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  • I had an idea for a Epic Rampage concept that played like Forum Malvanum that was suppose to be a friendly end game style spar which involved my dragon families avatars and respective powers defining them going thru different incrementing tiers, compositions and scenarios, with certain mechanics and scaling in mind, level…
  • I feel compelled to comment that this is more to do with human folly then something that can be arbitrarily solved with developers intervention, those responsible need to choose to change or they won't, it's that simple, what do you suggest they do?
  • They can be adorable, say hello to Vress, a SharkPup. :3
  • Probably because watching humanity year after year of the same if not more of the narrow minded, unenlightened, self serving types aren't willing to change for the better, perpetuating the complacency, you can understand his disposition despite talking about it for years, I can empathize/sympathize.
  • I'm sorry? I've been suffering psychological burn out, distress and despondency over the past year, as for my response I'm merely expressing concern on what this would imply as stated above, I don't object the concept of maxing powers for practical and aesthetic purposes, I got a counter suggestion that is just as unlikely…
  • Good to hear, checking in to see how the beloved community is doing, also what else is to be expected when it comes to the scheduling of Champions Online? I just thought about the amusing context I just applied here to DO IT!
  • I see what you did thur, I was referring to those when it comes to prioritizing efficiency over all in their selection process, thus bestial chains not becoming a conformity build, but thanks for the humor. 😁
  • Given the history of trends I'd say it would be abandoned because it doesn't met exceedingly high expectations like bestial chains in a week or two after release, all but a select few.
  • It's not like they're going to do this unless their bosses are like, "yep, profiteering, DO IT!" and break the game, if that's all you see, I am disappoint. Also hello Foxy and Chaos, long time no see, how you doing? 👋 💖
  • So you want to break any semblance of balance so you can get what you want . . . . not sure if sarcasm but you like anyone else have to deliberate on how and where to distribute your points, like using the Hero Creator to plan or while retconning your beloved build in the powerhouse, make sacrifices because of this, be…
  • *Reads title* "Hybrid or DPS build with high dmg who can survive on everything" *Thinks of a retort* Sorry, they don't have cheat codes for the players to use, please try again.... A build is part of the journey to enjoy, the other part is how you play it.
  • Try the Behemoth AT, that's a good start.
    in A Hulk build Comment by rtma May 2019
  • No, if I can't take aggro from a Super tank with my own Tank then what makes you think a DPS build would do better with -Threat Gen in that role? simply aren't good enough to steal Aggro, and that's Okay, cause I don't treat the game like a math equation to dominate with meticulous min-max optimization (Or exploit) to…
  • I could state a similar pattern from human variables but that's not going to change anything, just like this construct that is business, if it sells, they'll persist, because they get something for it, like lockboxes, when was the last time they made a Ultimate for free?
  • Then their seems to be a degree of tribalism here, the conflict of perceptions/perspectives, How is this being disagreed upon? to clarify this has nothing to do with the business (Construct/Indoctrine), is this something you cannot interpret about Consciousness? because it cannot be seen outside of the actions of physical…
  • I assume your message is 'Don't take it so seriously' I understand that but still, is that a rationalization to just dismiss what happens to anyone of us even yourself, it's still a medium of expression, to experience our adventures, to make connections with people we interact with, to feel a myriad of emotions from…
  • After some deliberation I feel inclined to reply to a few posts. @spinnytop @aesica @aiqa Thank you for giving me varies degree of reasonable and rational explanation along with a few others despite the digression of this topic, my apology to spinny if my perception of your psychological character is misplaced, I don't…
  • I'm sure they'll think of something when/if they return to HW like they have Darkness.
  • Or just Nerf Incendiary Rounds into the ground, cause that worked sooooo well for Plasma Beam.
  • New behavior that would threaten the DPS/Healers with all Cosmics spinning about and breathing on them? sounds. . . interesting, more room for frustration/wipes but hey, as long as it feels fun, eh? I would assume this would encourage more people swapping to Ranged role for the maneuverability/distance advantage just so…
  • It's like PvP, no amount of incentive is going to make it fun because it's basically an exploitation fest, experiences aside, coming from gear, devices, powers, latency, timing, competition spreading disparity, similar analogy can be applied to the rest of the game, it's like giving people incentive to care for each other,…
  • In General reference; It's interesting how adverse/dismissive others are at understanding my messages and find something that would be implied as potentially negative connotative to scrutinize, either you do understand but don't want to admit to avoid being considered "Different" as to be ridiculed, like by our charming…
  • How to elaborate without watching, basically describes a level of Consciousness that is rather predominant mindset in today's business indoctrinated world, using reference points to elaborate with examples, describing it's attributes and referencing people in contrast (Suppose it could be cut in half without it but again,…
  • I see digression here, instead of criticizing/scrutinizing/ad hominem the method of delivery (Even their motivations) has anyone realized/understand the message being said in the Spiral Dynamic video? Yes? No? Maybe? Kinda? Sort of? Possibly? Anything?
