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Strength based ego blades possible?

kelbornekelborne Posts: 61 Arc User
So I've just got back into the game after a long break. Decided to pick back up my old main, a TK blade dps. Came up with a good dex/rec/con build for him. It was putting out good numbers and everything was going great. That is until I start getting into some real content and discovered the games absolute love for knocks. After spending a good portion of the fights constantly getting knocked on my butt, I decided that maybe strength is the way to go. Problem is I've no idea what a strength based set up would look like for tk blades. I know they don't get the bonus from it like other melee, but can it still be made to work and put out good numbers? Also, which SS should I drop for it.


  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 727 Arc User
    No amount of Strength or Knock Res would save you. Especially in Harmon's Lab.
  • kelbornekelborne Posts: 61 Arc User
    qawsada wrote: »
    No amount of Strength or Knock Res would save you. Especially in Harmon's Lab.

    That place is just downright annoying with the knocks.
  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 12,397 Arc User
    Well, you could go w/ Str PSS, while still having Dex SS'd and still using Dex as your main stat (ie. STR/Dex/Con, or STR/Dex/Rec- assuming you are still using Mental Discipline as the toggle/form). Another general option is to use Unstoppable as the slotted passive, since it boosts knock resist a bit, and still boosts melee dmg primarily (which TK blades count as). There are other things you could do, like making it an Enrage + Str-based build and weaving in knocks for Enrage, but that's a lot more drastic of a change to deal with and that may not be necessary.
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  • starflairexstarflairex Posts: 50 Arc User
    Look into defense mods such as durable or parkour. They give a little boost to knock resistance. Distinguished gear will help a lot as well once you get down to grinding. I use Unstoppable passive on most of my melee dps for this very reason. It helps quite a bit and you can keep the rest of your build as is.
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