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Bridge Wish list

ryurangerryuranger Member Posts: 520 Arc User
I wish to have these Bridges in Star Trek Online in some point
1. Constitution Class Refit Bridge enterprise-refit-bridge.jpg (Also Use for Miranda Class Vessels)
2. Enterprise-A Bridge enterprise-a-bridge.jpg
3. Enterprise-D Bridge Concept Enterprise-D-bridge-concept-art-14.jpg
4. STW Constitution Bridge snw-enterprise-bridge.jpg
5. Original Stargazer Bridge stargazer-bridge.jpg
6. Galaxy Class Battle Bridge ed-battlebridge.jpg
for Constellation Class Vessels

May the Shwartz Be With You
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  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 5,496 Arc User
    Unfortunately, the only way the devs do bridges anymore is if they are used in shipboard missions, so those are very unlikely to ever be done unless the devs decide to make a lot more time travel missions where the action happens inside those ships.
  • ryurangerryuranger Member Posts: 520 Arc User
    Even so there still content that Trekkies would want and even if they did the Concept Art for the Enterprise-D and Phase 2 Enterprise I forgot to mention that one it would be REALLY Cool and one thing about the Concept Art for the D it was suppose to be a City in Space and the Bridge reflected on that in the Original Premises
    May the Shwartz Be With You
  • ashstorm1ashstorm1 Member Posts: 679 Arc User
    Alas the devs stopped giving us new bridges altogether... Why do you think every new event ship is coming with the same ugly generic bridge that looks like it was cobbled together in 5 minutes from random in-game assets?
  • p331p331 Member Posts: 161 Arc User
    FCT topic #10 pretty much sums up the Devs thoughts on new bridges. They also mentioned in the past that they don't sell well enough to cover the development cost.
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 10,294 Community Moderator
    This is an FCT topic: 10) Full Custom Starship Interiors
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