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  • I've been hearing that Dawnlight Hall has Rank 9 as an requirement. I don't mean in the sense that people won't take you without Rank 9, I mean in the sense that the game itself flat out bars you from it if you don't have Rank 9(Like Homestead does with Rank 6). Is this true?
  • Nah, I remember specifically mapping some of the hotkeys to my old pc gamepad, movement and jump and such were easy, but gave up since I didn't want to spend the time setting up camera and the huge amount of skillslots. This was back in 2010/2011 though, so before arc.
  • That's a very good question! I can name off quite a few: bug fixes, non-CS "bonuses", a new CM, better player-company communication, an explanation on why our CS prices are so outrageously higher than PW-CN's prices, explanations about anything at all, any sort of actual communication, Halleloo water off a duck's back not…
  • Yeah, I only knew for sure they had removed the tickets. I figured the actual cards were still ingame, but I had heard from quite a bit of people that the cards had been removed as well, while I hadn't heard a single person confirming that they were still obtainable via regular events. Thank you for being kind enough to…
  • Any update on the supposed "criteria" that is required for an account to be eligible for the email?
  • I personally would like some official confirmation that event gold can still be earned from those ingame methods. I'm fine with the recent removal of the 50 event gold tickets if we can still earn it "the hard way", as well as occasionally through actual big events. \ I'm down to about 20 event gold from this year's…
  • My hubbie got the email, I didn't, and we both created our accounts at the same time. And interestingly enough, he's charged a LOT more zen than I have over the years.
  • Not just super inventory stones, but the same issue occurs if you did the all the upgrade quests with DQ mats then used the regular stones.
  • That's actual the intended entry to "FB 109" which was never implemented for obvious reasons. It's map was re-used to make Warsong City. Looks like they are finally making use of the leftover entry portal. Which makes me wonder if PW-CN is planning another instance in the near future that will make use of the Renegade…
  • I thought charms have been down since that login event a few month ago that gave out rewards to all toons that participated, even on the same account. I made 5 extra toons just so I could get the full 1200 event gold so I ended up with loads of charms. I still have yet to touch my plat charms. Of course, I can't say it was…
  • No, not really any "illogical leaps in chain of thinking" required. I think Zoner is referring to Bait and Switch which can be illegal. Of course, PWI has done this sort of thing already on multiple occasion and nobody has yet to pursue legal action, and it's highly unlikely anyone will.
  • VERY bad idea. TW is dominated by a few factions that are full of R9rr people. Therefore, if MoG's will be only obtainable through TW like they are in China, then those few factions will monopolize the MoGs, and likely give them to their fac mates first, followed by the alt armies of those fac mates. This means basically…
  • Much appreciates to you for posting this info here in the forums. Glad to see PWI listened to its players and is taking responsibility.
  • Amazing what mass consumer outrage can do to a company.
  • Yeah, the rage was pretty bad after the merge was announced out of the blue. Didn't help that it only came a week in advance. On the contrary, it's more than likely that a small minority asked for the merges, and unfortunately fringe minorities tend to be the most vocal, especially with online forums. PWI likely saw those…
  • Unfortunately this is true. No matter how many people PWI loses, it won't matter in the end as long as there are even a small few players that continue to spend hundreds of dollars a week. Hopefully PWI at least caves and gives us a code for free bound name change stones. Off-topic, but is that Fujiwara no Mokou in your…
  • Raging Tide factions also got the RT suffix for same-names, how very convenient that faction name change stones were suddenly added. Obvious cash grab is obvious, faction logo's will likely not be fixed, but in the meantime, have a huge slap in the face from PWI, faction name and player name change stones are on sale!!!
  • I highly doubt it's a mistake. And even if it is a mistake, PWI won't fix it if so much as even a single player buys just one.
  • My problem is that even with the herc at the base of the climbable wall, he still aggro's the boss and the mobs. I did find another spot in a different corner where being up against the wall won't aggro any of them, but it doesn't seem possible to pull the two range minions(who spawn first, and together). I'm a LA veno…
  • I agree, this is utter ****. Force change names, then suddenly offer items on sale to fix that forced change. Even worse with the fact that the majority of players more than likely never wanted the merges in the first place.
  • Not just names, but faction names as well; my faction got the forced RT suffix. Obvious cash grab is obvious. It's no coincidence that 95 pill baby stones and Faction name change stones both were added into the boutique. PWI did this on puropse, to try and make a quick buck off of all the name changes. This had nothing to…
  • I refuse to believe this until the instance has been out for at least a year. People said the same thing about EU....then AEU.....then FS. All of which can be done with as low as T2. Interesting the location the video shows Mist City for the entrance....maybe there will be a second instance at the Renegade entry?
  • The GMs likely don't know any more than we do. Considering they weren't even informed their higher up was )possibly) laid off/fired.
  • I know, it's not fun. I've still got T2 on my veno because I can't do Pavilions and my only decent steady income is daily jones, NW and the occasional mirages/cards from BH. It's enough to break even and put a little toward upgrading, but it's still gonna take forever.
  • 918 mil for a single unrefined piece of gear :s Alt Army rich people problems.
  • I just see it as yet another problem with vanilla that wasn't taken care of before the migration. And after how bad it was with the censor filter fiasco that happened years ago ingame, it just grinds my gears.
  • Oh, I'm not saying it's nearly as bad as other issues going on with PWI atm. But it's still annoying and unnecessarily PC. Mainly my issue is with the word ****. It's not even a swear word, and is in the game itself. Is Hellfire Abomination going to get it's name censored next? It just makes me wonder what kind of…
  • That's kinda pointless if I never use the arc client. :| Like most people playing this game, I never use the arc client except for the 1-2 minutes a week it takes to get a blessing. Which, I got my blessing almost a week ago, so I haven't used the client since then.
  • Just wait until the event is a few days in, that way arc can reveal that the first day only had a 6-hour window that occurred during an unnecessary and pointless mass maintenance. Honestly, I could care less about this event, since it gives no event gold.
  • Kinda sad how most of us didn't see this new That explains why most of us didn't know about it. Most players only use arc when they need a blessing.