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Create Object powers

spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 15,650 Arc User
edited February 19 in Suggestions Box
So we have 2 powers that rely on Objects being nearby now, but so many situations where those powers wouldn't really be do much. So now what we need is powers that make objects.

For Telekenisis:
Telekenetic Construct
Tap power w/cooldown

This power creates a number of pick-uppable objects in a circle around the player - they are floating cubes that look like the cube enemies in Cybermind's alert, but given the shader that makes them translucent and TK-ish looking. The Mass of the objects increases with rank and is slightly randomized ( objects will vary by 1-2 mass units ).

After a certain amount of time has passed, the objects explode and cause damage to surrounding enemies. Using Telekenisis on them will generally produce more damage than just letting them explode, and gives the advantage of letting them damage things further away than the explosion would.

For Darkness:
Ebon Summoning
Charged power w/cooldown

This power creates a shadow portal underneath the player ( swirly darkness looking thing ) which lasts for a short while. Every second there is a % chance that the portal will produce 3 to 7 Ebon Crystals which are pick-uppable objects that look similar to the stuff produced when you use TK Maelstrom. The mass of the objects scales with the rank of the power and varies depending on how many objects are spawned - more objects means smaller objects.

While they exist these objects heal the player for a small amount each every second, disappearing a short while after they are spawned.​​


  • warcanchwarcanch Posts: 653 Arc User
    There are some other powers that do create objects that could be included in some way, also.

    Ones that come to mind: Mini Mines, Ice Barrier, and Particle Mine.

    So, Telekinesis could hurl 3 - 4 of the mini mines or 1 Ice Barrier or the Particle Mine at the target. Appropriate effects included.​​

    -=-=-=-=-=-(CO in-game handle: @WarCan )-=-=-=-=-=-
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  • redobsidianredobsidian Posts: 40 Arc User
    Sounds cool i love the idea.
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