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Obtaining dungeoneering shards in SH needs an update !!

soltaswordsoltasword Member Posts: 290 Arc User
It would be nice for small guilds or any really, if say, there was a quest to do any standard dungeon and get like 2 or 3 dungeoneering shards for it. Large guilds that have quite a few people that run the dungeon quests that we have now to get those shards won't have much difficulty obtaining them. But small guilds that don't have many members able to run those dungeons are going to suffer. So, it would be great, if there was a dungeon quest for any standard dungeon that gave out just 2 or 3 shards. It would take awhile to get the amount needed but at least those guilds would have a way to get them.


  • beaghan1beaghan1 Member Posts: 404 Arc User
    good idea
  • onegaki101onegaki101 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 327 Arc User
    The dungeon quest can be completed with outside help. The quest does not require that the party must all be from the same guild. Look into lfg channel or other custom channels if you are short on members to run dungeons and/or recruit.
  • soltaswordsoltasword Member Posts: 290 Arc User
    Just trying to help everyone out. Not everyone has the time to run an epic dungeon every day or for that matter even want to run epic dungeons. I know there is a non epic dungeon you can do but they still take a lot of time to do if you can get a group together in any sort of reasonable time. I personally don't have the time to run either of those dungeon quests every day. I have just enough time to run the other quests for SH and do the Dread Ring quests as they are a good area to get RP from for my enchants. If I have time, I run a fast dungeon for a little AD. What would it hurt if we could run a fast 3 man dungeon for a couple of shards. I don't see a problem with it. Everyone could do it if they wanted to. Or do the other dungeons if they so desire. Everybody wins.
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