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  • First, much appreciate the data to look at. Second, got a couple of real-life things to do so sorry if it takes me a few days to respond in agreement or disagreement lol but again thanks, somtaakhar.
  • I'd recommend launching through Arc at least once if you enjoy costumes. I think that's still the only way to acquire that costume Khan's Outfit. Not sure if there's any thing unique for the Steam path besides the $5 Zen option that SEAOFSORROWS mentioned. I didn't think any of them had sales tax, but interesting.
  • You stated "please stop bolding all your posts," so I didn't BOLD all of my response post & I mentioned I was on a tablet at that time & you still keep flaming/trolling lol why don't you go-over the majority of my posts & you'll see I don't but you won't because you seemingly crave attention, sorry if my BOLDING took a…
  • I'm pretty sure you can, you can remap most keys if not all. A few years ago I was staying at a hotel for a week & was using my laptop to play & I was able to play just using the laptop keyboard & keypad. I wasn't very efficient so I only played the minimum though.
  • It would be nice to have even more assortment of bridges, but Cryptic's decided that in almost all cases it's just too much effort for too little payoff in creating bridges. At this point I'd just like for better utilization of even the current bridges across an account for starships to be able to use. I do sort of see…
  • Please cite your numbers & resources, somtaawkhar. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but it doesn't feel like as many storyline episodes are being released as it used to be. Then again that should be quantified within a stated context. Also, is that a new cool icon pic?
  • I bolded it to differentiate it from your text, & to make it easier to view while I was on my tablet. You were the one that were using capitalization "NO" as a tool emphasizing your perspective just like your "nafarious" & I didn't miss your "may change" which is why I pointed out an example of how things had transitioned…
  • While I agree about the accurate information you should really concern yourself with just yourself & when I'm on my tablet I'll keep "bolding" my posts when & where I choose. One could say the same about your high-pedestal pretentiousness classlessness in trying to place an unsubstantiated narrative upon another's intent.
  • The same or similar touting of the company-line used to be for those old rewards (Breen & Reman BOFFs, Shard of Possibilities, & Ophidian Cane) from the off & on again Featured Episode rewards too. Then they were taken away, given no "indication" of monetizing them till they were monetized. That's how it works sometimes.…
  • Well if something an be monetized Cryptic will more than likely gravitate towards that & Cryptic doesn't released as many storyline episodes as they used to so there's that too. There's a couple of people at Cryptic that have a near fetish with the fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) tactic & having "Featured Episodes" offering…
  • Whether it begins the 20th (Tues) or the 22nd (Thurs) it ends on May 4th supposedly so am thankful for the lengthier dilithium bonus days even though I don't have many VIP Mining tokens left, thanks Cryptic.
  • You're correct, it happened to me a couple of times during the couple of weeks & was pleasantly surprised by it.
  • Cryptic used to do some down-times on Tuesdays if I remember correctly so the 20th would be valid but if it's the 22nd (Thurs) that's still good too since the dilithium bonus doesn't expire till May 4th. Nice going, Cryptic, & thanks for the lengthy dilithium bonus.
  • I had been wondering if/when Cryptic would begin monetizing recruitment events & I wonder if this is the beginning of it now if they do so with this Voyager admiralty. The Voyager Admiralty Card probably should've been made to be account-unlock achievable.
  • From that visual I think it should be dubbed the "Malon Cough".
  • I would think if Cryptic did such an appearingly, I don't actually know since I'm not gambling for it, good job flushing-out that Jovian Intel Heavy Raider which had minimal screen time in (S3 E3) then Cryptic could likewise give another good job or better with, I'd think, a more thought of ST ship as the Fenris Ranger…
  • That probably means Cryptic already had a plan to somehow monetize the Voyager Admiralty Card using some currency for all our other toons. At least now we know. Thanks, rattler2, for enduring the tinfoil helmet.
  • This is/was one of those occasions where the new Inventory Filter Cryptic installed would easily accomplish.
  • I might be too naïve on such things but don't these type of things go to that test server Tribble first before landing on the main server Holodeck? Bummer, 1 of my favorite Cryptic characters, imo too underused, is that Obisek. I think he has a compelling storyline.
  • I would've thought it would've been another account-wide unlock, but perhaps it is only meant for Delta recruits. Hopefully indyshark is correct & it will be made available to other non-Delta recruits via Phoenix or something not too price-gouging.
  • If it is absent now that is a rather big vacuum so if missing hopefully just an oversight since the traits were there for both previous runs. Temporal Insight is/was the trait received, account-wide unlock, when completing 1/2 of the story missions as a Delta. Then Improved Temporal Insight, account-wide unlock too, for…
  • Good to know, somtaawkhar, & thanks for the heads-up. Will have to try it out for giggles or anticipate for the next Endeavor. Glad to hear though sine I had read the previous versions kept having glitches. Now this is a stealth change that is good within a patch.
  • As usual many thanks to, somtaawkhar & the reddit source, for the 10FW livestream synopsis. I have no intentions to gamble for this Jovian Intel Heavy Raider but based off of the episode I think Cryptic did a really good job flushing it out to enhance its presence within the episode & now in STO. The naming inaccuracy is…
  • Was hoping for a Item/Services sale to help-out any player(s) that were wanting to optimize all 3 Delta Reruits & might be shy a character slot or 2. But a Key sale makes sense too since Cryptic prefers the gambling & to coincide with the release of that Jovian Heavy Intel Raider.
  • I don't know, overall, I think it was done pretty well. Cryptic had the KDF Recruitment offering a starship, ground trait, space trait, a unique ground weapon if you're of the collector sort, decent EC, dilithium in decent amounts & droplets, various marks, DOFF & BOFF, & et cetera. I'm sure I'm forgetting something too. I…
  • Agree. It's not the longest list of fixes, but it's focused on the Delta Recruit thing & it's short & sweet. Thanks Cryptic & try to keep at it.
  • lol luv the lottery part, but I agree if & that's a remote if Cryptic changes their minds then they'll announce it probably very directly though in this circumstance I tend to agree with their delving out the rewards minus I think the T6 coupons option should be tradeable.
  • Apparently Cryptic knows about the bug not allowing LTS players to create a Liberated Borg but Cryptic keeps selling the LTS without giving prior warning that the feature is currently unavailable. Definitely not ethical but is that even legal? The current sale isn't even the best sale, $150., but hopefully Cryptic will…
  • You say that but I still have a KDF toon stuck in a holodeck tutorial purgatory even though I have the Tesseract Communications Receiver so if at possible I'd complete the tutorial. Then again I'm hoping Cryptic rearranging a bit this Newest Delta recruitment will free my original KDF Delta, if not going to have to delete…
  • I recognized some of the higher rank/quality weapons seemingly having more pixel bits but never knew about the spikes, good to know, thanks for the cool info.. Now just waiting for the ground weapons to scale to the size of the characters better as previously mentioned. I mean I'll miss the shortest possible Pakled with a…