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  • If I didn't miss anything I'm in a lot of trouble because my first thought when I finished the quest line and looked around for what to do next was 'Uh oh, I finished the game'.
  • When the previous mod came out people said they didn't like the new zone. They leveled on world dragons then got their weapon and got out as soon as possible instead and never came back. No one did the heroics there then either. So the next mod sends people back to the zones they said they didn't like, and you can't find…
  • Pretty simple. If you think a class is OP roll it. If you think a piece of gear is OP get it. Nerfs are for the weak.
  • The quest line was great. So were some of the minor changes to artifact refining, trade bars, etc. The problem was the ending where we were basically told to endlessly farm, as if that wasn't what everyone was already doing before the mod because there was nothing left to do. Basically after a nice couple of hours of…
  • A step in the right direction but lowering prices needs to proceed much more quickly because 'At its peak, on PC, Leadership was accounting for more than 80% of the daily earned AD. This is a whole lot of AD earned by botters and exploiters!' means legitimate players who relied mostly on Leadership to provide their AD also…
  • Just saw the Mastercrafting content update. Don't know about anyone else but though it doesn't impact Leadership it looks like there's plenty more there to give me goals for a while. Hence I logged back in to the game proper today. Check mastercrafting out.
  • Leadership is a profession. Which means it is a job by definition, even if it is a virtual, role playing one. The way I look at the changes to leadership is if my employer told me he was no longer going to pay me in cash and would barter me items of his choice instead. Because of these changes I've watched my supply of AD…
  • Magenubbie wrote: 'You're free to want to use it, but that doesn't change the fact it's a huge breach of privacy. It's simply none of your business how much currency a player has. A GL is not a tax collector and not my wife. I don't owe my GL -or anyone else in the game for that matter- any explanation about my (lack of)…
  • There are those who have exploited. There are those who invocation and leadership farm a large roster of characters. There are those who simply have a lot of time in a day to play a single character in the game and use it wisely. Many of these people have had perfect enchants and artifacts maxed for quite a while. Then…
  • Pretty simple. Neverwinter is a game many people play to escape the pressures of work and real life in general. You want to turn Neverwinter into a job where the guild leader is a boss with the pressures of work and real life in general. People want to play the game they want to play it and you want to control them and…
  • VIP 7 for the loss. Pay us or we'll hurt you, literally.
  • Could be just me but for whatever 30 keys cost you probably could've gotten a sweet account wide mount.
  • These are the guys who introduced injuries as a 'feature' 'everyone asked for' then come out with a VIP membership making players immune to them. Translation: 'Buy VIP or we're going to hurt you'. Literally.
  • This is a game, not work. If you institute performance metrics and people are measured by them you turn a guild master into a boss and a player into an employee. Also, if everyone is supposed to contribute equally you're punishing casual players who are being told to contribute items they need to catch up to the players…
  • Personally I like the recent upgrade to the forums much better. Much easier to read. When it was harder to read none of the rest of it mattered.
  • This one is from way before even my time but if we're going to have a sing along while the server is down... "Yes, we have no more server We have-no more server today We've string beans, and onions Cabashes, and scallions, And all sorts of fruit and say We have an old fashioned tomato A Long Island potato But yes, we have…
  • If what you wanted most out of the upgrade was a new, shinier skin and not improved stats it's probably pointless to discuss or argue with you about anything.
  • I used to feel that way soloing a healer. Then I got myself a good tanky pet with taunt and geared him to the gills. Now I can spend my time dpsing the mob to help him and don't have to do much healing at all. Pets with taunts are awesome for crafting nodes. Sic the pet on the mobs from a distance then run to the node. If…
  • My two favorite unusual characters atm: A cw using cold spells with high control stat. Used typically for soloing, nonresistant mobs usually stay frozen the entire fight. Fantastic for doing campaign and daily quests and the solo dungeons which come with them. Warning: this stat is useless on resistant mobs and you'll kill…
  • Wow, an update with most of the things I've heard people asking for the loudest. This is the best news in a long time. I'm stunned. Not just the update but the listening thing. Good job Scott and Team, and thanks for the message Andy.
  • Personally I think the VIP program was well thought out. While the contents of the package will be extremely useful to many people the items are all in the convenience/time saving category which means other players can still achieve the same things given enough time. It's not like they get +25% to all stats or anything…
  • It all seems pointless today anyway. Maybe calling attention to botting the Gateway has led more people to do it or they're simply piling into the remaining tasks. In any case I can't get past the whirling loading wheel to do any tasks on Gateway today at all. It doesn't matter what they did to it if it's completely broken.
  • If it did happen a lot of people with older machines suddenly wouldn't be able to run it anymore.
  • LS is great for solo PVE on a dps DC. If a mob would otherwise kick my butt I can just DoT it up and let it chase me around a tree or rock reapplying DoTs from time to time until it dies without my character taking any damage at all. Applying LS DoTs to every mob in a group is like having a whole group of healers. It's…
  • I wouldn't go bragging about that. In fact I wouldn't even tell anyone that. That's just creepy.
  • 'It hasn't affected the time I spend in game'
  • I had concerns about this in the rumor stage. They were unfounded. Everything appears to be time saving or other convenience items and fortunately not stat and other advantage boosts. This was actually well thought out and executed.
  • An empty update was like poking a sleeping beast. Personally I have a lot of characters because leveling is a relatively refreshing alternative when tired of doing the same endgame tasks every day on each character. As part of leveling and/or endgame it helps to do the five daily world dragons and, if the char is high…
  • Couldn't there simply be two kinds of AD with that earned from Leadership being 'Bound' with any items purchased with it becoming 'Bound' as well? In that way players could still choose to benefit from Leadership on the Gateway but it'd be relatively useless to botters of the gold seller variety. Those who benefit from…
  • The game has an economy. Participating in it is part of the game. If you don't like it take the economy and currencies out of the game.