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  • The massive ZAX backlog way back was caused by the Astral resonator exploit ,it had nothing to do with leadership.
  • Gosh ,it is just one idiot decision after another by whoever is running cryptic nowadays , this is going to make high level weapon/armor enchants nothing but a dream for casual/non spenders and non hardcore players and in a game like this when the casuals/non spenders leave well , we all know what happens then .
  • Overpriced horse armor , definitely the kind of thing that would appeal to Cryptic... http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/horse-armor
  • Oh wow lmfao , the idea of reworked epic dungeons had me planning on returning to Neverwinter , I'm so glad that the developers have at least been decent enough to admit that all they could manage was one epic and a whole bunch of leveling nonsense , guess I'll be spending my money on Tom Clancy's the division , No mans…
  • Rare Skeletal dog? , I think you mean ultra common Skeletal dog lmfao
  • You genuinely believe that a very large number of people who seem to be able to get to BiS within days of every new expansion going live actually earned the gear in a legit way and didn't take advantage of various exploits that were never properly cleaned up and dealt with in the past that allowed them to squirrel away…
  • O_o the new Stronghold set is by far superior to the Elemental set , every stat is increased plus it has the potential for +10% increased outgoing damage , +10% reduced incoming damage and +10% outgoing healing , the only negative is the fact that Recovery replaced Armor penetration but even that isn't really all that bad.
  • They used to drop the Ancient curio that you could swap for the Slayer belt of xvim which can be useful if you are leveling an alt but for a level 70 it isn't much use , apart from that it is just food buffs and low level enchantments and healing pots , could probably use a loot table pass whenever the devs get round to it…
  • What game are you meaning to comment on? this is the neverwinter forum and the level cap is now 70 in neverwinter xD
  • I like that water horse but alas no doubt it is another 50% storage space hog , the chef outfit looks kinda weird, that hat is huge ahaha I just really really hope that the way to earn rewards in this event has not been reworked to be "more fun" in the same way that Lliira was :s
  • Yeah but like Bioshrike said it doesn't make the player actually open up the wondrous bazaar and look at what is sold in the Bazaar , like he suggested they should just change the basic upgrading quest so you get walked through the items that are sold in the wondrous bazaar .
  • To be honest that really wouldn't bother me all that much , every time I upgrade I always check the AH prices first and when I see greedy scumbags selling the epic marks for 115k+ it makes me cringe , the devs should really make a upgrade quest that forces new players to open the wondrous bazaar so they get an idea what is…
  • Lots of people have no idea that they have a set price in the wondrous bazaar , if the VIP thing people have datamined actually happens the marks will probably all get made BoP anyway because of the 25% VIP discount.
  • I'd guess people prefer to use them for trading high value items that they don't want to put in the AH due to posting fee/AH cut etc , you cannot trade using AD outside of the AH so they use a high value item instead of AD , before the GMOP it used to be lockbox keys (until they got made bound) , it is the same in other…
  • Apparently it would be more fun that way .
  • So basically the feedback on the "reworked to be more fun" Lliiras event is almost universally negative ,@devs , please stop trying to make events 'more fun' lots of love from the community <3
  • Derp yeah I'll sit this one out too unless there is some other easier less mind numbing way to get the rewards , last time it ran I can't remember it being so tight with the rewards , has the event been reworked? i can't check myself atm
  • Oh nice , thanks j0shi , searching through the forum for dev posts was becoming quite a chore .
  • Yeah like Magenubbie said the drop down menu was all greyed out and I couldn't interact with it at all.
  • You replaced Melodywyr? this calls for a large celebration , maybe even big enough for a one off ingame event , wooo celebrate!!!
  • You can play a Drow totally for free , the one in the 200 dollar pack is no better than the free one.As for the keys , most free to play games (infact every one I have played ) have some type of gambling system similar to the keys in Neverwinter e.g Eden eternal has the Crystal alter , grand fantasia has Alchemy clay etc…
  • You sure you didn't do something wrong lol? I just patched ,it took about 3 seconds and was tiny xD They messed about with lvl 61+ exp in last week patch , from what I have heard it takes much longer to level up from lvl 61 onward's now.
  • Wat lol? that's from last year? xD
  • Do what myowmyow said , another possible fix is this , on the character select screen press options and at the bottom is a space to enter a command , type d3d9 then save and that sometimes fixes the issue.
  • If I had to guess the majority of the team are probably focused on preparing Strongholds , usually the closer we get to a module launch the less live patch notes/fixes we get because they save them all up to add to the module launch . Even if maintenance contains bug fixes it is rare for them to acknowledge them in the…