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  • Dear Cryptic, Please reverse this decision, I have many friends spread across the three games and the cross-chat is the only way of keeping in contact with them. It's always been a useful feature I've enjoyed using over the years. This is a detriment to the player-base in a massive way. Please do not do this. -Pariba
  • Simorgh was pretty awesome to see, and tako and the shark, they belly up so cute. Good picks on the winners and I loved you guys dressed up <3 thanks again for the CC!
  • why is looking at someones butt sexual harassment? we ALL have butts. we look at butts in real life, in our mirror getting out of the bath, in the fitting rooms at the store, in the dance club on fridays, the athletes in their tight spandex at the sunday football game on TV, your grandma walkin slow down the stairs in…
  • I like that they look at the rump state: costumes are a 360 thing, not just the front section. More judges should look at our butts. That they have a buttbutt song makes it even better! :P
  • I'd like to read the lyrics to what he says, I think it's a charming addition.... and a concert varient I don't mind listening to! Made me laugh, Thanks guys! Happy 10!
  • Ah, i was afraid of that, thanks. They better change topten's blurb then, as folks in zone are like "just open boxes" :(
  • late to the party but the model and animation [except the wierd sitty one] of the panther is bummed right out of neverwinter, its the basis of their cat-mounts over there.
  • question: Topten says you can get favour from opening anni gifts. is this true? I opened 1500 last night to get the 2500gift opened perk and didn't get a single favour. 27 costumes, 60+tacos, 11 afigs- no favour. Can someone check that please?
  • Is... is that the Roller Skating travel power I've been asking for, since on alert hit?? Pleasepleaseplease tell me it is..
  • Looks like it let me in. Thank you to whoever fixed that!
  • STO guys got a community mod saying they'll try to let someone know. NW guys say they're either signing in to the lock out, or switching characters does it. I guess if you're still in, don't alt hop?
  • Thank you for fixing the 4th mission. I can get in again, and resume my justified lemurian genocide! :)
  • Did all the missions in order tonight. Still cant get into number 4. Y'all need to be fixing this.
  • oh. neat, didn't know that was a thing. Also still can't get in the mission. *shake fish*
  • Still can't get my guys into mission 4. It isn't the leftover crystallos shards that are doing it, either. Are old mission items supposed to hang around in there? Seems kind of wierd.
  • Neither character could get into part 4 today. i'm at the crack in the river-bottom and nothing happens. Took the mission from rencen ladyhawk, not the hologram one. I must admit the lemurian-built rum-running tunnels toward winsor does amuse. :) I like the little bit of actual local history implied there. :)
  • i had the same crater-door not glowing bug trying the fixed version of number4 this afternoon. So i dropped it, then it told be it would not be avalable for another 20 hours. >>
  • I'm backing Liaden, and going with Zorran the Artificer- though he guessed it long before I did. XD
  • "unable to authenticate: Connection to account server timed out" <-- since people are screaming about this on the STO forum and the NW forum, and its affecting all three games, i'll just put this here. fix it. fix it. fix it now.
  • I've been having rift runner not perking on the last mmm five characters I ran it on. But my first guy before alert got it just fine. i must be forgetting the trick to that one.
  • You broke my inventory bag. I signed in and had a panic attack. It eats my screenspace and neither I nor any of my friends figure how to make it SMALLER. Less clutter is better. Please make main bag SHRINKABLE, the normal bag you could drag and wiggle and it was fine. This new bag has me drinking tequila out of the bottle…
  • Oh a door? I don't remember that at all. Well shoot, I was hoping I was helping. XD Thanks guys! Wait- they changed it some years back when you had to find the evidence in the laundry baskets and it kept moving places- that must have been it. Still I was hoping to wave a top hat at it and a monster jump out. XD
  • Nothing that we could see- just the area by the pillar. That's why I'm not sure if it's a glitch or we were missing something [ or its part of a creepy.] But we were both getting the same "unable to interact" prompt. I was with @Notonestepbackward that evening and we were mystified by it. Still can't figure it out- but I…
  • Late to the party, but: the tip jar on the piano player in the steam boat has been there for at least 5 years, the creepy VB cemetary statue has always blinked- I've never been sure if its a graphics bug or deliberate, the evil book in the VB apocalypse opens and closes its eyes the same way when you get near. I don't know…
  • Less then happy with the new character "sorting", this was a needless change. If anything putting them alphabetically would have been better. Please revert that "improvement". Thank you.
  • My two cents: I like the character limit up and the auction house fix- YES PLEASE! the sort by log in? HECK NO!! multiple pages of guys - i like many of the others know where each guy is. if you wanted to sort them by level or when they were made... maybe. but log in? BAD IDEA. No thanks.
