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Neverwinter: Underdark is LIVE!

strumslingerstrumslinger Member, NW_CrypticDev, Cryptic Developer Posts: 1,724 Cryptic Developer
edited February 2016 in News & Announcements
Underdark is LIVE! Journey where darkness conceals the dangers that lurk within. Dare to descend?

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  • lennox#0595 lennox Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Guys why i cant log in even at Arc? "Login has time out"
  • doncha666doncha666 Member Posts: 3 Arc User

    Guys why i cant log in even at Arc? "Login has time out"

    same problem here..
  • freshourfreshour Member Posts: 623 Arc User
    Any updates on all the things that don't work? Or is our dev team onto mod 9?
  • guessswho9guessswho9 Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    So i now have a level 61 character with a level 70 ring. This is blatantly unhelpful.
  • gphxgphxgphxgphx Member Posts: 184 Arc User
    I figured an Underdark expansion would mean I'd be doing new quests in, well, Underdark. I was wrong. Instead Underdark consists of a tiny vendor area. What a load.
  • pablos65pablos65 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    anyone know about the move servers?
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