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  • Your 1000% right, but its a sad development, The Vocal Minority gets the upper hand, you see it every time on lots of different occasions, sad but true.
  • I would be so embarrased, every time and time again its wrong.
  • This would be a nice bundle! I bought some free ZEN ship tokens a while back and since then nothing new comes to the ZEN store, would be nice if we could use them on those bundles aswell.
  • Same here, i was and am happy with it, would i buy it today? Answer =no, everything in it is outdated, money is better spend on a ship pack for example. I still like the game but the Life-Time sub is just not worth it anymore.
  • Ill stock up on chips and beer and take some leave, this normaly ends in drama, servers offline much longer then expected, people raging on the forums, strange new bugs and glitches the first days....... Fun times are coming ;-)
  • You are so wrong and selfcentered on this point.....
  • we are all rolbacked to 2010 with no refund !
  • (flame/troll post removed) - darkbladejk
  • So sad that the first line of the post says: eetings Captains! We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 4/28 at 7AM Pacific for 2.5 hours. (What time is this for me?) You can find our patch notes here. Is it that hard to make this right?
  • Well sure they say that, to rack up the sales, you would be a bad ferengi if you did not do that! But it will be on sale as long as they dont reach their profit goal, and if they still dont reach it they throw in a discount sale a few weeks later. It happend before and sure will happen if the future. But i must agree the…
  • What bothers me and keeps me from buying lately is that it seems always when i just buy something, BOEM, another discount comes along, there are so many discounts after eachother that it seems that i always pay to much.
  • 28-01-20:45 till 21:15 , rubberbanding like crazy. Login took very , very long. Problem was on all characters, all kind Earth space dock and DS9 locations C:\Users\Herman>tracert patchserver.crypticstudios.com Tracing route to patchserver.crypticstudios.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms…
  • thx again!
  • ok thx for the help , ill go and try it out. The option Toggle non combat cancels, i thought for mines its a bad one because mines need to keep dropping? Most reliable seems to be the tray option i think. Cya out there!
  • Hi miners, i have a question, when i set the mines in the aft on autofire they start nicely to drop, but then sometimes they stop droping until i start autofire again, does anybody knows why that happens? I have auto attack on and on maintain auto atack grtz.
  • So don't get me wrong , its sad enough but why is this Robert Walker J.R so special to get on the memorial ? I only find 1 reference to a star trek episode? So again not troling but interested.
  • > @"foppotee#4552" said: > (Quote) > > The new DS9 map is definitely a more accurate depiction of the series DS9 & I like it a lot, but I always have & still feel it is more cramp & should've been widened a bit. Agree 100%, park your ship outside the inner ring, then look up how big you shipsize is, and the measure the…
  • I don't get it , if the price to trade free easy to get dillitium for Zen is high, that's good for cryptic I would think because people would buy the zen rather than spent time to get dilli, the higher the ratio the better for cryptic . Only if so many people buy Zen and with that buy dillitium it would make sense, but who…
  • [quote I think there are several factors deeply affecting the in-game STO economy(ies). I usually just stop spending from ECs to Zen during the hyper-inflated times, but in the end it is Cryptic that controls a lot of the STO economy(ies) with supply. Good luck to us all at these prices lol. [/quote] I dont think Cryptic…
  • CC is already dumbed down a long time ago, because people could not understand how it works, im sure a lot of players can remember the health going down to 10% and then somebody would launch a torpedo spread at the fragments and you could start over again.... Same with the old BORG TFO's , if it gets to difficult and…
  • ok thx for explaining!
  • Always ready to learn , but it seems like some odd choices here?, why beams instead of turrets in the back? Those conn officers cost about 10 M on the exhange (cheapest), think going aux to bat would be more cooldown efficient, and you can get them for free doing B'tran cluster doff missions.
  • Will there ever be new updated content in the Life Time Subscription? I am happy i bought it yeaaaars ago, but for new players there isnt much in it , ships are old and not special anymore. Im thinking about some ultimate upgrades, phoenix boxes, keys , account shared storage, maybe even acces to a delta or other recruit?…
  • it should have been C-store ships peroid!
  • To much sales!!, people could be geting affraid to buy something because there might be a sale coming, think this will back-fire on you guys. And it hurts, i bought some bankslots and in a few days a discount pops up, dammit!, it was not so much ZEN, but think of all who bought a ship, or a bundle how would they feel?…
  • I got this a few years back and i don't regret it, but i would not buy it now, the stuff you get is outdated, i never fly those ships you get, the ZEN is nice and helped me in the past years but at the moment it would be better to get ZEN from that money the lifetime sub cost and get some fancy ships. It need some new…
  • My guess is they were to hard for the casual random TFO player, ive seen a lot of runs fail because people just dont know what to do! The Borg ground TFO's are a bit harder and require more thinking ;) and actually team work! then usual so they fail, not talking or replying in chat doesnt help either. :(
  • Are you sure you love the game? ;-) You can still change Marks for dillitium , they even made it easier you know?
  • Well the last few days i have been standing in q for ground elites for more then 40 min before one pops (On PC that is), is it because of the random task force, is it broken i dont know but it sucks! I dont want to do random on advanced, its just to easy but i cannot be the only one right? So whats going on?!