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  • Say "BUH BYE!" to your Qmendations, Multidimensional Transporter Devices, Signed Photos, and Shards too, Metric Monkeys! NOW GET BACK TO GRINDING! RICH PWE BOSSES IN CHINA ARE DEPENDING ON YOU!
  • NOTE: POST NUMBAH ONE THOUSAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNND!!!!! I'll be honest. IMO, there really isn't anything worth getting from the Summer Event. Squawking Parrots and Masked Monkeys. Big whoop. The Winter Wonderland is far more fun & rewarding (even if you skip the races that make you want to rip your hair out). So I'm pretty much…
  • Well, my alt had 1000 Pearls stocked up (just in case the 2015 Risan ship DIDN'T suck) so he bought loads of R&D boxes and is making mad bank selling the Salvaged Tech, so I'm crying all the way to the bank. :cool: (It's still a bonehead move on Cryptic's part though)
  • And his Troll-Fu is pretty weak at that. He could have been a bit more subtle and tried to point out the merits of this decision (even though there are none), but he went for the low-hanging fruit and tipped his hand.
  • If comments could be rated, you'd have my UP vote.
  • Just logged in with my alt who had 1000 Pearls saved. Browsed the store. Seems that you have to be at least max level 60 to buy the Spec Points. Rage Face ensues.
  • This whole idea of getting rid of hoarded Pearls reminded me of this: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11121/111213005/4332708-0181476893-fc,55.jpg
  • And we have the first White Knight on his mighty steed coming into the thread. CLOPPITY-CLOPPITY-CLOPPITY!
  • :eek: Holy TRIBBLE! I know it was a bonehead move on Cryptic's part, but there's no need to get drastic! There are pandas in WoW you know. PANDAS!
  • Based on past history of cluster-fuggs that Cryptic has inflicted on us players, I'm dreading this revamp more than anticipating it.
  • Cryptic doesn't want people to find out on Day One that the new ship sucks. They'd rather have players find out the hard way a couple weeks later after a bunch of grinding but TOO LATE HA HA THANKS FOR THE METRICS, CHUMPS! Signed, Cryptic.
  • People tended to stockpile their excess Pearls/Qmendations/Photos/Shards in anticipation for the next year's event. You'd think Cryptic would actually encourage such behavior because it shows a sign of player commitment to the long-term patronage of this game. Instead, they have crushed the one motivation for doing this…
  • Thanks for the tip-off. Looks like Cryptic was trying to pull a double-TRIBBLE on us. I wonder how long it will be before the STO White Knights come galloping in to defend this dreadful idea (one certain person who's the Whitey-Knightiest of them all comes to mind who won't be mentioned by name, but by his "Megamind" icon…
  • Okay now. This whole affair is bad enough, but let's not inject politics into it.
  • What the Brainiacs at Cryptic fail to recognize is that not everyone has the time to play the daily event every single day. Some times, a greater MMO called "Real Life" takes priority. So, people will try to log on when they can get their pearls/Qmendations/Shards (oh, you just KNOW they're coming after our Qmendations and…
  • To be perfectly & brutally honest, does anyone actually KEEP using their Risan ships six months later? Yeah, it's cute to wear a holiday item like a Mardi Gras mask during Marti Gras, but to still be wearing it in August? I haven't seen a Risan Cruiser in several months now, and the Corvette even less. It's just a cheesy…
  • Yep. Trendy is gonna soil herself when she comes to work this morning and logs in, then immediately SHUT! DOWN! EVERYTHING!
  • Cryptic: GRIND, MONKEYS! GRIND! WHH-TSHHHHH! MWA HAHAHAHAHA!! I hope these packs are at least ACCOUNT bound. IMO, I just respect Taco. My experiences with him have at least been positive & informative. Trendy , on the other hand...... A FINAL solution?
  • whar Captain Proton Game Content? Whar?
  • Nope. Just checked with a Security Officer to look at the classic "Turn In Contraband" moneymaker, and it's just the default 2000D.
  • You got a little bit of brown on your nose there. ;) And I wouldn't touch an SJW-infested cesspool like Reddit with a ten foot pole.
  • Sounds like another one of those "one weird trick"s you have to do in the game, like putting search settings on Lieutenant in Exchange in order to get the ACTUAL low prices to display. I'll avoid doing any more hourlys for a day to allow cooldown and then give that method a try. Thanks. UPDATE: Gave it a try and IT WORKS!…
  • Well as I mentioned, I've been able to do 3 of them per 20 hour period on other factions. I really hope Sela unlocks a special mission at Tier V rep after all this effort. Otherwise, I might just stop grinding it after I hit IV and can craft the rep beams.
  • Over twelve hours later, and the Progress Bar is still very very low. I think the Devs better come up with something quick. Edit: Changed it a little because it crept up to 1% now. WOOOOO!
  • Since PWE is rumored to being sold off, the answer is obvious. I think the secret strategy is obvious that Cryptic wants Dil to rain down on us for in-game projects like upgrades, but be near-worthless for converting into Zen for buying from the store.
  • Something I just noticed. The Dil Weekend starts at 11AM (my local time in Central), but due to the maintenance, the servers won't be back online until at least 11:30 (believe me, when you're running a Contra turn-in marathon, every minute counts). Nice one thar, Cryptic.
  • I'm just hoping I can manage to score enough Dil to generate 6K Zen to buy the Command Cruiser 3-pack, and maybe some extra left over to help afford the upgrades to the Iconian console/beam/torpedo set (I'm planning ahead to see exchange rates reach 250 D per Z around this time next week). I hope turning in Contraband will…
  • I didn't see any mention of Dil rewards for turning in reputation marks being exempt (like it was last time, which made such a big stink that the Devs decided to extend the period of the event to make up for it). Did they re-implement bonuses for marks back in?
  • I still don't want my character to wear these Tronny-Roller Disco suits. They not only look embarrassing, but not very canon at all, nor even logical (how many garish suits with pulsing lights do you ever see in actual ground combat in the real world? Butt-ugly and drab wins no fashion shows, but it helps keep you alive).
  • For me, that window would vanish in a nanosecond and I have no chance to move it before it's gone. When another lump of vendor trash drops, there's that window again in my face, blocking my view and demanding attention as I'm trying to get things done.