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  • I couldn't get it to work either so I'm just skipping that area if it remains possible. It's a shame because the fishing quest in the previous area is simple as is fishing in other games. Having different fishing mechanisms in different areas of the same game is ridiculous. It should be something like left click to cast,…
  • 1. a long list of complaints I won't bother to post atm ... ... 21. but this is a nice step in the right direction 22. hang in there (users and devs
  • 'I suppose if one wanted to make people hate the concept of socialism this would be a good way to do it -- force everyone to be absolutely equal no matter what they do and watch the soul crushing commence.' I mentioned that very same metaphor to a family member yesterday. And the 'evil capitalists' they want to drag down…
  • Lots of people experiencing the same in various solo instances. And yet the Ebon Downs dragon dies before the video scene even finishes playing. Completely broken to opposite extremes.
  • Some have said unbound companions in inventory became bound to character across the board. May have happened to me too but I'm not absolutely positive. Thank goodness most were stored elsewhere.
  • None of these fixes matter in the slightest when single players are getting pitted against groups of mobs 10-20+ levels higher than themselves. I don't group but their experiences don't sound much better.
  • You obviously haven't gotten dumped into a solo quest instance leveled down to a single gray level 60 up against a pack of orange level 71 mobs yet. Please get back to us with your elite tips when you do.
  • 'There's this narrative that it's not the player's fault that the content can kill them, it's got to be a design flaw.' On a formerly ridiculously easy solo quest instance I got scaled down to level 60 and dumped in with level 71 mobs. I was unable to put a dent in their health bars and once the NPC helping me and my…
  • After knocking off a few noncombat quests and dinging 71 I decided to start Mod 16 with an instanced, repeatable quest in the Pirate area, the one with the female NPC escort. What could be easier? The mobs were level 71 but the game leveled me down to 60, 11 levels lower than them. After the first quick death and…
  • Leveling up I find a well geared companion to be invaluable. Areas such as Sharandar and Dread Ring used to be level 60, now they are effectively level 70. In my experience (that of others may differ) the best way to level solo if you're having difficulty is the main quest line. You can also gear blue runes in your utility…
  • Pro fishing tip: Skip all these new areas with their endless heroics, snowblind, and complicated fishing. You'll miss out on a few feats but who cares.
  • My rule of thumb is if Sharandar and Dread Ring boons are done or nearly so you're good to go for IWD. That said it's harder for some classes and builds than others and of course dependent upon your gear. Socketed purple pants and shirt are pretty cheap in the AH these days and help a lot.
  • Sounds good, Mimicking. Best of fortune in your endeavor!
  • So I finally grunt, squinted, and headached my first character through BS to arrive at the next zone which is beautiful. Which means all the grunting, squinting, and headaches were completely unnecessary and were done only in the service of programmer vanity. That's ridiculous! The thought of having to fight the rest of my…
  • I suggest giving the pet to anyone who has ever used the Gateway not just recently. Punishing people for getting frustrated and cutting back play seems counterintuitive. Not that it matters to most as Movement and Regeneration stats have limited utility to many characters.
  • That's the first of many, many graphics settings changes which actually made a bit of a difference. Good job. Still looks like there's a fire nearby. I wish they'd just admit that particular zone's effect aren't a feature, they're a bug.
  • I don't care about the requirement. Since I can't see a damn thing in BS I won't be doing the expansion anyway so I'll never get to the dungeon. Sorry for everyone else though.
  • All the boilerplate in the world won't change whether players balance of AD is increasing or not based upon their own personal style of gameplay. Telling them to shut up or to play the way someone else wants them to won't help a bit either. All it will do is encourage them to leave.
  • People aren't listening. Over the past several days I finished leveling a character to 70 then have done some more quests since. Days ago the character had 208 AD. Today it still has 208 AD. Despite several days of questing and invoking the character's income was ZERO AD. This is the problem people are talking about. If we…
  • The snowstorm has been removed, beards have been fixed, and my screen in BS is still completely unplayable like this:
  • We may not be able to see our beards in BS but at least the beards we can't see are being displayed correctly. Shaking my head at dev priorities. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i107/gphxgphx/NWscreen.png
  • This long without a response and I guess it's safe to say they don't care whether we can see in BS or not. Remarkable.
  • This is asinine. MMO does not necessarily mean people all playing in groups all the time. It is more a reflection of the real world and even role playing of all types of characters and that includes hermits. Saying soloists shouldn't play a game because it's an MMO is liking saying a solitary predator shouldn't be included…
  • Looking like any of the other zones in IWD would be great too. =)
  • Interesting. Mine is Intel HD on minimum settings as well.
  • Anyone? Anyone? Buellor? It'd be great to get some kind of acknowledgement someone has read these messages, seen the screenshots, and either understands there is still a problem or does not.
  • The idea the problems people are experiencing being able to see in the appropriately named BS zone are due to monitor settings is extremely faulty. When a problem is only a problem in one zone in one application that's where the fault lies. The solution is clearly to make the zone similar to other IWD zones where…
  • Here is what my screen looks like post graphics 'fix' http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i107/gphxgphx/NWscreen.png