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  • Mm, actually got one this time. It's an interesting ship but I'm not sure it will get me out of my Vengeance. I'm not sure anything will get me out of that monster though lol. But I won't say no to the free adm card, trait, and wide angle torp. Thanks Cryptic!
  • Yeah I had this problem too. Spawned in under the KDF fleet and then got smashed. Respawned and then hit evasive to get back to the Fed fleet. The rest of the mission went fine though.
  • Finally, after many years, the time has come for us to once again get our Star Trek fix in the form of TRIBBLE. I mean Star Trek Discovery, duh.
  • Not only is it fun, it finally gives out a good amount of marks. Got 128 (which includes the daily bonus) on normal. I'm good with that. Will play it more.
  • Being one of those weird people who like ground combat in this game, I'm looking forward to this. My new Boolean Cannon and Temporal kit modules are ready to go. Time to shoot some knife ears. :p
  • Oh god yes. My lens flare Kelvin collection is slowly growing. Need more of it!
  • I typically avoid the skills that decrease cooldowns on the bottom row. Between doffs and doubling up on powers you can get most of your powers on low enough cooldowns or possibly on global cooldown that those skills don't make a difference IMO. I felt like those were traps and that my points where best spent elsewhere.
  • I'm the same in that I play a variety of ships on a single character. The best approach I found was to only put 2 points into a tree instead of the full 3 with a few exceptions. It let me go for a "good enough" generalized build rather than specializing in one area. The only ones I maxed out were control, exotic particle…
  • Fair enough. Fortunately this is a case where the power increase/creep will benefit you. Other players on the red alerts map are often stupidly powerful. To the point where I've warped in and got to shoot maybe 2-3 enemies before the other players smoked the entire map. Even though that happened, I still got my daily mark…
  • You can do Borg Red Alerts for Omega marks if you don't like the queues. I think Defera ground also gives out the daily mark box too. One easy surface mission for the daily bonus should do it. That's how one of my buddies who dislikes the queues finished his Omega rep if I remember correctly. The red alerts for both Borg…
  • I changed at first but switched back to a TOS uniform after the first mission. I felt like I lost the TOS flavor and that my new guy had just become another standard Fed alt. Went back, put him and the crew back in TOS uniforms and got that flavor back. Will probably keep him in some variation of TOS stuff from now on.
  • I expected the cloak to go away since the same thing happened on the Monbosh way back when. Enjoyed it while I had it but not mad to lose it. I also didn't know that the Vengeance had incorrect turn and speed values. I'll take more speed and turn on that thing any day haha.
  • I remember something like this happening before. It was on the...Monbosh I think? They had copy/pasted the general template from the KDF battlecruisers and then made tweaks to it but forgot to remove the cloak. They did remove the cloak later, much to the anger of people who bought the ship because it had a cloak. So while…
  • I doubt it will be cross platform. There wouldn't have been any need to create separate tabs up top for the Xbox and PS4 otherwise. If everyone played on the same servers on the same game version then only one forum would be necessary like FFXIV does. Since they saw fit to make separate tabs just as they did over on the NW…
  • I don't even own a console and I'm excited for this. Hopefully this brings in all kinds of new players. You guys did good with this. Seriously.
  • If they do it like Neverwinter, then no. They have two separate servers there that run on different versions of the game. Xbox is usually behind PC in patches. They could run STO differently though. We'll have to see.
  • arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9956413-star-trek-online-coming-to-xbox-one-and-ps4 OP was right lol.
  • Yeah I noticed that too when I ran it yesterday. They stood around at their spawns and never came after me. I had to go hunt them down after several minutes since the mission wouldn't progress on its own.
  • Picked up the T6 Battlecruiser pack this weekend on sale myself. Good grief I've been missing out. The Kurak is a monster. Running pilot spec primary with a Conductive RCS and it has more than enough turn rate to play as a cannon based ship rather than a beam boat which pleases me greatly. The trait fantastic as well. I…
  • The only way to tell is if you claim a finished mission and don't get admiralty exp for it. Adding in a UI element for it would be great, but until they do that there's no other way to tell sadly.
  • There's a 10k daily Admiralty exp cap on Admiralty missions per branch. Once you reach that it will give you all the other rewards except for the Admiralty exp. This change happened after the first 2 branches were released, so you most likely never experienced this while leveling them back when they released. It's working…
  • Tried mine earlier and it's working fine. Not sure what's going on with yours.
  • [Flow] Doesn't exist anymore. It's been rolled into [DrainX] under the new skill system. You won't find [Flow] anywhere anymore.
  • Just got dupes of all the Nanopulse weaponry from the Winter Wonderland lol. Time to load up my boff team and pretend we're a bunch of confused Jedi lost in the wrong universe.
  • Free doff you say? Well, if you insist. ;)
  • I definitely will. Dyson visuals on everything for me lol.
  • OMG FINALLY! This is even the exact method that several of us (myself included) have suggested ever since CO did this with their Aura Slots. That was one piece of tech that I badly wanted brought over here and now it's happening. Forget the skill revamp, THIS is the feature I'm loving the most. Season 11.5: Space Barbie…
  • Interesting. I've always used Pilot as my space secondary since its release, but depending on how this one turns out I might have something new to play with. Looking forward to more details.
  • Well I finally got around to giving it a shot. I don't think it's horrible, but I can't say I really enjoy it either. Feeling more neutral on it TBH. I still feel it should be two separate queues. One for the exterior assault and one for the interior infiltration. Exterior is beams or GTFO. Interior still has people…
  • So you guys are going to make all my STO and CO play time retroactive for these quests right? Right??