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  • Probably not. The legendary gal-x would have been the prime chance to sell that and all we got was the mirror skin (aka. 4 decals on the regular gal-x nacelles & saucer).
  • What's your boff layouts? Chances are that's the big difference. Like just slotting gravwell on the Kamarag makes killing stuff a whole lot easier.
  • Since it hasn't been mentioned so far, the Suliban Silik Flight Deck Assault Carrier is technically a "romulan" ship. It's basically a 5/3 battlecruiser with 2 hangars and a battlecloak, nothing fancy like the Malem or Morrigu but it's a mean little ship.
  • The Titan keeps it's 4th fore weapon regardless in what mode it is and the exp. weapon really isn't that useful if you don't run a DEW build anyway because it also runs on weapon power. Tac mode isn't as important to a sci/torp boat. Great if you want to make it a sciscort though. Generally I'd say the Pathfinder is good…
  • Yeah, a good example of a muste-have that was nerfed so hard that it's barely considered a gap filler nowadays. Still better than nothing or the plasma exploders. How those were treated was just mean. I'm just wondering when the DPRM will finally be pummeled with the bat. They may not have problems with it "now" (like they…
  • It may not win any conventinal beauty contests (still looks cool imho) but it's stats are pretty good. A 4/3 carrier with decent maneuverbilty and a lot of sci & tac seats can make a pretty deadly hybrid. I'm not expecting much from the trait and console though. The only things that buff fire damage are the consoles from…
  • It sure feels that way. While I agree that some of the event ships/consoles/traits could get a buff so they aren't just useless fluff drowning in the meta I could also the the counterarguement that new players shouldn't be "punished" for being new by not having access to actual meta items. This needs to be carefully…
  • Without any additional buffs or traits it barely matters. Whatever elite fighter you got access to. But if you have something like the Superior Area Denial trait you have to use fighters with Pulse Cannons (most lower grade fighters have them) because specifically those weapons perform stellar under CSV & CRF.…
  • The exchange "only" goes up to a billion EC, promo ships like the jugg, disco connie/D7, etc. can climb to like 1.3 billion. It's kinda nuts but since people are willing and able to pay those sums it's unlikely they're going down again. Especially since there are no real EC sinks in the game and the inflation is getting…
  • You didn't miss much, the MW 3/9-pack is pretty underwhelming. With the release of the Gagarin/Qugh (full spec MW battlecruisers) the those became kind of a bad joke in comparison.
  • You no longer get raw ore but a 30k bonus pool, should be listed next to all the XP/mark/etc. bonus pools. Like the KDF tour now also gives you a 40k fleet dil voucher instead of raw dil.
  • The Gagarin (and it's fleet version) currently is one of the best DPS ships in the game thanks to it's full spec Miracle Worker features. Most notably Mixed Armaments Synergy and Narrow Sensor Bands which both add a ridiculous amount of bonus damage. That and full spec MW ships have an extra console slot, so instead of the…
  • I see what' you're getting at but it's just the perspective and all the slopes messing with you. Couldn't find a better shot from above so here's the one from the announcement blog:
  • We already have 6 rotating events, 2 side missions and 1 TFO. Some events just need to be tweaked a bit (like the snowball fight that now lasts like 20 secs thanks to powercreep) and maybe the rotation looked at. Any more events crammed into the roation would just make it feel bloated. If anything I'd want the wooden…
  • Tough choice. Verne: becacuse it looks pretty and It's one hell of an EPG platform S31 Destroyer: because of it's gimmick and it's pretty good in both modes Mirror Engle: because it's trait is very powerful for pets Atlas: because the DPRM is like the best console ever Crossfiled: because it's a fun sci ship and the 4/3…
  • Those 1000 days refer to the now discontinued subscription model. To get a Chimera/Manticore you had to either a) have accumulated a total of 1000 days of subrciption back when this game still had that model or b) have a lifetime sub. Since you got neither you can't get any version of the vet destroyer.
  • 1. General AoE buffs and such but without traits none. You can target and heal your pets individually but that's about it. 2. Nope, nothing. There are dedicated things like the Swarmer Matrix that specifically affect hangar pets and a few perks in the skill tree but again that's about it. Pets are their own entity with…
  • Probably a bug. Would be weird (and very player unfriendly) if the Mudd version would exclude the fleet unlock.
  • That's what they did before the revamp and the list. While the patrols didn't reward all marks (only approriate ones like "Wanted" gave only delta marks) they gave the daily mark bonus box. Guess we can't have both for the sake of "balance".
  • Unless you'r making use of the MW power Mixed Armaments Synergy there's almost no point in mixing beams & cannons. Energy weapons are only worth their money if they are properly supported by boff powers, even on an escort it'd be somewhat iffy to try supporting both beams and cannons along with torps. Either run with…
  • I think those potential slots just dissapear into thin air at that point. Can't go beyond the hard coded max so anything above that just dosen't apply anymore. It would be a different case if the slot expansion would be an item that needs to be activated (like starship slots) but as far as I know inventory slots directly…
  • It got lots of old junk lying around. Including the original maco gear, old crafting materials, original captain kits and most importantly an old gorn from the time when you had to unlock the KDF and had a starting level of 20. He's still my KDF main.
  • I'm sure that even then there will still be plenty of people who will drop insane amounts for the newest and shiniest stuff. Take SWTOR as an example. It now sells the lootbox content directly along with their boxes and they are pretty successful. Mind you we're talking about lightsaber hilts without stats that are sold…
  • I'm pretty sure you can discard the diplo boff and just pick another one.
  • J'mpok STO's "world" is completely static and suff like that get usually resolved with a big fat reset button. Like Sugihara. You can save him or leave him to die but nonetheless he will be standing nex to Quinn's desk on ESD. Dunno why people expect something different, especially for a character that's been filling such…
  • Retrofitted Assimilator, while being a universal console it's pretty much a full fledged EPG & CtrX console combined into one and you can assimilate (almost) anything that dares to oppose you.
  • There already is a limit on how much zen you can buy. At least once a month or so someone wanders in here and complains about it. As for the rest, they're in the middle of figuring that out right now. Mudd's store is an experiment on how they can sell all that premium stuff without the lootboxes.
  • Sometimes the claiming process of the cards goes haywire and that's the result. Got two or three characters that got duplicates of the ships from the event reclaim store. Since there's nothing you can do about it just be glad you got an extra sci card.
  • Yeah, powercreep was not kind to the old red alerts. Back then you had to think about if your ship was ready to tackle that kind of stuff, now a single person can beat it in less than a minute.
  • I'm pretty sure the rom legacy pack is more or less the testbed for that kind of thing, wouldn't be surprised if we get a level boost pack in the store in the future.