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  • Exactly this.
  • Does it really matter? From what I can tell, this whole thing only really affects the +75k folks. If someone in the lower tiers continually parse lower than their submitted parse, they essentially disqualify themselves, no? So unless they always run with Recluse nannies, they're going to end up getting sifted back into the…
  • Thanks to the evolution of the Reputation System, I don't really consider grinding necessary. First, the way the Reputation System works, you need to earn that Rep's XP to advance in tiers. To earn that XP, you can do one 20-hour project and three 1-hour projects every 20 hours. These projects require you to contribute…
  • I think Macros are cheating. I think Keybinds are perfectly fine. If they had auto-firing abilities (fire whenever off cooldown, not exactly a new thing for MMOs) then a lot of what I keybind would become unnecessary. (It also seems a lot of people don't know the difference between a macro and a keybind. A macro is where…
  • Very, very unnecessary. An escort should have 6 Tac slots already - that's enough for 2xTac Team, 2xAttack Pattern, 2xBeam Attack skill. As you'd have two FAW or BO already, there's no need for EWO DOffs. Three Conn DOffs that reduce Attack Pattern cooldown (Zemok) is very excessive, you only need 1 to sync 1xAttack…
  • Technically, none of the Reputations need you to hit a queue, and can be done by yourself. Some of them (like Defera Ground for Omega Elite Marks (BNPs)) will be rather difficult solo.
  • Well, one Lobi weapon got fixed, I hope they fix the Vaadwaur ones next, we're missing a mod.
  • The archchancellor makes the salient point here. Unless your gear is severely under-leveled, it's unlikely to be the problem for single-player content.
  • That would probably require more backend than the independent devices they are now. Which means... we could have our own kennel? Pet inventory, please!
  • Bah, extra thin crust all the way! Pointless carbs, bro!
  • It's not even like the Goa'uld are superior combatants in the first place, they're parasites used to playing god and being dictators.
  • After the refit in 2372. Still better than losing a war to the USAF in the 90's. :P
  • By Starfleet? :confused: My point was that Jaffa were taken out by one country's military using 20th century technology, whereas Klingons were on par with military from an alliance of multiple races using 24nd century technology.
  • The Jaffa get their butts kicked by 1997 US military. The Klingons beat down 2366 Starfleet.
  • I don't really think 50k is the baseline for "DPS wizard", mainly because I'm (barely) included in that bracket. :P I do occasionally PUG as well, but - as others have said - the lag has really discouraged me from doing much things in space.
  • I think you mean Myrkr? I also doubt that Batman would have trouble figuring anything out. He's Batman, World's Greatest Detective.
  • The Ysalamir.
  • Meh, Batman only lost because this Batman was uncharacteristically stupid.
  • I think everyone knows objectively measurable qualities - build, gear, traits - are insufficient for evaluation next to things that cannot be objectively measured - the player's ability to use the aforementioned characteristics alongside others. Systems like the Elo rating system, used by games like WoW, GW, and LoL (as…
  • So basically you should have read before posting. After DR there was a massive flood of complaints about how difficult it was to hit 60, because awarded mission XP was insufficient to bring you to the minimum required level for the next mission, resulting in people having to find things to grind. That's not even including…
  • It was such garbage. It was a part of the linear story progression (and thus implicitly required) and negatively affected the STO experience for 99.999999% of players. It straps the Stupid Ball to the player and forces them to act like the stupidest most incompetent morons in the history of Star Trek, then gives absolutely…
  • There are 5 places where the rad portals open. Sit on top of the 2nd and you'll also be able to close the 1st and 3rd. Sit on top of the 4th and you'll also be able to close the 3rd and 5th. (When I say "on top" I don't mean sitting there getting blasted by the portal, but being above it.) Literally only need 4 ships…
  • I wouldn't indirectly pay to turn my Lockbox and Lobi ships into account unlocks, but if they became account unlocks I'd end up buying a lot more. Right now my oldest character, a Fed, is pretty much retired. He has a bunch of Lobi and Lockbox ships, and I don't buy new ships for him because it would feel like I'm wasting…
  • I bet that you're moving. Move too far and it seems to break. I sit there and never get interrupted regardless of whatever else happens.
  • Considering the history of the title Praetor (Shinzon, Taris, Sela), it's highly doubtful the RR would use that title. Germany no longer uses the title of F
  • Hmm... There are 122 ships that can be used under level 39. There are an additional 79 ships available at level 40. There are an additional 161 ships available at level 50. Of those 122 ships under level 39, 97 cost money (C-Store/Lockbox/Lobi). Of the additional 79 that become available at level 40, 65 cost money. Of the…
  • Without any damage resistance debuffs he's still getting 55k, and FOMM is a debuff, so that should take care of that. Not sure how to account for APA, it may be easier to try and see the difference between a Tac and a non-Tac. From the DPS records, we can see that the average top 5 of each career is: Sci:…
  • I can't check the exact wording right now, but the 4th time you slot the project within 20 hours, it's written in bold that you get no reputation XP from it.
  • As it says on the project, you only get reputation from Hourly projects 3 times a day. Did you already get 600 today?