  • Sad truth is I find myself occasionally healing my own pets cause most people being too self sufficient/reliant or healing opportunities are taken away from me from other support, being trivialized, at-least my pets give me that opportunity to be useful in that circumstance, even if no-one else cares about it. (I logged on…
  • What else do you expect 'Soak tanks' to do other then assist splitting the damage/periodically attack with the main/super tank taking all the aggro because of the other advantages of extra aggro generation? Gauntlets of Defender, Damage reflection and confront mods to name a few, compared to those that use basic Challenge…
  • This is more of a expression of concern of the potential extremes this could transpire, we get enough of this division in world scenarios, Dislike the idea to manifest in-game on behalf of those hopefuls as well, do you understand my intentions now? in regards to being a regular, The circumstances like time zones don't…
  • Is it because I wasn't there? Well that sounds like a noble cause, lets hope it can be a cosmic constant one day like the other 3, more fun to be had, more to play, am I right? :3
  • Yes, Psionic Energy is a powerful "tool" potentially reality altering power, the possibilities are practically endless, while both Darkness and Psionic can overlap having detrimental effects on ones soul (Mind & Body) interacting with such a level of disastrous and terrifying implications, but unlike Darkness that can…
  • Photon/Lumin/Harmony would very much appreciate Celestial revamp, since being varies degree's of Light Elemental powers to reflect that, even with Ankh improvising with purely healing for Life Energy based build, Need to expand on DPS options like a Passive and revamp Supporting ones. :3
  • This sounds promising, does that mean they'll all get passives again? last I checked some didn't have any, does Regen/Invulnerability passives work like the players? having xxxx Heal over time/Damage Resist+Flat Absorption? cause they're mainly a joke as far as encounters go right now on Live.
  • Personal Force Field Fixed? *Stifled laughter* Only the devs can help it now.
  • Hello Exclusive club, this is rather disheartening anticipation of the game play ever since coming to pass like when QWZ was added, instead of encouraging team ups in general, it seems to have encouraged even more division of weaker vs stronger builds/players/people, much like in this indoctrinated world benefiting the…
  • Last I heard Severity drops into Diminishing Returns HARD! after 120%, but that's multiplicative damage, if anything needs help, how bout making Strength/Ego more valuable for flat, Base damage increase then a 90 pt soft cap eh?
  • Seems like a lot of this objection is to do with feeling gratification and you're no longer deriving it from a belief system about enjoying gifts, instead of getting what you want you basically want to ruin the fun for everyone else? it's a novelty at best, enjoy it or don't.
  • Care less about a PvP oriented advantage, Yes, No, Maybe? sounds like you're discouraging defensive game play or you didn't get what you want either way, my personal experience for PvP attempts couldn't last 5 seconds without being spiked to defeat, this was before revamps I might clarify so, exploitation and human nature,…
  • "when your theme's powers don't exist" You Improvise.
    in dead Comment by rtma December 2018
  • in CO MEMES Comment by rtma December 2018
  • Open Robes physics seem to be broken, it's not hanging down but stretching out to the side, distorted. Here.
  • You sure their Chinese Overlords didn't have anything to say about making a difference in-game for the players then prioritizing the arbitrary digits on a computer screen?
  • Lets give a moments pause for the neglected Rebuke for being able to fill this role, cause hardly anyone cares to charge for results, amen.
  • It's more of a metaphor(Anology?), a value even, to say "stay true to yourself and to those around you, that is the real super power", like a moral of a story, if you understand my reference, power within etc. In correlation to me, specifically to be my Dragon self and all the attributes that are associated with, so…
  • To be, Myself?
  • Example of the base level driven animal, self absorption, they got what they want, why would they care about anyone else? then it comes back to choice, It happens with Lairs, it happens with Rampages, it happens with Alerts, it happens with Events, it happens with Cosmics, It happens with any Content, why would this be any…
  • My faith in Humanity. Hope and Disappointment.
  • Yes, we know Force needs to be revamped/fixed, it's a matter of if/when that happens and how it's gonna turn out, hopefully good. :3
  • Power Revamps When?
  • Power Revamps When?
  • Even if sarcastic that would encourage preying on the weak more... with players, leading to more selfish behavior. As for the concerned meme, think of it this way, would you rather give an explanation of a mechanic for others to justify blame for the self absorption and detrimental behavior of others or understand the why…
  • This isn't a CO issue, this is the nature of the biological organism (Potentially others types of life forms but for this response it's something to relate in context, Humanity, since we're interacting with them.), the base level drives and unconsciousness demonstrate this consistently cause we're distracted trying to…