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  • The overall event campaign progress most likely will be 4200. Six events requiring 700 progress points each. So if you managed to do 21 days of progress each event, you could have the campaign event prize by the end of the fourth event.
  • The Ferengi Trader boxes from the Ferengi Admirality are supposed to award colonists. https://stowiki.net/wiki/Ferengi_Trader_(Inventory)
  • FCT topic #10 pretty much sums up the Devs thoughts on new bridges. They also mentioned in the past that they don't sell well enough to cover the development cost.
  • The rewards for both the Ferengi and the Klingon Admiralty were changed several years ago. You no longer get 30000 dilithium ore for either of those 10/10 completions. Instead for Ferengi Admiralty you get a bonus dilithium pool which you can see in the upper left corner of your image. The Klingon Admiralty gives you a…
  • It was announced in the news section here. https://www.playstartrekonline.com/en/news/article/11552853 Season 30 Event – Borg Tesseract Play selected content to earn a three Piece “Adaptation” Ground Set Claim a free Starfleet Protostar Uniform during the event!
  • Superconducting Loops are also for sale on the Exchange.
  • When they combined the New Romulus missions involving the Mountain Base, Overgrown Caves and the Underground Ruins they cut the marks and dilithium rewards to 1/20th of what they were. Not really worth the time and effort to replay in my opinion for 1 Romulan Mark and 36 dilithium.
  • When you collected the water samples did you take them to one of the Romulan Scientists in the Atlai? Progress is only earned when they are turned in, not when they are collected. The same with the rocks in the Vastam Peaks and the plants in the Paehhos Crater. I just tested those areas and they worked for me. I will agree…
  • The value of something is highly subjective between different people and 150 comments to a youtube post is not really representative of the player base as a whole. Only Cryptic actually knows what the sales numbers are on the Mudd's Bundles. It would seem to me though, that enough people are buying the bundles to make it…
  • It most likely won't be in the Zen store unless they decide to put it a Mudd's bundle at some point later on. However it should be available as one of the reward choices in next years Event Campaign.
  • It has been rolled into the mission called Web Access under the New Romulus arc.
  • I also have this problem getting into the game through Steam. I was able to get into the game through the Arc launcher however.
  • As a causal non dps chasing player, I play the game on normal, with the occasional advanced, without any real problem. Star Trek Online allows everyone to play their own way. Because of this I see no reason to bother with these Advanced Consoles. They are not required for how I choose to play. The one thing these consoles…
  • I believe that the Epic level ships from the Phoenix Store are not reclaimable since they are for a single character unlike the account wide unlock ships gained from completing the events.
  • Is this for PC or Console?
  • Just for clarification. Will the Doctor Beverly Crusher Hologram be claimable on KDF characters or is she only on the Fed side?
  • They recently changed it so that a player cannot refine dilithium on a character that would take them over the 10 million limit and result in a loss of dilithium ore. It was in these patch notes. https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11542893-patch-notes-for-4%2F27%2F23
  • A single character refining 8000 dilithium a day can get to 1.6 million refined dilithium in 200 days time. In the same 200 day time period a character can reach 25 million energy credits by earning 125,000 energy credits each day.
  • Wiki lists the previous dates that the Klingon Recruitment were live. I would say it's pretty safe to assume that the next one should be around the same timeframe. Klingon Recruitment was available for a limited time on the following dates: PC: January 26th, 2021 - February 25th, 2021 February 9th, 2022 - March 9th, 2022…
  • The duty officers with a red box around them are KDF duty officers. Romulan duty officers have a green outline and Federation duty officers have a blue outline. What faction does the character who is trying to purchase the Entertainer belong to?
  • The ship that you receive from the Time and Tide Admiralty Bundle is a one time use Admiralty Card. Time and Tide Admiralty Bundle Common Inventory Character Bind On Pickup This reward gives one faction-appropriate One-Time use Admiralty Ship and two Pass tokens. Additionally choosing this reward for the first time unlocks…
  • While I'm not advocating for a change I was simply curious why borg ships didn't adapt like they did individually. The way the ground adaptation works, according to the wiki and post from 2012 that was referenced in the wiki, there is a 75% chance to gain an adaptation counter. When four counters have been gained the borg…
  • My initial thought on the ship's console left me wondering if the antimatter bomb that it fires can be targeted and destroyed before it detonates? (Post edited in light of recent changes to the console.)
  • There is a maximum of 500 members in a fleet. Is it possible that the fleet you are trying to join has a full roster?
  • You would be better off privately messaging Baddmoon and discussing it with him there as discussion of moderation is against forum rules. Don't be surprised when this thread gets locked too.
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  • Thank you for updating the community and letting us know what is happening. A shame that the update couldn't be done.
  • I wonder if the issue has something to do with the recruit. I did the majority of mine on a regular KDF Joined Trill.