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  • Well, speed? enemy speed? your speed? who cares about speed. Progression in this game is broken anyway. You reach lv 70 in a week, then you go and get to lv 80 and then you are stuck there doing endless campaigns that offer nothing meaningful towards your gaming experience other than increasing the list of INFINITE daily…
  • I don't think you need to worry about that at this point, quest rewards are more than enough to complete every questline up to lv 50 or so. Also, you can use seals of the adventurer IF you really need blue gear and you can't find any. It's just that... you know. Devs wanted to simplify lv 80 content while totaly…
  • You don't have enough IL to enter esot or any epic dungeon with just greens, just for starters. You need blues and some artifacts... So what if he enters ESOT and dies? that's how it's suppoed to be, he has to die hundreds of times and repeat the dungeon to farm for seals and items and learn the attack patterns, how else…
  • By the time that new player unlocks any difficult dungeon he has to be undergeared for weeks, raising his IL is such a massive grind that just doing those T1 and T2 dungeons and skirmishes and trials will teach him to use his class. If he doesen't learn, what makes you think that he would have learnt spending those weeks…
  • The epic sled has just 2 insignia slots... why? I hope it gets fixed anytime in the next 2 or three years. It took then almost 4 years to fix a bugged feat on clerics, dunno what to think.
  • The epic sled has just 2 insignia slots... why?
  • because people used to make a well full of huge ogres that could not attack back so all you had to do was nuke them away, win, loot, get your reward and repeat till the end of days... well, actually not that long, only a couple of hours. And ding! 60.
  • Play raiderz if you actually enjoy killing bosses instead of adds and <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> inside a dungeon. But be warned, with the recent update they made it more grindy and more farmy... In a crazy way I mean. They Also buffed the hp and damage of all the mobs and bosses. But all of that you wont notice…
  • Many mmos have solo versions of their content and yet they are still mmos. There's a big misconception related to the mmos. It is not required to constantly group in a mmo, just fyi.
  • Since you'll be seeing his/her butt all the time i'd recommend something with a nice butt, depending on your sexual orientation. Female tieflings happen to have a nice posterior, just fyi. And as for the males I think that male elves have the best one... haven't made any male halfling/half orc/dwarf/drow yet so idk bout…
  • Maybe they should have done that before nerfing it's damage. Just sayin'
  • It was NOT a change, it was a fix.
  • Welcome to PWE? Seriously, that gambling system has been in PWE longer than many of the games it currently runs.
  • Not impressed. FF should have never been broken in the first place and seeing as it was a mistake of the Devs it should have been a priority for them to fix it within a week, not a month. I would have been mildly impressed if they fixed Repurpose Soul and the Arpen on cleric skills. Oh well... we got what we got, right? =/
  • Hi la rious Like I predicted... I knew this kind of threads were coming. http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?473041-Clerics-are-OP Clerics kill crowds of people in PvP and on top of that they are unkillable. Frack you Cryptic, you are obviously favouring DCs with every patchnote, fixing their feats, spells and…
  • LOL. DCs are healers... okay O.o Lets stop DR from working on TRs because hey, they are DDs anyway. But anyway, how is Arpen not affecting your healing? Unless you play the healbot role ofc... Every heal that comes from famage you deal suffers from it.
  • More patchnotes. Guess what? Yup, you got it right. Let's keep track of it. I'm just curious of how long it will take them to fix all of it, or at least one of them.
  • We dun have power, but at least we have chicken!
  • Now that you're talking about CC immunity. I haven't noticed WIS affecting control resistance. I may be a bit paranoid here, but i've yet to see my DC resisting a control power. And it has high WIS. Strange huh?
  • LOL, please beach, don't compare TRs with DCs. That's just hilarious.
  • It's been 3 weeks and YET nothing has been fixed. Not FF, not repurpose soul, not the arpen on encounters... I'm wondering WHEN are you going to fix it and IF you're ever gonna fix it. Meanwhile they entertain themselves fixing graphical bugs because hey... Look at that flower over that wall. It looks ugly!! We must fix…
  • Welcome to the life of a cleric. Oh wait... no, you still need to be broken for a few months to actually feel like clerics do. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable because you've got a loooooooooooong wait ahead of you.
  • Half of the Devoted Cleric encounters are broken. Yet you are still thinking about fixing them. Let me know when you decide to work on them and actually fix them. Thinking about doing something won't magically solve the problem. :rolleyes:
  • Oh, you just need a set bonus to make it good. that's like... Cryptic balancing stuff!
  • I doubt knox would treat you nicely. You will mst likely have to grind your way up to lv 60 on foundries since you won't be trusted enough by anyone in NW to be given quests related to the main storyline.
  • Ugh... sunburst's heal is crappy, even with repurpose soul. Forgemaster's flame outheals it by a mile and a half and better yet: it's not affected by the Big Bad R or Righteousness (unlike sunburst). Same as AShield. Ebon Downs is easy if you got AoE firepower, if not those hordes of zombies will eat you alive in less than…
  • Ebon Downs is HELL for clerics. At that point the other classes are getting stronger and stronger while we are stuck with pretty much the same spells we have been using until now. I ran this map with divine searing light (only divine), daunting light and sunburst. Then I noticed that a divine FF was keeping me alive much…
  • LOLWUT? broken? I'd say all the other skills are broken. Take into account that we are using AS in Divine Mode, FF in Divine Mode, DG in Divine Mode, Searing in Divine Mode. Those skills are good because we use them in Divine Mode. The only skill I even afford myself to cast out of Divine Mode is Dauting Light, and…