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  • I took a break because I was arguing daily on the boards with all the people crying to nerf the GF. Mission accomplished. So I installed the patch and logged in with my (used to be) DPS GF cong that I spent millions and millions of AD on. Sweet lord. He has zero balls now. Single target DPS is pointless. * Commanders…
  • Yep. So what about the other nerfs from preview? Lunging strike, Villan's Menace , Enforced thread, etc? Did you forget those or did they get dropped from that massive nerf-list?
  • Great, they buffed the damage of sheild slam you use once every minute for stam regen. I stand by my agrument that the changed combat superiority is not useful anymore compared to the other passives for tanks or congs. What about the fact they nerfed villains menace, steel defense, lunge, and a bunch of other stuff totally…
  • All this talk about what ITF used to be or should or could be or something. I honestly didn't start using it perm till mod 4 or 5. I ignored it up till then. So even if ITF was ripped out of the game, I'd be ok with that. My big complaint is the nerfing EVERYTHING ELSE. The complaints from outside parties on the nerf…
  • Or maybe get some new mods? I only see 1 mod post anymore, like in a long time. Only Kreatyve. Depths is a good indicator. Gonna be like 7th graders getting tossed into high school. You got a very cynical and somewhat grumpy crowd. Like your uncle that's finishing his last few years at 'The Mill,' about to be around fresh,…
  • HALF? It's an AoE swing. That's kind of the point. It used to give like a 30% at-will buff. I bet that's nerfed to. They're nerfing the whole thing.
  • Awesome idea!!!
  • +1 This, no DPS from this. And not only that, the cone is too tiny to hit more then 2 mobs that happen to be standing still next to each other now. Double nerf. I totally prefer the pre-nerf better. How did you get 13% DR? The TS feat gives 5% and 5% more dmg with the CS passive enabled. And if you don't get hit by that…
  • I think so. They should get the biggest DPS buff next mod. EDIT: That is alot of flashing light and prism.
  • You know things are bad when the game finally receives praise for being able to kick a ball around. We're so bored LOL
  • I agree with this. It was publicly discussed how GF where getting massive DPS increases. They could of toned that down like a true nerf would(should) be. Not taking a trimmer and chopping arms&legs off like a Christmas goose. You have alot of GFs looking at the page of nerfs with a WTF do we do now face. Adapt? Please.…
  • I haven't gotten a gold yet.
  • I would be ok with the ITF and AoD nerf. Fine, strip the GF of the big hitters. Even Knight's Challenge. PvP and KC is a bad combo for fairness, I get it. Even Bullcharge prone fine. Nerf away... But go through with a chainsaw and chop the durations,damage and increase the cooldowns of all useful skills, feats, encounters,…
  • I tested it on preview. The AoE now is T_I_N_Y. About 15% the square foot splash the old one had. Only reaches about 4 feet back, tops. You'd have to be Bruce Lee to hit more then 2 mobs with this pee shooter at once.
  • Yeah, that was really dumb. Give GWFs a mach4 sprint buff but give us no way to catch up, and when we get there, everything is dead.
  • I agree 10000%. A newly nerfed GF with ITF at 25% max capped is not worth the party slot of a DPS class bringing a Yeti pet to tank. You can't just nerf the major core skill of the class by 300% and think it's no big deal. A GF without into the fray is a paladin that can't heal!! We certainly can't hybrid as fake striker…
  • So the lunging strike cone is super tiny now and barely has a cone at all and only extents for about 3/4 feet as compares to about 10 before. Totally useless. Tactical Superiority is bugged. When you put the 5th point in the feat, it breaks Combat Superiority. They never changed the have to attack part of the old rank 5 so…
  • You can still shoot them early.
  • This was a block in the mouth, pull the musket ball out of the kneecap butcher. I never in my wildest dreams did I think NWO would do this chainsaw nerf. Hey, here is a 20% increase to encounter dmg and 10% faster at-wills. Oh by the way, we're going to rip the still beating ******** ****** heart out of you 2 mods later.…
  • I have always thought KC in PvP is pure cheese. No idea why that didn't get touched. But that ITF and AoD change is not going to make them OP as they where.