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  • Good advice, thank you.
  • I think the apprentice armor would be more enticing for myself if one of the two options were to happen: 1. Keep everything the same, but increase the IL from 965 to 1000 2. Keep everything the same, but lower the astral diamond costs for the energy sealer.
  • I love this skirmish myself, but I agree that certain rounds are too hard with an underdeveloped group. I would never want to see it taken away, but maybe some tweaks would be helpful. Usually my groups beat the first round, whichever it is, without exception from the random queue. But going into a second or third round is…
  • I want to agree with you, but am fearful that the queue wait would be unbearable if this were enforced. I am with you though I wish we could have a tank and healer present in every group.
  • I would be happy if the roles were clearly defined and recognizable again. By that I mean a healer heals, an augment buffs, a striker adds DPS, and a tank draws aggro; and make them good at it too. One of the reasons I used to love to play GW1 was the excellent companion system, and it wasn't just because I prefer solo…
  • Going to try to quickly update you on what happened to RAD and dungeon queues since you last played during UD. Each character was able to refine 36K RAD/day. The shortest dungeon/skirmish to run was eToS/eSoT. Everyone ran eToS/eSoT twice a day for 36K+ RAD/day. Then the power creep got high enough that only one or two…
  • Excellent, thank you!
  • You guys did a great job on this patch. There is a lot done here and I am glad to see that.
  • Update: I found that I am able to successfully fish in Chult now. However, in the Sea of Moving Ice, instead of not moving at all, the fishing progress bar moves about a quarter of an inch and then resets over and over. So, it is still broken, but the symptoms are now slightly different.
  • As a person who has always loved housing, I also understand your point that there are other things to spend the Dev's time on. I do think there could be some middle ground however. Why have housing? First, housing causes a variety of players to invest and burn resources that might otherwise not be burned, which leads to…
  • You know, I hadn't given it any thought before, but I think I agree with this. Perhaps it is a programming issue that makes this necessary, but if there isn't an issue preventing it, I do think it would be nice to see a smaller character riding a very large mount if that is what they desire.
  • I would like to see the RNG system incorporated a way to buy or win buffs to increase your chance of finding items like GW2 does with magic find chances. RNG can be fun, but when you cannot enhance or control it in any way it gets very irritating over time. There are some threads discussing how to make some AD sinks to…
  • This is the type of opinion that resulted in scaling. Whatever solution is introduced, allowing players freedom of choice is the way to go in my opinion. You can have a discussion about making certain choices more VIABLE than others, but to remove options entirely is not a good idea. Furthermore, not everyone who plays the…
  • It seems unlikely that this didn't affect their bottom line. There is still money coming in probably, but the hit has to be noticeable or we would not have received an apology, and they would not have already announced efforts to reduce the negative effects of scaling. One thing I am also baffled by is the point you make…
  • Good to hear. Thank you very much for not only fixing this problem, but preserving our loot drops. You guys take a lot of heat when things go wrong, but it's important to be just as vocal about your successes. Thanks again!
  • This bug hit me today after the Grand Hurricane heroic encounter in Spinward Rise. I have a trouble ticket in, but having read this thread I went from losing hope to getting angry. I am kicking myself for the money I have continued to dump into this game even after Mod16, after having read this bug has existed since Day 1…
  • Very good points here. Making stuff obsolete is not the way to go. Expand options, do not wipe them off the table or trivialize them.
  • They may have said this, but don't be fooled. They CAN do it, but they won't for certain reasons.
  • That is a very stupid statement indeed. Since you don't understand the point and position of another player, you think you can simply launch ad hominem attacks at the players themselves. A successful game must be able to cater to both casual and elite players. Prior to Mod16, the majority of players here found they could…
  • This is too much. I have no interest in having to figure this type of thing out. I play this game to relax, and prefer to solo virtually all content outside of dungeons and skirmishes. Campaigns should be something that can soloed without overthinking it as well. Add difficulty plus better rewards when you group with…