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  • Thank you so much for your feedback i'm going to keep working on these ideas and hopefully who knows, one day the devs might put it in game.
  • How about a Spellcasting Emote
  • I just stumbled upon this post and i have to say i absolutely love it. With all of the heals and pets in the framework i could certainly see it as a support based powerset. We definitely need more variety and this layout is top notch.
  • I personally would love to see a Support Passive and more crowd control powers for Force that utilize crushing damage. I think it will help offer players more variety within its framework and help make more use of the force fields.
  • i would like to see more long hair styles also like what they did with the Retro Sapphire and Retro Witchcraft hairs. those are my favorite.
  • This sounds amazing and i love the thought of this.
  • Having a wand would be awesome i like this idea.
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  • I just wanna say i'm definitely here for anything that deals with a diversity of Support type builds. I am even more happy that this conversation is even happening and taking place and i think its been long overdue. I look forward to any positive feedback and ideas that can actively bring more creativity and fresh ideas to…
  • I just want to put my 2 cent in and say that as a dedicated support player i think all holds should be AoE in nature so that CC abilities can fit better in groups and also when soloing. Bindings of Aratron for example would definitely benefit from it. I would also like to see more dedicated support in various frameworks so…
  • I personally would love to see a "Spellcasting Emote". For example: The animation used when at the Mysticism Crafting table would be awesome to see and should be allowed for use outside of actual crafting. the command could be /me Spellcast1 etc and each one should differ based on mystic colors in the animations, ( Red,…
  • Actually thats a great idea, thanks for the feedback.
  • Omg i love your suggestion and i love the way you envisioned everything, this looks awesome in my head and i would love to see this be made in the game especially the chain lighting heal.
  • Omg I absolutely love that idea and totally agree. I really hope the Dev's can make this a real thing. I have so many ideas popping in my head now.
  • Why in the world would anyone want to make changes like this to this game. Summon Nightmare was one of my favorite moves cause it did let you have a small mini army which was great cause it allowed you to use them as a distraction especially as a Support type character. Then the changes to Compassion and the circles. These…
  • Wow i really didn't know that, i really appreciate your response and feedback, as well as your knowledge on the subject, with that being said since were on the topic, i miss when the Devs created polls for players so we all could vote on what content we wanted in the game. I hope they bring back something like that again.
  • I have to say you make a really good point and i love your idea. Being given the option to change your block stance sounds like it would be really cool, especially because i really hate blocking with telekinetic shield while using Arcane Flight cause it just looks awkward and out of place. I do however, love using the…
  • Actually i'm glad you mentioned that. While your statement is partially true you forget that Telekinesis also has powers such as Telekinetic Wave, Ego Choke, and Telekinetic Eruption which are all based on Raw energy rather than constructs. Plus, Telekinetic Shield also is the standard for the Telepathy Framework as well…
  • I appreciate your feedback and thank you so much for your comment. If you have any ideas you would like to add to better improve this list please let me know. I'm very interested in seeing force getting a revamp geared toward a support role.
  • I personally love this idea. plus i would love being able to fight my Nemesis at early levels like 10 and up to help with story progression.
  • Sounds cool i love the idea.
  • I would love the idea of music powers and abilities. Especially since even in the source material music and sound related powers were present and very interesting i would love to see if one day this could be expanded upon.
  • I would personally just like to see both dedicated Support and Ranged passives for this framework so that players can have more choices and be able to express their own unique play styles without having to go outside to other frameworks.
  • I wish for the same thing my friend. Also thank you for posting your comment i really appreciate it :+1:
  • I absolutely love this idea, the way you swapped out the healing factor for more energy was brilliant and makes total sense. I would love to see this passive in the way you envisioned it to appear in game.
  • I'm really loving that idea, i can definitely see it.
  • > @theravenforce said: > redobsidian wrote: » > > I just wanna take a moment to add to this wonderful conversation. I think that containment field would benefit from being able to damage a enemy like "Binding of Aratron" I think it's spelled. I also think that the entire set would would benefit from reskins from other…
  • > @flyingfinn said: > More emanation points would be nice, for all powers. > But since Cryptic Engine, that "would be simple to do and shouldn't take much time." doesn't work. > I mean, they can't just add different emantion points to Powers. It's more like making Powers with said emantion points, plus all Ranks and Advs.…
  • I just wanna take a moment to add to this wonderful conversation. I think that containment field would benefit from being able to damage a enemy like "Binding of Aratron" I think it's spelled. I also think that the entire set would would benefit from reskins from other powersets example. A Hybrid Passive similar to…
  • > @revanantmorituri said: > While we're creating a new flight power, tighten the tornado down to the size Air Elemental uses. I totally agree that tornado flight should have a animation such as Air Elemental cause it makes it more appealing for the character and their powers. I also believe that it would be awesome if they…
  • > @dianella said: > jonesing4 wrote: » > > I'd be happy if they would just allow us to use the female "static" stance from the tailor in game. That's the best stance, male or female, in the game. > > > > > Agreed, but I am also focusing on the movements of the characters as well. The vixen stance provides certain ones that…
  • I agree that having a plant based powerset would be a great addition to the game. I think it would be totally possible by using reskined powers from other powersets and using toxic as a damage type which could be mixed in with infernal. Also allow for it to have heals, pets like vegetable minions and vine like animations…
  • Recently i played on the PTS and tried out the new powers mentioned for electricity and i have to say i'm very excited with the direction that's being taken. :)