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  • Since it's a mid-season release, the skill system is most likely the only major thing we'll get. Maybe a new episode and some new ships. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we get more than that.
  • If the forums had an upvote function, I would give all of mine to you. So have a +1 instead. Paid respecs really have to go.
  • As a side note, I find it hilarious that they're going to hold a sale on launch day. They basically expect that people are going to mess up their skills and are looking to profit off it. It's so scummy I can only laugh at it. That's some EA level stuff. The forums are going to be a BLAST when people realize they have to…
  • Looks like they're going to keep paid respecs. From the newly posted FAQ on the news page: Extremely disappointing. No stepping outside of comfort zones for me. Time to figure out the best generalized build and then never look at the skill system again.
  • There is indeed an option in the settings menu to turn it back into a toggle. It should be on the same page as the shield FX option down near the bottom.
  • And here I was getting ready to log in and take care of my Admiralty business. Looks like it will have to wait.
  • Last I remember, the only way they would change it is if your @ handle was the same as your account name as it was a security risk. I don't know if that's changed but you'll have to send in a support ticket about it. We can't change it on our own.
  • I don't like seeing one career dominate either. I still don't feel that trying to fix that with the skill system is the way to do it. That feels more like a band-aid rather than re-examining captain powers which is the main cause of tac dominance. I do respect your preference, but I'm afraid I can't agree with it.
  • Yeah I have a sci main in a sci ship so it definitely isn't just you. I do love my space magic. The question I have is, why do you need an incentive to make another alt? Why not just make one because you feel like? Why make a system that forces people into another character that they may not want? Not everyone out there…
  • The reason that tacs are better at science than sci is because of their captain powers and not because of the skill system. You won't see people rolling sci alts for a sci build, they will just roll another tac alt. Tacs will just become more prevalent than they already are. If you want to address the differences in the…
  • I don't see how it would make alting more valuable. Tacs (and sci and eng for that matter) can just find a generalized build that supports all ship types just as they can do right now. They don't have to worry about alts or respecs at all. This is how I've operated on the live server for many years now. I haven't touched…
  • I'm afraid I don't follow you here. What do the spec trees have to do with skill revamp? Is the system you propose for the specs or for skills?
  • Sure. I'm totally fine with dil respecs. If/when they come out with a loadout system then they can charge for those slots in the C-store just as they do with equipment loadouts. I'm all for that if completely free can't work.
  • No, you're the one missing one of the major reasons for the revamp. Yes, clarifying skills was one of the objectives but they also want to offer us compelling reasons to step outside of our comfort zones and not just picking the same old general builds like you suggest. They've said this themselves. Bort has said that the…
  • I often do the same. The one I find myself running into more is when a new ship releases and it supports the current build I have, I pass on it because all I'm doing then is just transplanting the same build from ship to ship. The end result is that ships become just cosmetic options rather than a chance to explore a new…
  • You have to enable it as a toggle in your options menu. It should be on the first tab near the bottom.
  • It's not about understanding what the skills do. That will only be a small issue that will work itself out when the system first goes live and the playerbase at large gets their hands on it. What we're talking about here is build diversity and giving player the ability to "step outside of their usual comfort zone and…
  • Dil cost would be acceptable IMO. There's been talk of adding more dil sinks to combat the dil exchange inflation and this could be one of them. I'd make it like this: -8k dil per respec -No limit on how many respecs one can do per day -1 or 2 free loadout slots for F2P, 3-4 for subs -More loadout slots for sale in C-store…
  • Lifer here as well and I would gladly give up that benefit. If they really, truly want us to start experimenting with new skill builds outside our normal comfort zones, then they need to give us the ability to respec without a real money cost. As it is, I'll just figure out how to get as close to my skill builds as they…
  • Aww yeah. Patching that now. Looking forward to giving this a test run.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh man. As a fan of cannons and sci space magic, I'm just sitting here smiling at these changes.
  • Collector's Edition, one of the online Deluxe Editions, LTS, and maybe $50 for ships I think. Also grabbed one of the early ship skins they tried selling but I forget how much those went for. That would be uh...around $520 or so over 6 years. I forget exactly how much I paid for the CE and Deluxe, but I think it's…
  • Hmm possibly. Looks like I'm going to have to test a whole bunch of torps now. It's going to take some time though since I collect them. :p
  • Thanks. Well that's a bummer since I was a heavy torp user. Looks like I might need to re-examine some of my builds.
  • Oh, well this explains why my grav torp was doing badly. I must have missed the changes to torp spreads, what did they do?
  • If you're trying to use the Callisto pets on the Jupiter, then those are currently not working properly. The devs know about and have a fix for it but it hasn't made it to the live server yet. I suggest using other pets in the meantime.
  • Hopefully something different than just more episodes, reps, specs, and ships. As much as I like that stuff (except for reps) I'm ready for some sort of larger scale dynamic, repeatable content. Episodes are lovely, but after 2-3 playthroughs I'm largely done with them. I guess I just feel like the game has gotten stuck in…
  • I've seen them everywhere. I haven't been able to go anywhere since they released without bumping into one. What surprised me was that the tac model seems to be the most popular. I thought people would pick up the pack and then stick other visuals on it, but maybe they're just buying the tac version on it's own instead.…