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  • Sorry bro, but the story isn't enhanced by doing repeat quests over and over. You'd think by the 50th time that I need to "find the elves" who are in the exact same location, I could do it with a buddy. This quirk does not enhance the story. It just makes it miserable and lonely.
  • I started playing in mod 2. When Dread Ring launched, I remember doing this. Now maybe this is a little too easy. It allowed people to completely "carry" others. Maybe a proximity requirement on completion, or a requirement that only party members who actively participated (interacted with nodes or dealt some damage to a…
  • Actually, it would make it easier. For a quest that requires one to kill a specific target, a party of 3 could all attack that target and all get credit. As it stands now, in a party of 3, 1 person would need to kill that specific target, another person would need to save 3 elves, and the final person would need to pour…
  • I am 26k now, and typically remain near-BiS. I'm sure it'll be no problem when more people are running it. TY
  • Thank you all for your responses. I understand a little better now. I guess I'll set out to get legion set for alts, and celestial set for my main. :)
  • I came back to this thread for the exact same thing. I bought that bag 50% off with intent to sell. That was perfectly fine to do, as there was nothing prohibiting me from doing that. They bound the bag to me, and now I cannot sell it. THEN THEY GAVE ME ANOTHER BOUND BAG!
  • Thank you very much. It's good to know they are working on this.
  • I actually did not realize tales would be scaled! I was shocked to see my IL capped at 16k for this event. I remember dread vault being so difficult to complete, that we would run Castle Never instead, but the dynamics have changed too much since then. Tales needs to remove scaling... bad. And scalling needs to be fixed on…
  • If I;m not mistaken, you fight him in one of the Dread Ring minidungeons.
  • oof... I just did Tiamat. We were only able to kill 2 dragons! none of the players knew what to do, so you could tell that they were all doing RIQ... I was trying to help a guild member earn some boons, but it's just impossible... And Tiamat isn't a desirable trial to run, so it's too hard to find a party...
  • GREAT TIP! I will do this next week (particularly the quests that require BHEs). Thank you! On another note, maybe a timer like the dragon HE's would help.
  • I definitely saw you in PE zone chat earlier! lol If your VIP runs out during a period of absence, your VIP will stop, but you should not lose rank. If you were indeed at R12, and you purchase any VIP (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months) you should still be at R12. Good luck.
  • @kreatyve OMG! I did the same thing today! lol Glad I saw your post now though. I hope they can address this. Can't finish my legacy quests for the day without it.
  • I'm in a similar boat. I only got 2 pieces... Server went down just as I was finishing the boss... Where can we earn appropriate companion gear? When will it be added?
  • If a DPS toon is to carry their own weight, it is essential. Give me a break... Try running level 70 content with level 60 gear, it's the same difference. This applies even more so to players around the 18K mark, which is the recommended TIL for the dungeon. Although I am decked out with R13's and 14's, keep in mind that…
  • How do I EARN it. That is my question. An essential piece of gear should be EARNable. We shouldn't rely on RNG for this. Here's what I mean. The +5 rings are very rare, but a +4 ring will get the job done. It's slightly weaker than a +5, but obtainable. Also, there are other rings that can be crafted or bought on the AH…
  • We need a +5 trade in system, Trade 2 for a BTA Choice pack or something...
    in +5 rings Comment by nachodx22 July 2017
  • YES, give us a way to EARN it, not just leave it up to RNG... Even if you put this currency behind a keygate, can we EARN +5 rings? can we EARN these new marks that are required to refine our new weapons?
  • You created an economy in which you NEED to farm leadership, and you make the countless hours we have spent farming leadership obsolete? You are not adding any new ways to make AD. You are just making it so we do not need to press "L" to accept a quest now... Whoopdie Doo!!!! Thank you for saving us the 2.5 sconds it takes…
  • You say "a single class power", but for CW's this is THE class power. This is the reason there are no MoF's. We have been asking for a buff to MoF for a long time now, any they do this instead... This single class power is our number one source of DPS. It's like a DC without divinity, or a TR without stealth! Again, this…
  • Karma? We did not do anything to your class... We just played ours.
  • The trinity is DPS, Tank, and Heal. Control is NOT a part of the trinity. Control wizards are a DPS class. Why are you killing our DPS? This is not part of the imbalance in the game! So many things are actually broken, but you are focusing on nerfing stuff? Where are our priorities?!?!
  • I am happy to see some bug fixes. Actions speak louder than words, and we are finally seeing some action. Thank you, and please continue to fix stuff next week. I am hoping for a look at the overall difficulty (1 shot newbies).
  • Myself and many others are having this same issue. Mods/Devs, can we add a way to EARN this please? Anyone else agree? Please do comment on this thread to share your thoughts.
  • This mod is putting an emphasis on team play. find a good guild to help. the quests can be solo'ed, but it is not easy. I am dying constantly...
    in Clueless Comment by nachodx22 April 2015
  • Agreed^^ The message i have entered was too short, so i had to lengthen my message.
  • Speaking about the TR's, i think with the new stat curves, they will have a more difficult time 1-shotting other players now. And in pvp, it usually pays to stick together, or strategically split so that you are NEVER alone. A little tenacity never hurt either. Also, when you see a TR, it always pays to predict about where…