  • I really did enjoy it, I would like more to be done with the noir-film, it was a great effect. :) I'm still plugging for travel power: rollerskates- have been since 2012-but i'm not angsting over it not becoming a thing, either. ;)
  • I really enjoyed the noir-overlay, and the Grimdark Foxbat had a good speech! I'd love to see more of this, or even a noir-themed zone, even if it was just a little one. It gave the game a lot of new qualities, like folks have said, classic movies. Good stuff- thank you for that! :D
  • Uh, can we please have the transform and emotes pictures back? I cant tell the bloody things apart in my storage tabs now and its really freaking my need to have things organized just so like REALLY REALLY alot. Bad idea, please Fix!
  • Oh ho- here's a new one. 22.45 pm. the champs launcher starts, patched fine, i hit play and get... "unable to start game: client quit unexpectedly" - every time for 10 or so tries. I had to pop neverwinter launcher to backdoor it to get in.
  • #35, i go off and find another and come back to it [ if zoning didnt work] and then its almost always there.
  • #35 gave me trouble. its in the second tree left of the wall. and the prompt for it seemed closest to the bench. i had to switch zones a couple times before getting it- but the hospital spawn nis right there, so no big.
  • Indeed thank you for these maps! I cant seem to get Cat 30 to activate, I can see it, and I've switched zones five times now on this girl [which has solved the "no prompt" problem every other time...] and... nope. none of my 4 other cat hunterscan poke #30. XD OH! i went and looked at #63, - it doesnt give me any prompts…
  • Guys? Perhaps I over looked it in all the free slot anger [ at which I am very angry over as well, I bought my LTS FOR THE OPEN SLOTS. Very very angry.] But the freeform slot- if it is like the "special" gold slot in the c-store, cannot be used on existing characters- it's a new slot, it won't be able to open your…
  • I'm sorry, but this is a really terrible Idea. I went LTS last year because of a problem with my character slots- I would have had to buy aprox. 20 of them from the Cstore to see a free space and after about two months wrangling with customer service that was really the only solution. Doing that consumed my gaming buget…
  • Can we have Spartacus costume set? :D
  • Tower shields are those oblong/rectangular ones about as big as you are. they're meant for formation fighting, to lock together with weapons [ spears, swords] sticking out near the tops. the Romans used them extensively. A kite shield is a teardrop shape broadening into the more traditonal shield shape- those saw a lot of…
  • Those small bracer shields are called "Bucklers", they're used in older-style fencing alot. The Scots have their own slightly different model called a "Targe" They're real world things guys and they are meant to be that dinner-plate size. :) the lion one looks quite nice.
  • Perhaps this has been mentioned but the ancient nemesis-creation bug where a saved costume with any unlock, C-store or otherwise on it, results in the default nem in the maker no mater how many times you load the save... could be fixed might give people more incentive to make a nem? Just a thought. :)
  • Thanks MG! My picture-hosting site craped out XD But yes: cardboard-edged feathers. they look great except for that wierd edge-thing. :)
  • BUG! The pirate hat feathers have feather-strand texture, but the outline of the "feathers" is still there, so they haven't been 'cut out' so to speak like the feathers on "pirate hat:feather" have been. The texture is lovely, but they look like painted on cardboard instead of real plumes. This would look fabulous fixed! :)
  • It was zone 3, it was a "everyone huddle up under the shark" thing, as z1&2 had finished theirs by then. And not everyone who was there got one. I died to the shark and the pvp so many times- but I thought it was hilarious. ;) worth it!
  • A power outage, a delay because of that and a judge that had problems getting in, a switching CC- we all know those take longer- and 3 zones to sort through. I hosted a 3[ 4 for a while] zone CC before- it takes a good while. There are a lot of people simply to look at, any other problems aside. They did pretty good and…
  • This was quite amusing, despite the problems- Thank you Kaizerin and Overlord N for having us! Congrats to all the winners! :)
  • Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town and didnt have internet for a bit... this is Fantastic! She looks so happy! I love the icing-kick splotch! Thank you so much AC!!
  • She's the clone of one of my 7foot 40olbs Snookums clones [ and another hero] so height is right, weight i totally guessed on. :) She was made in March so looks 9 is what, 6 months old? and thats the best I could do in the tailor. [14, really? Dang. I tried making her look younger then the 12 year old elf...]
  • Oh Awesome! I love that one AC! Here is Natasha's refs! :)
  • This is absolutely Brilliant Smacky!! Thank you! I had a good laugh over the Character placement! :D
  • [email protected], happy Speedster, who doesn't like cake? :D Thanks AC!
  • "Awesome" dance is NOT AWESOME, its spasmodic twitching. with a slight butt-wiggle. I AM DISAPOINT SON!!! I could have had the Hustle for this, but nooo....