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Prodigy 'Starfleet Protostar Uniform' promotional... very disappointed :-(

mckyrrosimckyrrosi Member Posts: 6 Arc User
I went to claim the recently announced 'Star Trek: Infinite' Resolute Centaur-refit ship skins for my account and noticed the Starfleet Protostar Uniform promotional item that apparently was intended for the launch of 'Incursion'

I log in every day to run the daily event (and when I have time also to make progress on characters who are still at various stages of storyline progression).
I read the announcements in the launcher when they show up.

I had NO IDEA that those Protostar uniforms were even a thing - and I would very much enjoy having those Uniforms to show my support for the show!

They've announced Prodigy-themed Lockboxes, the Protostar, itself, and even the Dauntless... no mention of the Protostar uniform promotional.

I went back and re-read any of the recent news concerning either Prodigy OR Incursion in case it was there and I actually missed it but did not see it mentioned at all. If it was mentioned somewhere, it does not appear to be prominently so.

I feel like I do a pretty good job of looking over the announcements when they appear in the game launcher (or in-game) - and even I missed it - there's no telling how many other people had no idea about it either. Hopefully it wasn't depended upon to be spread by word of mouth in ESD or X (formerly Twitter), because if so, those are two horrible dumpster fires I avoid like the plague.

Is there any chance that the 'Starfleet Protostar Uniform' promotional can be extended... and then also add either an announcement to the launcher, or in-game so that many other players also know about it?

Please and thank you!
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  • baucoinbaucoin Member Posts: 644 Arc User
    edited October 2023
    They did have announcements on X and Facebook on Sept. 12, 2023. But like you I can't find anything on their own news feed.

    Finally found something on the Star Trek Online news page, but it took a lot of view more clicks and the info was in the Social feeds over to the right of the page where they repeat posts from X(Twitter).


    Also see this thread that mentions where it was announced.

    I was able to claim it, but getting the news out could have been done better. Not everyone uses or checks STO on social media daily.

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  • p331p331 Member Posts: 161 Arc User
    It was announced in the news section here.

    Season 30 Event – Borg Tesseract

    Play selected content to earn a three Piece “Adaptation” Ground Set
    Claim a free Starfleet Protostar Uniform during the event!

  • banshirbanshir Member Posts: 102 Arc User
    I'm sorry you missed out on the uniform. I had a similar experience many years ago. The lesson I learned then was to check out the forums every day. These forums are pretty dead now so what I do is check out the STO subreddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/ That's where I learned about the uniform giveaway as well as giveaways from sites like Alienware.
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 10,294 Community Moderator
    I'm sorry that you missed out on it, OP. I blame myself for dropping the ball on that. 😔

    The promotion is not likely to be extended, but it may come around again. If not, I'm sure that it will make its way to Mudd's at some point.
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