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  • Game ran smooth, sounded good, and looked proper the entire time I played. Caught me a bh, did the new teacher thingy and grab up a cs. PWI WORKS AGAIN!! ding 80
  • VICTORY!!! Using tech faq 43 and using the cog to turn on the sound worked. Game got sound and not crashing. "Other" games detect your hardware and set them optimally. Why doesn't PWI have this and why is sound off at first and is not the default setting?
  • Why are the values set to off by default? Wouldn't have to edit them if they would turn my sound on...sheesh.
  • Is the audio bug that crashes the game fixed yet? Ran ESO with sound and no crash fine but I would prefer to play PWI. Get an ETA on when this critical bug is going to be addressed if it hasn't been yet?
  • Let me make clear what I'm trying to say. My father-in-law purchased a HD LCD TV. It looks like pure-d-****. Let me explain... His tv is not calibrated properly, he watches old westerns, he bought the biggest one he could find. I have a Wega that is properly calibrated, watch recently made tv, got a size optimal for…
  • So I read this thing where they say software programmers suck at making code and throw hardware at problems they could fix if they didn't suck. I would like to believe PWI isn't one of these. The game absolutely destroys all the other games out there, HANDS DOWN. Tried them all and they all worked. PWI is stoopid fun. Add…
  • Get da cooling pad. Dem laptops needs space on bottom to get da airs. Don't set it on couch, blanket or carpet sirs when playing da games.
  • So I ran the game in Windows 2000 mode and that did nothing aswell. Ran checks on DirectX 9.oc and everything passed. Noticed I don't have hardware buffering only software. That's becuase I'm intergrated audio and video? Anyway... I can get that without putting actual hardware in da tower?
  • No PWI for me. I've pretty much did everything.
  • So sad...no PWI after patch. Even ran a Uniblue driver scanner and released the compressed files during utility. Sound works fine for everything on my computer but PWI and it crashes instantly when I try to click stuff. So very dissappointed.
  • Going to try out the new patch but it appears players are still complaining. Please work.
  • I was reading the 2-10-10 patch problems thread and was very interested on what files exactly was effected although the thread was closed. Sup with that? PWI trying to listening in on rant w/ mics?
  • Oh yeah...I did crash the game a couple of times pressing that stoopid windows key at the bottom left of board. Looked up how to turn it off and its REALLY complicated.
  • Yeah...I dont need 1 gig. Worked fine for 3 months with that config. Patch comes out and PWI not working. Tonights maintenance maybe they will fix it. 3 month of playing and only one d/c and no lag sept for west arch...I think my computer runs the game just fine.
  • I wouldn't spend 15 bucks on more mem for this thing. Waste of money imo. I need added video performance and not getting it from this over more mem. PCIexpress and a ton more mem where its at. I researched builds and spoke to tech guys and I need to wait on 64 bit Windows 7. Got anything to help with the sound and crashing…
  • Thought about getting more ram and a video card for this but meh...rather get new junk. Looked at some riggs but 64 bit Windows 7 still not correct. I like to wait to get stuff till it works. Just like HD TV finally coming with the proper LED sets. Next year I prob get a new rigg and set. Until then I would like to play…
  • Also, just curious, why does PWI not show up in ADD or REMOVE and gets installed in my documents? When you unistall the software and re-install it does problems with it occur?
  • XP Service Pack 3 Home Edition Pentium 4 2.6 GHz 512mb RAM SoundMax Intergrated Digital Audio Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphic Controller Direct X 9.0c Pretty much did every check of windows and drivers possible. Computer running ultra trim. Pages load instantly on forums. Re-installed everything sept the OS. Game…
  • Pretty much depends on what you are fighting. reg mob = take aim + knockback mob w/ extra def = take aim + knock back + aim low + reg hits mob w/ extra def (alternate) = aim low + thunder + lighting + reg hits mob w/ extra life = take aim + knock back + aim low + reg hits mob w/ magic resistance = LMAO mob w/ weak = LMAO…
  • what he said
  • I target the boss, wait for the veno to pull + reclaim pet, wait for tank to make aggro explosion, fire off STA, esc, range tangling, normal hits for a sec, eruption (not lvl3) + tangling + extreme = everyone killing the boss. If i get aggro I shell up which auto cancels my attack. I then thunder + lightning so other metal…
  • What's going on? The Winter Games silly. The Chinese got more important fish to fry.
  • GRATS!! Calibrate that monitor FTW
  • Make sure your anti-virus doesn't run a scan when it wants. Make sure nothing else is running. Run maintenance on your junk. Reboot your modem.
  • Windows 7 with a 64 bit aint right just yet. Expect problems with it.
  • Also very helpful. Oh yeah...what stuff you want to know about?
  • That was very helpful...THANKS.
  • What a bunch of dorks. What part of "100% up-to-date", "100% meet the system requirements", and "Did all that" don't you understand? Anyone that has "anything new to add" or "isn't a jerk"...please step forward. Why is it when either an isp or software provider screws something up they always blame the user first and get…
  • Yeah did all that. Codecs files have been verified too. Everything works just not for this game. Guess I'll wait till the next patch and see.
  • Just so there is no mistake. Game works fine, patch, game not working fine. Tell me what you changed and I will make my computer run it. THANKS.