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  • Logging out today after the patch i find that the launcher can not reach the patch server; my partner had the same issue. Neither seems to launch. Anyone else after a logout? If you logout, that's it for now i guess.
  • End of the day, all we needed was an the Auction house max lowered and the account wide zen orange mount. Everything else would fall into alignment. Why allow items to be posted for rediculous amounts of 20 million+? If max was say 5 million, more turnover would occur. As you've set it up over years. The long term beta+…
  • I agree with everything stated in general about the end game content. Signal latency does not seem to be properly accounted for during simulation. You can't VPN test latency if that is being done. Real world latency is a true transition over medium and VPN's do not represent that. Over years I've seen every end game…
  • For some time launching Neverwinter.exe would crash the client, so only GameClient.exe would work. I do see it's working from that executable now. Thanks Battlecry(plasticbat). I did not recheck that. Mod can delete.
  • That's been removed. The launcher(GameClient.exe) will not do so any longer as was discussed a while ago. Some players that have not had a proper reinstall are still able to do so, but are also not fully patched.
  • After years of playing, I'd simply like to see 1% per presward and you stack them up to 99%. *Minds blown* ;D~
  • So how does my guild get dungeoneer shards when we cant queue for "Random: epic dungeon" now. That needs an immediate patch. Lock down on dungeoneer shards. Months to open the requirements for many players. Cleric quests wont get done now.
  • Came in yesterday for a hello! So sorry I had to do it on release and you guys were so hammered! Keep at it! Doing great!
  • *Major Bug* Return to instance loops "Map transfer failed" endlessly until you restart the client if you use the return to instance button after exiting a dungeon. I have only run pirates retreat. Need confirmations. Potential DOS attack in there.
  • This needs to be addressed still team. Is it just a typo or does it actually switch to boost the other resource(which wouldn't make sense)?
  • So Julie? Define "extensive". ;D~ But really though, do you actually have a list of things going on? all hardware/software? Just curious
  • Many people have this one as well and it's not good. I found Radeon Graphics chipsets are not getting recognized correctly while Nvidia chipsets don't seem to have the issue. Compile time issue I would imagine.
  • Now with that said.. that external water from the orignal is beautifully textured and rendered. Where it WOULD be awesome is in the fountains like this with the really bad(sorry, still love the designers) water. The only other Water feature that adds to PE is from the moonstone mask waterfall. that could be reworked to…
  • This Andy and Crew. This full motion rendered surface.. horrible folks. Not just little, but from a rendering professional background, chewing resources alive anywhere it's of this volume. This is one reason why we can't have a nice stable PE. You get rid of this, and you could go back to the beta 150 per instance. ..
  • I really think the best idea is dual classing. I've played every class and built them all in every single point to point configuration you can do to find every branch of direct and hybridized structure viable in live play. I do think 1 more class would be a good addition though. If we had the ability to relevel the same…
  • First day foundry author: STILL never had real loot in chests OR real bosses configurable. Hell, make it a random generator for the boss like the new skirmish or something available. It also sucks that the drops for even basic gear and gold weren't just nerfed but nuked in foundry. I authored many and found that getting…
  • Feeder gear is out of hand. If you want Zen sales and butts in seats, that certainly won't help. The last thing your adult players want to do is spend 4 hours trying to get resources to keep quality of items in range. If you plan on making this a twink game, just say so now. TOO MUCH FEEDER GEAR. WE DONT WORK ON THESE…
  • We have one last class to fill the creation board. that's all I want. It's time. A druid or monk could be fun and it needs to be introduced sooner rather than later so that there isn't a year more of rebalancing.
  • I wouldn't vote kick you for not having bondings ever. ..NOW.. if you WERN'T using Wicked Reminder.. YES.. I would SO give you a boot! HAHAHAHAHA! ;D~
  • If I did what other people said to do i wouldn't have a 2.6 cw that does 100 million+ t2/cn runs.
  • Though total correct as it stands and extremely funny, they do need to fully align the companions. It was also a huge slap in the face to MANY people who bought augment stones. On another note, if you run into any players that "don't need" any bonding stones.. just go on and give em my handle @mysticmarks to mail them bad…
  • I remember when they made "item level" to replace "gear score" both of which are still "stupid to plan groups by". .. I school up guildies and not one of my guildies will suffer on any class at any lvl range. BUILD MATTERS. MOST class builds need to be structured to focus into paragon class options to achieve intended…
  • I know many adults that have spent hundreds to thousands on this product. Don't deem how deep other pockets go. They repeatedly ban one of my friends since beta who dropped well over 100 dollars a week in lockbox keys before this game even had footing. It isn't foolish, it's supporting the game. The game that has now gone…
  • I in fact, do use a ioun on my pally tank atm as well. It's all irrelevant to the initial post really though. The companion system is deeply tied to numbers now. And I make darn sure they work. MY suggested changes would balance all content at all lvls. Hopefully they get on it and fix the launcher along with the new…
  • Aight.. here's the issue. You used to be forced to get an ioun stone to achieve end game numbers, so they gave us bonding WHICH has made the use of ALL companions viable. HOWEVER, Augments are still fully viable. There is a rough turnover point now between 100-140% augmentation to bonding. If you have 3 greater bonding…
  • I take it you haven't run my foundries? smh. So what's your input then? If you just like to troll, kick rocks.
  • "digital design" has over 168 diciplines of engineering design under it. Computer Aided design software is used for all of them. Gaming is my hobby, designing machinery is my profession. "Insight" is exactly that. The conjunction of my cumulative design career in a multitude of disciplines using the vast majority of design…
  • It was part of the up front sales pitch. I've been waiting for the tool to be refined for 3 years.
  • As a Digital design professional from the advent of the technologies, and as a foundry user since the very begininng, I have a lot of insight to offer. #1. From the release of the game, all of us(then) expected to be able to generate UGC with genuine bosses and mechanics available. I played paper D&D up until the first…