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  • I am getting the device removed error instead. imgur.com/es5sB74 If it helps, I do see three errors in the Windows Event Viewer relating to the nvidia driver.
  • If it helps, I'm using a GTX 960 in Windows 10 and have been crashing a lot since last Tuesday ( beginning of MOD12). The constant crashes have all happened in the new areas (the Port, or one of the quest instances like the pirates). If it is crashed, I have to force close the crypticerror.exe service to log in again, and…
  • I'm only at 90-ish k because of spordaic bugs where it doesn't award zSilver unless I reboot - annoying after a godo 3-5 hour session to learn nothing was recorded.
  • I was fine until the Tuesday release and now I'm getting crashes to the desktop with the Cryptic error submission page at least once per day so far this week. Every crash happened when loading or while in some element of Mod12. Dungeons, Skirmishes and older content have been fine so far. The same reported "device removed"…
  • Personally, I laughed once the cutscene hit. I think the devs were poking fun at how bad everyone complained that the grind was getting.
  • I came in just before the infamous MOD6 and as a semi-casual player at the time, I managed to get the Entertainer and Garden Key during the week and it made me a fan of the game. Last year's changes meant that I managed to get one of the thrones but I was surprised at the timed currency, but I was okay with it since I…
  • I take it these are going to stay stuck in my bank for now? I have a stack of 3 sitting there and I can't move, claim or delete them.
  • It wasn't the pig, but another Companion that I had the same issue with (I think it was the Guardian Angel in my case). Changing to one of the other active companions and back didn't work and logging off and logging back on each day for a week didn't work. I made her inactive (swapped with another, older companion) and…
  • This worked for me! After several weeks, it's good to be able to queue without getting the other players upset.
  • No accept/decline option still, and I did everything others did above too. The queue system is completely broken. Disappointing hat the claim is it is fixed. Obviously this isn't true.
  • Solo player here trying to PuG and have been successful 0 times over the entire week. Tried nDemo and Throne skirmish. nDemo fails to ever find a group despite seeing a dozen or so others with me by the firepit/magic curtain in Mantol Derith from the horn blast until we all get kicked out of the queue. Throne eventually…
  • I grab my backup keyboard and hand it to Tiamat and show her how to create a new account and character to play until she has to fight herself in the game.
  • I started a couple of weeks before M6 hit (right after Pax East) and thought it was incredibly fun. I got two or three days at level 60 when M6 hit and the difference was starting to show up, but wasn't too bad right then, but I was still several quests behind and got the full force of M6 once I got to the Vigilance Tasks.…