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thanesinge#3122 thanesinge Member Posts: 3 Arc User
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I'm trying to craft an advanced battery (R&D) but I need a superconducting loop. There is no guidance nor direction and it is not in my list of materials needed. How can I complete this and where can I find the items needed?
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  • eazzieeazzie Member Posts: 3,995 Arc User
    This is more suited to The Academy ? @baddmoonrizin
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,712 Community Moderator
    @thanesinge#3122 I've moved your thread to the academy section for greater visibility as this section is better suited to your needs.

    Now with the obligatory stuff taken care of to answer your question. For the new batteries you need to be of a sufficient level in the relevant crafting school in order to create them. Such as level 15 for the beam batteries. From there you need the basic materials and the advanced material to craft the relevant batteries. If you go into your R&D tab and in the drop down menu filter it to show all available projects, it will show you what each school can craft as well as what's needed to craft them, even if you don't currently have what's required. Different advanced materials come from different elite TFOs. You can also view the other materials required to make certain items in the Special Projects tab.
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    Superconducting Loops are also for sale on the Exchange.
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