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  • Sub prices on archo have crashed since you last played. Now they barely sell for more than mirages, which is how it should be.
  • There are more sins and BMs in NW then in TW so for NW I use a genie with faith/belief. I know a lot of ppl say you shouldn't use that skill unless your 105 but it helps a lot in NW. Nullify Poison and Heart of Steel are useful because NP protects agains the only magic attack of two classes and HOS against the only magic…
  • I can't believe some ppl still chip TT mats. I've checked and on my server the chip price for everything is lower than the AH price. I even checked the mold prices and thats all lower in AH too. The purpose of the chip-for-mats system is to set a ceiling on TT mats. Its not there to be often used, just to make sure no one…
  • Not even one person answered the question asked instead they offered their opinions on the wisdom of going LA.
  • Random thought: maybe someone could actually the OP's question.
  • If your so picky about who you heal make your own squads and then you won't even see the invite requests from ppl on your BL. But once you choose to join a squad do your job right don't be a ******* about things.
  • If your willing to spend millions of coin on something like a mold crafting service you should be willing to spend a few teles WCing to see if the guy doing it has a good rep. In general people just have to protect themselves their is no other real option. A really bad scene scamwise is vortex leveling in the pits. If you…
  • The morai graphics are great but the programming isn't. In addition to the into-the-mountain problem the autopaths to quests don't always work.
  • If necros are bad then programming a bot to bump necroed threads to the top of the Today's Post lists is equally bad.
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  • Here's some stuff worth knowing: Shroud has hardest quests, Luminance the easiest. Luminance also involves less flying time and yes that matters for something you are doing each day. The exclusive garnets from Shroud are prolly the items you get which sell the best. From memory I think you buy them from NPC for 1.5M and…
  • I didn't realize it was the battle announcements that were doing this but it is a big problem. I've given up on typing any sort of a long message in squad chat because by the time I get it all typed its no longer a relevant message to be communicated. In squad chat now I just write things like "going b12" and "OP wizard"…
  • There is a buff for players under 100 called the Overseer's Blessing you get it from the npc on your side of the battlefield. Without this buff lowbies have no chance at all. Its stronger the lower your level. Get it and keep it on you at all times.
  • Aster and sylent have not answered my question. I already understood how hash checking works and that the server verifies the validity of the client being used. Neither of these issues prove that the server's version of this data is identical to what is found on the client side. Jargony exposition of well known facts are…
  • I'm still waiting for the PWI Loyalists to explain why client side data files would describe server side operations. Explain why PWI could not have changed refining chances server side while leaving your precious file on the client unchanged.
  • Are you talking about data files from the client? The decisions are made server side and we don't have access to that info.
  • They changed refining at some point. Its not a 50% chance to get +1 anymore. If you say that some blow hard will show up on the thread and try to lecture you about probabilities. Its not worth the time it takes to argue with them.
  • Prolly hoping to snatch a mold as revenge for getting kicked. Why'd you kick anyway?
  • There really is no better time than what they have now.
  • Almost every week a barb invokes against my edged blur in NW so you can figure out where archo stands from that.
  • Sell your Scarlet Fruit on auction for around 300k. I think at 43 you can farm rough fur and leather they sell for a lot. I think around those levels the supply stash gives you 500 perfect stones, you can sell those for 1.5K each, more if your patient. Haven't been that low in a while, don't get mad if remembered the…
  • After some more time to think it over I miss my old high dex build. I still had a lot of vit so it wasn't a max dex build and I didn't switch over to a max str build. But I moved some stats over from dex to str. The loss of accuracy is just to annoying in PVE and sucks in PVP. Maybe with two +accuracy rings its different…
  • OMG no. Horrible idea.
  • Coin(s) Just make the minimum coin drop two coins and write coins. Writing Coin(s) is so stupid.
  • I used to think this way and stated my genies like you are proposing. Once I finally started experimenting with max magic genies I realized how much better they are.
  • For anyone reading this if your not sure how to stat your genie put enough vit in to use the skills you want and put the rest into magic. You will very rarely go wrong using this method. There are some situations, mostly in PVP, where a high dex or high strength genie is preferred. But even the people who have high…
  • By some strange coincidence the bosses you did on archer and wiz are easier to range tank.
  • Beat me to it.