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  • Best way i found lvling my cat and stone on my two characters that had hit level cap was to help out some guildmate's with there last couple of levels. Tried dungeon running and grinding mobs didn't find it very fast. Then i decided to help a guildie with his 58-60 levels. My guildmate shared the quests me and we run…
  • Yes i guess your available playtime would have a huge impact on how quickly you can get bored with it , playing only a hour each day is pretty low , so ofc it would take you longer to work through all the content and then repeat it till your bored silly:P If your playing for a few hours each night , or most nights after…
  • well i didn't even know of the eu proxy setting till i read this thread. Thought i would just try it, took a few min's to log in , timed out back to login page,guess what timed out again going to char screen - back to login page.After repeating this several times i gave up. Cant say it inspires me with confidence on this…
  • got to agree with a lot of the feelings and opinions on this thread. Personally i enjoyed the time getting my first character to max level, even thou i found the world very linear with not much to do apart from follow the quests in the order that the game has set out, it was missing side quests , things to explore all the…
  • Well i understand what the OP is getting at. I had this exact same arguement with my guild leader the other day, in that they call it a open beta but i felt it is more of a soft launch. I felt it was more of a soft launch due to there is no more wipes and they a have moved on to a Monetization stage of the product. Since…
  • Personally I find it one of the least interesting crafting systems i have ever used in a MMO over the years. There is no sense of interaction really with it , especially leadership as i don't find hitting a button and waiting 6-18hrs for something at all thrilling. Also the crafting seems very very simple as if was tacked…
  • Cant say i like the look of the game but the comparison of the cash shop prices is pretty dramatic. Bit of a surprise to me considering that Runewalker is involved with it since one of there other MMO's called Runes of Magic is pretty much in my experience about the most expensive ftp mmo i have ever played by a long way…
  • not seen it with other items myself but yeh its a known bug with the cleric T1 boots being BoP , its why there is none on AH ever.
  • Sadly its a standard response to bugs of this nature , as when the exploit goes public the exploited good get traded around /muled off/used in "legit" trades and it branches out till it affects to many people /trades etc that it is virtually impposible to deal with on a case by case basis . The only option really is what…
  • don't know if it is the cause but if you based in uk on virgin isp, there seems to be a major routing problem which is causing this . There is a thread in bug forumabout it atm.
  • Due to a a massive exploit on the AH, which caused billions of AD to be generated out of nothing the game was rolled back 7 hours. Basically anything you done in those 7 hours is permanently lost, there is no getting it back tbh. It was either do the rollback or have a completely screwed up game with a economy messed up…
  • erm not 100% sure on this but dont remember that you go down the stairs after that fight , thought you had a portal/other exit to get out .
  • Yeh checked the service status page for my area in Essex. says Est time for fix 10.50 am Tues:(. Oh well guess a excuse for a early night .
  • well i got back on 5 mins ago , but its has just gone down again and back to cant connect msg, and also cant connect to twitter again( and also some other sites in my bookmark lists , whilst some work fine ). really guessing its some sort of isp routing or something . Anybody else having this prob virgin/uk isp?
  • nm just started working again, might have been a isp problem i guess. Tbh dont care at least started again :P
  • Same thing just happened to me when i was at end of throne of idris. Dced and cant reconnect , cant access the twitter feed either which is odd. seems odd there is no general "is the servers down post " on forum aswell , maybe its a locational issue ?