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  • For future reference, the Tailor in the Argent Hunting Lodge doesn't count towards to the Top Ten's Heighten Your Fashion.
  • Bug Neck Seam for the coyote upper body doesn't line up with the neck. Probably require you to get a coyote collar or neck costume part to cover it. Bug I did not seen any Smooth Coyote Tail, but I see Smooth Wolf tail. BBCode: Suggestion Please add female counterparts for the Sidekick!
  • I love the lodge. The fact that it has a Bank and an AH is a nice touch. Suggestion You could probably add in a paperback teleporting device that would lead a player to this location. An map Icon where the location of the lodge.
  • A comparison damage of all three adv on Force Cascade. It is important to note a few things, like Rank 3 and Inversion use the Avenger Spec while the Focus Point uses Guardian. Rank 3 is as basic you get with the DPS output. Energy output is on the high end and I had to balance FC and Geyser to maintain constant energy…
  • When I finally look over the Impulse AT, I need to ask, why was Inertial Dampening Field remove? That and as mention by Ravenforce, Force Snap being remove kind of made Impulse AT lose their offtanking status. Bug The Tiger Form from the Night Warrior AT isn't working.
  • Bug I can confirm with the others saying that toggles aren't working. The tiger toggle isn't working in this end. This has already been mention but I think an image is needed. Force Control has the wrong text .
  • Both of the adv for Concussion Grenade seem to work just fine. Wall of Ice with that other walking adv works together. Call to Battle fast CD adv works with all the Brick powertree. The FX adjustment was needed on the shadow ultimate. Here is the image base on rank. I do not know if you work on Ice Cage (the effect, not…
  • The Squall setup seem to work out fine so far. You're more or less going to just stack End (rank 5 bare minimum with purple tier secondary and blue gears) just so you can use up the toggle and EU effectively. Under this condition, Hurricane should last forever, and all the power is sustainable. BBCode: Suggestion The…
  • That set was remove from the Drifter as part of Kaiserin's costume piece rearrangement plan. However, it never appear in the nighthawk event. At the moment, there no way of obtaining steel commando parts unless you're lucky enough to come across a player that has one in their inventory and willing to sell it for tons of…
  • Ambience in FM removes Toggle, Active Defense, Active Offense, many addition buffs from healing patch-like devices, Sneak, and Party Cannon buff. Need to test out more stuff to see if they're effected.
  • Bug: Spooky Bracer use Spooky Collar as its preview.
  • For general alert game play or mobbing, Shadow Embrace with the adv should be able to keep up indefinitely since that power spam fear and that proc with the EU. For cosmic or general , you're more or less regulated to party healer and keeping the raid alive. Its possible to main heal a tank in a cosmic fight, but I…
  • If you're going to main Skewer, at least take either Follow Through or Initiative to maximize its damage if you're going the DPS route.
  • I made a little reference here and there. Basic primary path is going Blue gear (Merc/Fort/Blue junk you get from equipment box) > GCR Gear. As basic as it gets for GCR Gear, Justice for DPS, Distinguished for Tanks or DPS if they DON'T want to do rampage, and Virtuous for the healers. As for secondary gear, purple one…
  • I am quite happy with this gift. Thanks. If you're curious about what quicksand aura does, here is a link https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/393186310673924101/883207132416192542/quick.webm
  • Just rezing this one more time
  • No amount of Strength or Knock Res would save you. Especially in Harmon's Lab.
  • Swimsuit female variant. Pricing
  • Bug: Using Flash Fire will cause the Pyre Patch to spawn on the user's location rather than the enemy target.
  • Emote does not unlock Tea Drinking. Also, what is a cuccoon in the sidekick's bio? Do you mean cocoon?
  • Colored title call "Altitis" for a player that has the max amount of character slots used or more (currently 125 is the cap), and they all have to be level 40. It shows the time/money spent having and leveling all those characters.
  • Its nice that they done this, but they should really announce these kind of changes, even just for record sake.
  • Having a range tank, or a high dps that won't die for a few second and grab aggro, could offset the boss' rune so it won't heal him. Be at a good distance, range attack when he spawn, and hold you have the aggro long enough so he spawn the rune at your location. The rune should be far enough so it won't reach the boss and…
  • Its a one week event that is inline with the lunar new year, which is this friday.
