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  • BFAW's superiority to cannons has nothing to do with the Plasma explosions, and everything to do with it taking a lower level BOff ability slot, and beams having both a wider arc and less drop off.
  • I believe it has no damage drop off from range. It's basically a hit-scan, fast firing kinetic weapon. Back in the days of Escorts Online when I ran DHCs/turrets, it usually parsed equal to both my turrets (which were affected by the Tac consoles and CSV).
  • The DPS channels have always been nice when I say it's the first time I've done something, and ask for instructions. Korfez (elite), the worst I got was being chided "Guys, stay in your lane." for the Benthans. That bolded section is talking about those new players who feel they're hot **** in spite of constantly failing,…
  • So this was all an incorrect nomenclature thing? 100k as in one-hit, not as in 100k DPS?
  • Someone correct me if I'm wrong, because I haven't used it in a long time, but Force Field Dome blocks enemies but not friendlies, right? So that would mean they figured out how to do that at least once before.
  • The ones off the C-Store ship are the ones that self-level, the one from Everything Old is New actually are a set level, appropriate to whatever level you were at upon accepting the mission. Anyway, having the ship means you're pretty much set for weapons all the way to 50. Just carry a full load of phasers, be sure to use…
  • I got a snarky reply from Bort on reddit about saying "just" like it was easy. It makes me think about Force Field Dome, which pretty much has the functionality we want - blocks enemies, doesn't block players. Only thing is that it's a full 360 sphere and only gives Damage Resistance, not blocks line of effect.
  • This. The odd corner cases where you're being melee'd by Borg is not worth the multitude of issues that would be solved by not having it block movement. (If you're worried about being melee'd by Borg, and actually get in that situation often, you should be carrying Force Field Dome anyway.)
  • Well, first the TOS Connie is a C-Store ship. C-Store ships can be dismissed and reclaimed as many times as you want, and the Connie comes with Retrofit Phaser Beam Arrays - so you can keep reclaiming the Connie, and get full sets of those. They're Mk Infinity, which means they'll level with you up to the equivalent of Mk…
  • All this griefing from Cover Shield, why don't they just remove the geometry and let us walk through them?
  • I'd take 250 million to pay off debt, get a decent apartment, and a decent car. I'd continue to work, investing and saving whatever remained of that 250 million. The other 250 million would be donated. Off the top of my head, I'd donate to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Heart and…
  • Minor clarification - it doesn't "move" power from one to the other, since the former is not drained. It's a bonus to the latter subsystem based on the current power level of the former subsystem.
  • There is no cap on actual skill levels. The bonus from our skill points only go to 99, but consoles and traits can bring them up further. People looking to do actual damage with Science abilities run around with ~400 Part Gen skills, for example.
  • How far along the episodes is this character?
  • With regards to beams vs cannons/turrets, note also that beam attack abilities (Fire At Will, Beam Overload) are Ens/Lt/LCdr abilities, while cannon attack abilities (Cannon Scatter Volley, Cannon Rapid Fire) are Lt/LCdr/Cdr abilities. So with Beams, you can generally carry stronger alternative abilities, and make use of…
  • Dual Cannons vs Dual Heavy Cannons. You've listed DHCs for the KDF, but just DCs for the Fed. As reginamala78 points out, DHCs are generally better than DCs. Yes, you generally want to have one killzone and focus on getting the enemy into that killzone. So usually DHCs fore and turrets (or other 360 weapons that can fire…
  • Why AP DCs on the Fed instead of AP DHCs? Why a pair of aft-facing Quantum torps instead of turrets and KCB? Even if you want a torp aft, I can't imagine you'll be pointing your butt enough to need two, considering how maneuverable the ships are. You're a little excessive on the Sci and Eng consoles, you'll likely want to…
  • Feign Disintegration also resets Threat to 0, I wonder if it's plagued by the same issues.
  • On-Demand Patching means they only send you data when you need it. If you never play KDF, you'll never receive the data for their missions. If you never visit Risa, you'll never get the data for it. The first time you go somewhere you haven't been before, you download the relevant data. Disabling On-Demand Patching means…
  • I can't check at the moment, but it should be possible to bind a "descend" key, since the ground system is based off of Champions Online. It's just not bound by default.
  • Actually, unlike the Vaadwaur I haven't noticed much things that need to be cleared by Sci Team. It's mainly Eng Team to recover from EMP probes knocking your shields and other systems offline. No shields and no engines, stuck next to gateways, means boom.
  • The people that left the public channels to join these channels did so because of low quality teammates being liabilities. Unless that changes, those people won't be going back.
  • It's possible to have a team fly Recluse carriers to boost the DPS of the 5th captain. This isn't just stacking lots of Attack Pattern Beta, but also the Tholian Tetryon Grid console, which apparently affects players. By coordinating the timing so the 5th player fires off all their high cooldown burst abilities during the…
  • Such a ridiculous premise, that build has nothing to do with it. The single biggest increase in anti-Iconian performance that I got came from replacing my Aux to Struct with Eng Team so I could counter their bloody disables.
  • Kemocite is an Ens/Lt/LCdr Tac skill from the lockbox westmetals mentioned. It's not too easy to attain, you have to get the BOff skill box from the lockbox, then Kemo 1/2/3 are 3 of the 9 possibilities (there's also Sci and Eng skills) from that box. It adds a 10% chance for energy weapons (100% for projectiles) to add…
  • Since I don't particularly care about the leader boards, I don't even have an opinion on the thing they're disagreeing about. The actions taken though? Underhanded and despicable.
  • I don't think I play anywhere close to 4 hours a day. It's more like a max of 2 hour a day, only longer if there's new content - for example, taking extra time to do the latest FE. My Fed is at 30 Intel, 15 Pilot, 8 Commando (2 FE rewards, and I think 6 from Pearls). Minimum of 15 in R&D, one school at 20, one at 19, one…
  • Chin-up, it's patch day today so the patch server is going to be slow. :eek: This is news to me. Neat trick, though I have no characters that need Omega or BNPs at this point. :P
  • Why would we call many binds to one key a macro? That's an incorrect definition that you appear to be pushing in direct opposition to us calling that incorrect. One key press resulting in multiple actions is a macro, the timing is irrelevant. It's like you've never used an office productivity suite before. STO's keybinds…
  • This drama is apparently about a specific situation - using 4 nanny Recluses in a team for the sole purpose of boosting the 5th's parse.