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  • I suppose I was just a spoiled veno who's pet took it out. Forgot about the party thing. No answer for that other than a genie skill
  • If all else fails then party with a melee class and have them do it. Staunch worms are just as bad for melee.
  • Just uninstall already. All you do is complain in every thread.
  • See my 2 previous posts. I'm not going to repeat myself yet again.
  • Stand up for what? You hate the way the game is now then make your own private server and be happy happy joy joy all day.
  • You say whatever you want but **** like the OP comes across as extremely ungreatful considering all the free **** PWI actually gives away for nothing. Those log in rewards gave me a full set of A cards from which I got a free S card. You think I'm going to freaking QQ about not getting 5 free subs a day after that…
  • +10000. OP is nothing but QQ. And Nice to see you again.
  • I have some empathy for you all on PvE servers but on LC a favorite pastime for many bored r9rrr's is to pk the **** out of botters. I hate PK but I would have no problem tormenting and killing illegal farming bots. I used my nix to burn an entire plat charm off a seeker bot farming herbs.
  • What difference did making me KOS make? RageQuit, Harvester, Spectral etc. out there were rPK anyway. They were killing me farming mats so I undercut their prices. I couldn't beat them in PK so I ruined their wine business profits. Good times. Back on topic. Point is that subs are farmed for free. The only cost is the…
  • I think the OP abandoned his thread after publicly humiliating himself as bad as he did.
  • I only farmed HH 1000+ times before 2012. It took the instance 30 minutes to reset. That was before I made HH openers. I ran the routes 1000s of times for subs and always had time to wait for the instance to open after making subs. Making 100s of millions in coin before 2012 was a godsend for profit. I haven't done much…
  • Yes it does. If one knew that subs could be farmed they'd always have subs, correct? They wouldn't complain about sub prices skyrocketing or the erroneous notion of lack of availability of subs because talismans are gone, would they? It takes me 15 to 20 minutes to farm 10 subs using multiple routes. Talimans give out 5…
  • Excuse me but you personalized this and it does make you come across somewhat like an entitled whiner. You stated you have RL obligations, responsibilities, and bills and that detracts you from managing your 20+ chars on 2 accounts in 3 servers. Who put you in that position to begin with? Still, if you can't afford the…
  • I look hard only to find very few lowie chars doing anything but JoJ. Those folks are just coin farmers. There is no real lowbie game play anymore. What's the incentive for that? The most effort one had to do is buy frost. When that was eliminated we were given pills to level to 100. But I rarely see low level characters…
  • At what cost to the F2P player? My friends list is full of people who no longer play the game. Gold prices on LC haven't changed much over the past year. You stated so many times in many threads that it's not our game the devs are interested in fixing. It's PW-CN. They are breaking our game by adding these 'fixes' to their…
  • You misunderstood. Free hypers and scrolls from daily check in and other BS like that.
  • Even if your gold prices on your PvE servers are in parity with my PvP server that's a far cry from what the bot haters were claiming was going to happen by nerfing the botters. Making claims like gold is going to drop to the 100K price as stated in this thread is utter BS. Will never happen without make other non bot…
  • Really? Botters have been nerfed more than 3 times already yet gold is not much different in price. How much longer are we gonna have to wait for the price of gold to magically drop to 100K? I mean the bot haters out there were all telling us it would. Nerfing bots was going to fix the economy. What happened? Where did…
  • No... Just no.. Enough with the stupid I deserve free **** because I exist in the game BS. There literally way too much free **** in PWI including exp and what not as it is. Life is all about putting effort into attaining the things you want. Free subs to me are farmed subs. And that's the way it should be. If the devs…
  • Gee, I wonder how many people on PWCN have r9rrr gears full JSOD + 12 like we have on PWI servers. Precisely. It's that new entitlement class envy thing again
  • Just completed my bot experiment. 5 hours 38 min - after repairs I profit 331.7K and I saved the valueless pots to sell in a catshop. Not much of an issue for me considering I bot for exp.
  • About the subs, farm them like we used to back in the day. Believe it or not there was a time before Talismans and packs. The game environment still provides a way to get them for free unless you think your time is worth money when playing an MMO. I too was put off by the zero value for pots. I'm saving those now to sell…
  • I sure wish they would put the freaking muzzle back on duke blacke
  • I'm doing an experiment now to see just how much I make in 5 hours botting from coin drop vs. repair. Seems like I'll still come out 300K or so ahead after repairs. I don't bot for the coin as much as I do for the mil exp while I'm at work. As for the pots. I'll sell them for 100 coin each in a catshop for the auto potters…
  • Brings back sweet memories
  • We have to realize that there are so many in the game who could not seem to figure out how to level characters without frost or a pill. Actually putting effort into getting anything in the game is beyond their comprehension.
  • It was max slots at the time one used the stone. Not max slots retroactively. Get over it
  • QQ - Maybe you need a better internet connection. I sent myself 20 jones blessing in 5 minutes with that video playing.
  • that would be naming. you'll have to log into LC and ask anyone there to find out.
  • Hmmm... I wonder....