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  • Here is a shot of my game screen post patch. Trying to be positive and give devs something to work off of even though they are boggling my mind. If the other zones of IWD look nice a fix shouldn't be this hard. Being able to see our screen shouldn't be a battle.
  • You do know a typical setup for people with vision limitations is High Contrast, right? You're instructing people with such difficulties to adjust their monitor so they can't see anything at all. The patch went through this morning so hopefully this will no longer be an issue. People can stop being subjected to headaches…
  • The purpose of this journey we call life is learning something new. When we learn all the lessons we needed to learn we leave it. If we were born knowing everything already there'd be no point in being here. No need to apologize for being in the same condition as the rest of us. A day something new is learned is a good day.
  • Why not indeed? It furthers awareness that just because one person perceives something in a given way doesn't mean others do. The 'I don't have a problem so you're all a bunch of whiners' crowd take note.
  • Lowjohn said: As they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Thanks for posting these.
  • After a few logins I finally got a message to use a free respec so perhaps this isn't a resurface of the old problem, the old problem just took this long to manifest on this particular character.
  • They should call this mod 'Snowblind'. Even when the snow stops it's like playing looking through milky glass. There needs to be a way to turn the effect off. This is like one of those movies where it's so dark you're struggling to see anything, only with light. Not fun at all. If one has vision problems in the first place…
  • Looks like fun and is rewarded by doing.
  • Why wouldn't someone play an MMO solo? MMO just means they are many characters in the game. It doesn't specify relationships. The idea some of those characters can't be hermits just as some people are in the real world is preposterous. In games with PVP servers some players do nothing but hunt the group carebears. Variety…
  • Earning or buying Utility slot enchants which drop RP for refining your artifacts and weapons is a big help. As you earn your boons it puts your gear upgrades on autopilot. Also enhance pets and mounts as much as possible.
  • <</blockquote> Yeah, stripping the nodes made soloing the daily quest dungeons seem pointless and much less fun. Now harvesting them just leads to a bag full of useless bound mount trinkets anyway. Much of my time was spent doing those, Leadership, and Invoking. Everything I actually like to do keeps getting nerfed to…
  • Thanks for this update. The launcher didn't inform me of the downtime like it usually does and thankfully I ended up here.
  • I admit upfront to knowing little about this class. My idea of a warlock is better served by a dps oriented DC loaded up with lifesteal. That said, the changes all sound good and may encourage myself and others to give the SW another look. The communication on this and changes to the HR have been particularly effective.…
  • I play hunter/archer style and not a single skill I use was mentioned. I guess that's good, because hopefully it means they didn't screw it up. The fact according to their analysis only one build was viable proves what I've been saying for ages. The class should just be split into two classes, a hunter class and a ranger…
  • So the answer to the game becoming too guild centric is to make guilds of guilds. ><
  • I like it that things take a long time because it means there's always something to do. What I don't like is much of that something consists of manually dragging and dropping millions of RP into a little slot. That's the drudgework of a job you hate, not a game you like. I don't care what RP costs or how much it takes, I…
  • Sounds great. Here's hoping a lesson has been learned and the relevant quest lines won't be released many months after everyone has already finished the zone. ;)
  • A problem with a guild based leveling system is guild leaders then pressure members to play content specifically oriented towards the goals of the guild instead of the content the player happens to enjoy playing. This gives players who enjoy an escapist game a boss and the daily demands of a job. As if having to stuff…
  • Minsc is dual wielding Occam's Razor. The change made was the simplest solution, and the one leading to the least complicated loot bag contents. Bravo. Perhaps some people are missing the fact as long as you're killing your way through the zone or dungeon instead of running or stealthing through it, you'll get more rp from…
  • Well played!
  • Winterfest is one of the best things in this game. It caused me to log back in after being absent a couple weeks. I've complained a lot but in this case need to offer a big congratulations. And come on people, a 2x AD event is nothing amidst a literal shower of gifts.
  • Believe it or not most people play this game for pleasure, not punishment. If being a HAMSTER makes you happy I'm glad for you. Instead of trying to enforce it upon others why not go into chat and give something away randomly or donate a set amount to your guild bank every time you deem you 'fail'. You can die 1000 times…
  • I figured an Underdark expansion would mean I'd be doing new quests in, well, Underdark. I was wrong. Instead Underdark consists of a tiny vendor area. What a load.
  • My impression was Dungeons and Dragons based games were about Dungeons and Dragons. The model I understood was people do a dungeon to get stuff. The stuff they get allows them to do a harder dungeon to get more stuff. Which allows them to do a harder dungeon to get more stuff... and so on. Progression. Once in a while they…
  • Oh bull. If a chef makes a mistake in his recipe the food doesn't taste good and customers don't come back. Simple as that. The chef can justify it all he wants in his mind telling himself his food is really good and the customers are stupid but that won't change the fact customers aren't walking through the door. The…
  • Exactly my thoughts. When the quest line was finished all that remained was 'Kill HAMSTER 100 times' and I'm not going to do that. People are getting really exhausted waiting for actual content to come back.