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  • I'm having a deja vu with this thread... It looks exactly the same as when someone made a thread 2 months ago asking if there was gonna be a new server... Everyone laughing and trolling at the OP and in the second page frankie came saying "yes, we're openning new servers soon". I'm afraid something like that is gonna…
  • Oh so the immortal gift pack is from the theatre of blood... only 1% chance tho :S It was selling for 9.9 mils but I guess I'll wait and try getting some warsong medals, those mirrors and jades look pretty good also :) Thank you Aste b:kiss
  • Said the OP sin able to solo FC :/
  • Terra's Embrace full pink flier in a male seeker looks... horrible lol Is only made for female mystics
  • Like I said, even if is not true, it would stop many from doing it or at least have the doubt "will I lose my char after all the money I spent on it for this?". Would make the game less broken... And anyway, this thread is just asking for replies from them, support, official answers... They're shutting up about everything…
  • Oh awesome, asher the founder creator of QQme right? Found my guild already then *Applying*
  • There will be 3 servers one for each language, french, german and english. Before getting all those QQ disappointed posts inform yourself, cause GMs from their forums said it. PS:Google translator sometimes doesn't make sense :/ , ijs
  • Awesome replies from GMs... 5 hours passed lol Better go ask it in german forums Roy, they GMs and people over there are much more active and friendly than in here.. I can tell you my guess is No... There aren't any english EU forums made 5 days before the launch, so my guess is that they'll just use this one. Probably…
  • +1 hmmm you seem to be dutch ha? :P
  • Had my holidays so I spent my time on the beach and went to summer parties at night b:victory
  • Doesn't matter if you use a pataka or not lol, you're testing crits... The fail is that crit doesn't work like that, is not 20% crit 1 out of 5, many can tell you in this forum. Mind Shatter only increases crit rate, not damage of skills, so you'll only see a slightly increase of the crit strike rate. Never really tested…
  • actually 1 pack = 36 silver 1 charm = 200 silver so it would be around one hyper 85k vs 5 perfect awesome stones, 5k Anywayz pwi wants you to buy 50 packs so you get 50 perfect stones, wonderful deal for merchanters b:victory
  • +1 to this. I remember they opened a new game, launched a cashop, milked it and after a month they shut down their game suddenly leaving the players that used to cashop a lot with a face like b:shocked (good I didn't cash shop lol) Will never play their games wasting any time or effort in them lol.
  • Completely agree with this, they would be better off running one big english server cause german and french servers might be dead if they run one of those... And it would help the English one to have more activity and be more attractive. I disagree about the "hell of confusing" in the items part... You don't need any kind…
  • Was that supposed to be joke?
  • do you realize you're posting in a thread from 2009??
  • hmmm I have vortex lvl 11 and 2469 mana and I keep it up charmed easily without dropping... For level one vortex you need around 1700 mana, that's true.
  • At the start I thought you were a troll, but at the end I guess you were really serious... o.o
  • I was gonna post something, but Janus said it all so I just quote him for truth. +1
  • Is simple, people don't use their brain, they just follow the trend and don't stop a minute to think if something is more profitable... Why do you think there are so many mercanters with 1bilion+ coins?
  • The french post is only about how PK and TW works... And jeez people, you should learn to read... mods said that you can play with the english client in the EU server, the new thing is only that you can just download the translated clients for french and german when they're available. The game will be still English if you…
  • So you're gonna keep going with the seeker? Because I saw you stopped at lvl 8 :P e/nvm just saw you posted with him and you're lvl 11 xD Mystics are very easy the first 20 levels, and I find the usage of the pet very innovative and fun :) Thanks for considering it
  • I know few that have the same as you but with their credit cards charging too much zen http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1114871
  • Hello Kaste! I'm someone who follows your youtube vids and I love them, something as simple as leveling a char in the early levels you turn it into something funny b:pleased On topic: Appart from what comes out in the poll, my suggestion is that you pick up a mystic to show everyone the early levels... Mystics are very…
  • It depends on the level of your culti, the more far you're on it, the less xp you lose. Your char level has nothing to do with it
  • Well, calling my post idiotic won't make yours be more cool, cause other than you, I'm realistic. Like I said before, you're asking to remove packs, even potions to merchant blabla, mainly take away all the things that give pwi their income... Do you really think that has any sense? That's more idiotic than my post. Forums…
  • -Raise prices of endgame skills. -Make cube of fate more important and needed on daily base (like a BH), easier to do and more money shrink than it already is, making pages of fate bound and such. -PWI already tried to change TW rewards from money to mirages but failed, Giving 10+ (20-30) mil per territory is a huge…
  • This post made me laugh so hard... So you're telling to the PWE company to remove their biggest source of income?? (aps, packs, high refines, ranks) Where's the sense on that? lol... Put the game from 2008 and then 1 week later you can complain in forums again: "OMG QQ can't level fast enough, this is boring" "OMG QQ…
  • There's not noticeable lag when playing a server across the ocean (unless a lag spike that everyone has). The only difference is a slightly higher ping. For example, I play in a server from west coast being european and I have 300-350 ping normally. If i play in a server from east coast ping goes from 150-200 So you…