my ignore list, don't worry there are…
  • makes no sense to me, who is that directed at? who here posted anything "spamming"? What post here makes anything look like someones 1st mmo? If it was at me (since it quickly followed my post) then I've played mmo's since UO and played all that were any good. All because I'd prefer this one to not be an mmo means nothing…
  • I'd be all for that, rank 7's are way too much to remove its soo sad if you do get some new better item. I have some 8's ready to be made too as soon as my praying gives me some more blue wards, can't wait to see the price on removing an 8 from 60 gear :(
  • I wish they kept that plan. It'd be soo much more like NWN1 then with new graphics...
  • I agree 100%. It's way way too much over 150k to remove a good enchant on high end gear that's a joke.
  • you can exchange the items that you buy with them, so until they make the bars able to trade, just open all boxes on the same character and he can buy items and mail the items to your other characters, that's what I do anyway.
  • once again, who are you to tell me what I should do? Did I say ever that I don't enjoy the game? All because it's not beta I should quit? That makes sense, never. You miss the entire point of people having their own opinions. you post the same <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> over and over telling people what they…
  • hahahaha you have it backwards. The only reason people care that you fanboys call it beta is because on every legit issue thread on the forum you guys jump in with all of the "don't complain it's only beta" BS. If the beta believers would quit trying to force all to think it's beta there would be no arguments and all could…
  • I've gotten blue assets a couple of times from something in the graveyard. I don't remember which quest but I have 4 characters that I've never spent 1 zen on and 2 have blue assets that I've been meaning to transfer to another character. It was like a green profession pack quest reward that gave the items.
  • stone never dies, stone of allure > cat imo
  • I noticed the corpse sound. I play no elves so I'm not sure which race I was playing but I've noticed that lots of times and not been fond of it.
  • Would love it, I'd imagine they will add it so they can add a whole big section to the zen store selling you stuff for it..
    in Residences Comment by beaghan1 May 2013
  • I'd report them but then the ticket would probably be closed without being read anyway..
  • I'm happy to see you addressing issues. I never opened my mail and got my cat bag yet but it's a nice gesture.
  • that's so sad it's almost funny.
  • Ignoring people in game does nothing for their sounds either. So if some attention hungry player is sitting there spazzing on his horse there is is nothing you can do except change instances. If a dev sees this I'd see if it's possible to mute ignored players.
  • it's very sad. back then there were goals that took you a year or more if you were even able to do it at all.
  • thank you, I am glad that someone understands where I was coming from.
  • so there you go? hahahahaha you crack me up. They could change that in less than 5 seconds if they wanted it changed LOL you really made me laugh. btw, I have a good deal on some swamp land I'd like to sell you, don't worry about it being swamp as it had loads of oil under it :p
  • first, how is PWE having the game marked as Live speculation? That is how they have it, nothing speculated. To answer your question now, yes if they announced a full wipe then I would concede that it is truly beta as that is the only possible defense that they would have to the class action lawsuits that would hit them.…
  • thank God for press releases or you'd do what? sit in a corner and deny the whole world exists, oh and btw PWE has a Green "L" next to the game on their games page, look at the legend L = LIVE, that official enough for you?
  • heal, resurrection, fireball, summon spells, meteor storm, etc. etc.
  • no I wouldn't care one bit if you're like minded people wanted to think it's alpha but people get sick of every legit complaint thread having posts of "geez chill dude it's only beta" that's the whole reason lots of people are getting tired of the beta believers.
  • Attachment not found. ;):):):)
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^
  • yeah when they drop the tag the half the community that buys into being beta will start expecting them to perform better, less crashes etc. so they will not drop the tag for as long as they can. the tag limits peoples expectations.
  • words of wisdom, if none were buying they'd be spamming somewhere else. it's also not their fault, they have families to feed etc and for lots of them this is the only way..