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  • Hopefully not, otherwise I'm sad for remembering the first screenshot where Yunahh and I were killing those Phoenixes super late that night. Haven't played in well over a year - going on 2 - now, but saw an email about the latest expansion so thought I'd check the forum for funsies.
  • Yeah, we should be ashamed guys. Can't even get enough people on to defend the coolest territory on PWI! Guess I missed the after TW lulz since I dc'd about 30 minutes into it. About the only good thing I was doing was getting one shotted anyway. WTB rank 9 so I can be useful again. Oh and I thought the thread would be…
  • Short version: RoC took down Rad's crystal in just under 1 hour 10 minutes. Let the other 2 lands go.
  • You guys are starting to hurt my feelings! b:cry I'm like the only non-alt buffer that's dying to these. .. oh, and good fight.
  • Radiance marshal spawn killed me b:shocked (and like 3 others maybe lol) Totally worth an IG. - I was sad though. =( Looking forward to more fun tonight.
  • I have an old image of trying this, but it doesn't really show much other than we were there. Think we made it as far as the second boss, but after wiping a few times called it quits (it had already been several hours by that point). It didn't help that none of us…
  • It lasted an hour and a half. I haven't done a tw in ages so I felt kinda rusty, but it was still fun nonetheless - even with all the one-shotting everytime any r9 user so much as blew at me with my pro 6k hp. b:chuckle Rhazgoth hit me for 42k once..that's enough to kill me 7 times over. b:surrender
  • Nice run. Couple comments.. -In the miasma swamp with the last pool of (6) bugs. I've always just waited for them to spread out enough and would holy path through the middle, but I think I'll try your method of staying against the right wall and following the bug back. @2:12 -I prefer going through moonmist chamber over…
  • heh..think it was what, 2 weeks or so I was in Evo before Tao started? Only remember doing one TW there and 'assist BT' . b:laugh Wonder if someone has a picture of the map when it was Rad, Evo, Roc, and TE? Before this happened: Would like to file it away. b:thanks
  • Yunahh, you ****. Stop disappearing for so long. b:kiss You missed the other thread. Dunno about Hygea (though I remember she was always pleasant to be around), but I still talk to Ulfric now and then - she seems well. b:chuckle
  • 'Naked' TW 1st Tao win vs Rad Didn't upload a pic, but I remember first fight vs Enrage, losing in 23 minutes I think it was. b:surrender Getting City of Lost from Enrage -edited wrong info, ty hate-. (Their first loss…
  • Maybe it was a misclick, intended for King's Feast. b:avoid
  • TigersmileyBlink.gif 9/2 20:00 Radiance @ Drakon 20:03 Dominus @ xWarx 20:06 Enrage @ GoldDigrz 9/3 20:00 xWarx @ Dominus 20:03 Yakuzas @ Dominus 20:06 Drakon @ Radiance 20:09 GoldDigrz @ Wings 20:12 SuckItGD @ Pinoy
  • One time only event for me if it stays as is. 40 minutes seems too long for the mediocre rewards it gives.
  • It's not much, but being one of the best Jungle Ruins runners is a personal achievement. Longest streak of pack opening: 5 (got no luck with that stuff) I'm sure some people would have an interesting answer to that one.
  • Hmm...this thread is well-timed, since lately I've been considering reworking my genie. For a long time I've just used a 60/90(yeah..) Longevity that I've just tweaked a little bit. 20 str (unnecessary) 60 dex 45 vit 45 mag +5 points I couldn't decide where to put. lv10 holy path lv10 ex poison lv10 frenzy lv 1 fortify lv9…
  • Thread title totally trolled me; I was hoping for something interesting.
  • My catshop was ineffective in keeping them away from the crystal. b:surrender
  • My veno alt still has the same silver mp charm equipped from within a month or two of the game starting. If alts count. Still have roughly 100k left on it. Wiz had a gold hp for about 10 months maybe when I essentially quit to play something else. Just used it up a few weekends ago during a TW.
  • The first 2 fire rooms were a bit harder than necessary with so many people running around recklessly and causing the mobs to constantly veer off their set course. But it was sorta funny too, and I eventually started trying to use the others as meat shields. b:avoid And yeah, charm burn was mildly annoying. After a bit…
  • You guys should just hax bid and take all 6 lands this weekend and save the time. I'll be surprised if anything interesting happens here in 6 weeks anyway.
  • Guilty..though it didn't take quite that long. b:surrender I suppose I have mixed thoughts about the whole thing. Whenever I see someone run by with Tao over their head it reminds me of when I used to be there in the past, and then I sorta miss how it was back when. These days I'm just not that interested in pwi and it's…
  • Gen 1 here..started within a few days of the server opening. A friend from another game told me about it, I hadn't even heard of it. Saw it was free so decided to give it a shot. Made at least 1 of every class, cause I wasn't sure what I wanted to play. There was one point in my wizard's 50s that I almost quit from being…
  • BreathTaker Use Konari's color coding to see who's who if needed.
  • First, yes I'm on HT. So if you want to flame or disregard anything I say, so be it. ..But I still say you have a really good guide. I won't go into a wall o text; I'll just say this is the first version of PW I've played, and I'm always looking for more insight on my class. Regarding TW, I completely agree about sandstorm…
  • Sorry for the delayed response. I just started leveling on my Veno the other day, and it was rather...refreshing. I haven't done much else on my wiz this week besides daily crazy stone. Honestly, at this point, not sure what character I really want to play. Just need a bit more time to figure out what I wanna do. Not…
  • I must admit, I've been considering joining. I'll stop back in a couple days when my wizard hits 55, and I've sorted some other things out.