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  • Is Behemoth 11th choice going to remain as in PTS currenty (thunderclap or Demolish) or going to change to what is listed. (Thunderclap or Roomsweeper.)
  • Bug Punitive Pummeling Adv on retaliation. There is no "cooldown" or delay on it. Stand in front of a breath attack and watch it trigger repeatedly, with 100% knock. Great for stacking enrage but probably not intended to be that fast.
  • Heck just make it a giant PVP zone for a bit. We can make our own party!
  • Yes, I meant outburst, not overpower. I had hoped that NEP was a little better then that. Why is it that all the fun sounding powers don't actually work well. So if I am running END PSS with the End of the line and outburst (and hardened), the goal is to keep end above 90% as much as possible. (dex/str secondaries) Playing…
  • You don't have end of the line on lume slash in that example. I feel like if I am going that route, I might as well go end PSS for overdrive and double up on the high end bonus. END/dex/con (dex mastery) And try to get NEP in there as well. Isn't both Resurgence and Conviction a bit of overkill? Maybe lose resurgence for…
  • While Vikorin is the most egregious case of healer aggro, I have run into other cases where I grab aggro of random mobs, particularly if no one is using high damage AoE's. So its rare, but there are cases where threat reduction on the healer could drop them below what tanks and DPS are putting out in incidental AoE damage.…
  • Aaaaannd with the new darkness changes its made less useful. Since the Shadow blast no longer stacks Devoid, you have no way to stack devoid on targets, severely reducing the DPS.
  • Are the powers on the Become Chaos Daemon ( and I guess the Become Ghost) going to be modified to better work with the darkness changes?
  • Thanks. I ended up buying one to see. Its actually not a bad set of powers. Some attack, some CC, some healing, decent DoT and pets.
  • Wasn't there an event where you could put the bound aura into a box, (for basically double the cost) and then you could trade it to another toon. Once you opened the box, it became bound again. Whatever happened to that?
  • You could have gotten one last anniversary for 750 coins.
  • Ended up buying the travel power. Already had the anniversary vehicle on the char, so I realized I was buying it more for looks/atmosphere, and having the option to use it indoors suited that purpose. Also don't have to remember to re-activate form every time I turn it off.
  • Building on my other comment, There is a tight loop around the psi building. 4 treaters, one on each "side" that generally times it such that by the time you finish the 4th, the 1st is just respawning. Updated for new placement 1: Facing the psi entrance. go right, turn the corner, should be one near the big psi agent and…
  • There is one on the far side of the magic lantern bookstore that I camped at yesterday. But there is nothing else around there at all, so its rather boring. There are a few in PSI area that are a little more active for random mobs to farm while waiting for respawn.
  • I would need further guidance from the Ministry of Silly Walks to do that.
  • When the first robot dies, Mechanon shows up, along with spiders that will eventually buff the remaining Megas and make them into "Liberated Mega Destroids" that are much harder to kill and gain buff stacks that make them even heartier. By knocking them all down to 1/3 before killing the first one, you will usually be able…
  • The DJ, Robot, Cheer, Shake Hips and Airguitar dance emotes are now rewarded in various Party Bomb related perks. Found these 3 so far, (each has a perk associated with it.) Party Bomb a giant destroid for robot party bomb Sapphire for shake hips party bomb madbot for dj Anyone know the other two (cheer and air guitar)
  • Yay to the shadow wings fix. Cant wait to see it tonight. How long is the "short term" crit buff on Surprise attack? 6 sec? 15?
  • Using my marksman AT, what would be the right sequence to best take advantage of this, I thinking tap Straight shot to get the debuff, tap explosive arrow (with kaboom adv) to get that set, then let storm of arrows rip for the rest. Does that sound right?
  • * I've never been subscribed so I can't get it as a bonus. So I am wondering if there is a "loophole" if I buy premium and then buy lifetime. Somehow I doubt it, but worth asking. More likely buying lifetime just gives you the free premium pack, and then a few benefits on top of it. Nice to see exactly what that is though.…
  • Can we get a comparison of what you get with premium vs what you get with lifetime? There is a lot of overlap. I want to know what more you get with lifetime over premium that makes it worth it. Also, I assume they do not stack. Meaning that if I buy premium first, and then buy lifetime, do I end up with 6 or 12 character…
  • For Last Stand, what about also increasing damage dealt for the same time period. So not only do you have 15 where you are nigh invulnerable, but you also can carve through enemies at a crazy rate. Would make this more likely to see use in non-cosmic play. If something took you down, you get back up and have a much better…
  • Funny, i was just asking about tanking with AT in another post. My original char was a Glacier AT. Still play it once it a while. Damage pretty slow until you get to avalanche. Then Energy becomes a bit of an issue as avalanche can drain your bar pretty quick. But has good specific mods for it. (kiga for damage, and…
  • Took a look at the guides. They have some good mechanic info, but missing some key info. (defiance vs invulnerability based builds, etc) So a little more detail on building a tank would be good. If I went AT I was thinking the Glacier both because* I have one leveled to 40 already (yes I am lazy) * Between the kiga mods…
  • To make it a little more clear. Pre-start: While waiting for the alert to begin.* Walk up to the space rock to the left of you to kick it. Get a perk * Blast the training dummy. * In the left back corner is a box that you can get a stabilization belt device. This device (when you are in 0 gravity) will do a self root on…
  • Maybe you should have led with that.
  • Would be nice if you could also run through the high end gear to list how many and what types of slots are in each. Some gear lists it, other just tells you in can be slotted but not how many. Some of us more rookie players could use the info.
  • ditto. Guess that means I'll actually go to sleep at a reasonable time tonight.
  • Agreed about the shadow wings. Have to pull the camera back a huge distance to be able to see anything past them while in use. Cut down the shadow trail significantly please.
  • 10G is 3 alerts. I can run 3 alerts faster then running around looking for nodes, and hoping that searching actually skills up by 1. (or gathering 5 matching to fuse, and again hoping for the skill up. ) Actually saw someone selling crafting up for 5G each. Bought 30 for 150G. Instant boom to 300+, no stress.
  • Buy crafting skill ups from the AH. Seem to run about 10G per (which is +10 crafting). Grinding 10g is a lot faster then grinding +10 crafting via searching mods and fusion.
  • Well that makes it simple then. I guess since healing is limited since there is no overheal, that it doesnt really overbalance much, All you are really doing is cutting down how fast you heal back up to full. Shaving off a few seconds. Or allowing you to keep up with higher DPS rates.
  • On of the best GM's ever. His worlds were epic. Will miss you Mike.