  • Using either or both temporary sidekick and then limited summoning device from the UNTIL vendor from the Recognition Shopping area can help give you some distraction against some of the trash mob. A perma sidekick is nice to have as well.
  • Rank 3 Meteor Blaze's aoe radius. The debuff seem to be working on all rank. Bug: Rank size of 3 might not be as big, if not smaller, than rank 2.
  • Although it would have been nice if the credit bug is catch early on, but an addition week and 400 tokens is a good compensation for those that was effected by this bug.
  • I'll repeat some idea again so here we go. Melee Weapon wise, I would suggest these Shovel/Spade Cleaver Screwdriver Normal Hammer, which we have one ingame Small Mallet Police Baton/Tonfa Claymore Sword Polearms in general. They are Heavy Weapon materials Range Weapon wise, here are some suggestion Pancor Jackhammer P90…
  • Bugs Team Up at Eido doesn't seem to work half the time. You press the button and it doesn't put you in a team. Suggestion: increase the zone cap to 30 or 35 in the QWZ.
  • According to kai, you can slot up to rank 9 with these gears.
  • RIP Dog Pound farming. Also, Black Fang is not in the RP version of the Dog Pound if you're hoping for that. Bug I cannot exit or socrate'd out of the RP version of the Dog Pound.
  • Its nice that we can get the perk without going full dread, just like that monster cat perk. Cant wait to test out the device. Bug? Vibora Bay's pumpkin seem to lag a bit before it count towards the perk.
  • Yes Also, I agree that the cane should also be an MA weapon. Suggestion: Add Baron Cimetiere Cane as MA weapon as well
  • Broom TP Video Keep in mind the Broom TP follow the same rule as Burrow and TP. You cannot use your power or interact while using the TP. BUG?: You can block while on a broom.
  • It was pretty passable in the first couple weeks of release. However, the dev decided to keep buffing the Lair and "bug fix" some powers and devices to make it hard for the 3 groups that kept running it everyday. A combination of burn out (its uncommon that the players that were running the lair at the start of the release…
  • I can confirm the Waterspout Transformation doesn't unlock. I got this instead. Also Expectation Reality The Alert can be finish from start to finish. Here is the starting objective at the start of the alert As for the Talon fight, Defender is useless as hell, as always And Talon love to summon tons of mobs and may or may…
  • Halloween event should get the following Chainsaw hand Crossbow Meat Cleaver/Butcher knife Spider Abdomen as a tail slot and maybe legs on the side of the body Stake as a ma weapon A literal witch broom TP Shovel Coffin as a black piece For Christmas event. A proper yule hat Icicle shards as ma sword or ma claws Snow…
  • The alert is on the alert bar, now. When I brought the Slitted Visor, it mark Plated Guard as unlock, but I couldn't find it in the costume selection. For anyone that still cares about the vehicle.
  • I thought I would never see that image again.
  • Despite the fancy name, I'll still call it Detroit since it still a hellhole. Having your city constantly get wreak by Destroyer's robot, DEMONS, lemuricans, a french stripper, a dysfunctional couple, a literal zombie apocalypse, and a bunch of militia doesn't really shout City of the Future.
    in Politicians Comment by qawsada July 2020
  • The Decoy Drone act like that before the update, which isn't surprising. The CD for many of the big hitters made them so worthless. I would like to take 5 second out of gravity pulse but that wouldn't happen. Micromunition got a much deserve buff, but this isn't saying much.
  • Given that Detroit is a literal hell hole with all the craziness going on, it seem like Calvin Biselle is the only one willing to run for mayor every year.
    in Politicians Comment by qawsada July 2020
  • There is some other stuff worth mentioning about this lair. Mobs in general are dangerous. Its not a good idea to underestimate them or they can gang up and kill you. Do not run ahead. Run or fight together as one. Having Voice Chat can help tremendously with the run, but its not vital to have. At Valerian, when she summon…
  • Many revamps and update has things to balance the bad or compensate the change. This does not.
  • At Baron, you can use the NPC chat or turn that chat on in a custom chat to see Baron's simon say tell.