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  • Did you look at how many you actually got? The usual bug is that you get multiple (usually 100 from one click for me) and the corresponding cost of that amount.
  • IIRC, You need to collect the item singly, not collect all, to trigger the advance.
  • Xbox live = yes, required Share items = No, nothing moves between platforms.
  • AD exchange, yes. Zen purchase, no.
  • As of this posting PS4 = 748 Xbox (despite the Jubilee in a few weeks) = 589
  • They made some ridiculous, poorly communicated, apparently ineffective requirements for many game features/actions to combat gold sellers. To unlock these things you need to follow the basic main questline through Helm's Hold (I think that's it) or hit level 70 (that was max level when the change was made, it might need…
  • You can check down a few posts (5maybe) below this one for Casual Gamers thread. Read the OP and perhaps a few others and if interested post any questionns or your character name and GT for an invite.
  • To start masterworks you must be in a guild to get the quest and the guild must be a certain level, 12 maybe? And preferably with an Explorer's guild/boon structure. My guild meets those needs and we have several MW crafters who are willing to help with difficult items, look for one like that if yours does not and you want…
  • First, Masterworks did not go away, it may not be as useful and profitable as it once was, but it still can be useful for some of us. As for boosting your stats, it is not intended that you hit the 100% on high value items. They want a chance to fail on those, but you can get close. They built the system with a target of…
  • I just need full character name and GT to send an invite.
  • Sorry, I've gotten out of the habit of checking the forum daily. I'll try to do better. I'll be ingame in afew hours and will send an invite if you are still interested and do not have a guild, I hope you'll accept. I see you found a guild. Good luck and thx for the interest
  • Hi, yes we are still around and accepting. We have several members doing the same as you. rejoining/playing more with Infernal Descent. I went to shoot off an invite, but it appears you have already joined. Welcome.
  • Summerfest: Most items rewarded are unbound. Many of the items purchased for event currency (Sorbet, caprece, squash soup etc.) are character bound.
    in mochi Comment by zephyriah January 2020
  • Used to be. Last few mods the 2X XP was the week of, or week after. So, that is no longer a solid indicator.
    in mod 18 Comment by zephyriah January 2020
  • I don't expect the next mod until march 3rd at the earliest. They will need to patch the major bugs found/introduced on pc before a console release where extra patches cost them money. Of course, if everything goes smooth it could be sooner. But, when was the last time we had a smooth launch? It has been quite awhile.
    in mod 18 Comment by zephyriah January 2020
  • I've always wondered why the chests of power from the stronghold starter pack are sold separately, but the chest of campaigns is not. It may have made sense in the very beginning, but not anymore.
  • That one, and several others, is caught and changed by the xbox chat filter not neverwinter's. You can say "got" on neverwinter's PS4 and PC versions.
  • Should not have expected it, most employees just back in office today. It would take a few days to implement. Console update on calendar tends to have a shorter lead time when a new mod is dropping soonish on PC. Also, changes to the calendar seem to occur during patches/maintenance, but not always.
  • Did you hard reset your xbox after purchase? Often things bought from the store do not update until a full reset is done. At the very least, shutdown the game and restart works for some.
  • Can't say I noticed a spelling difference, but afaik the reason they do not stack together is that the gifts wrapper is bta and I thought (been a long time since I redeemed from her) the things from Sybella are BTC. I'll look for a character that has some savras to check later. Edit:I'm wrong, The token pack is bta from…
  • Retraining tokens are BTA in the purchased gifts. They work differently than those in game. You do not actually get the tokens from the gifts. You get a bta package than contains 3 tokens. Those tokens inside become btc when opened. Don't know if that makes the difference. I agree that the bound stuff makes little sense,…
  • The gifts you get from the giftmaster coupon and zen store purchases have unbound items when opened. The ones you get from gift groups contain bound items. Always been that way.
  • As much as I am disappointed by the change, I can find no mention of "daily" in the event description. It simply says log in and claim free items, those are the wolf for those who missed it and snowflake for all.
  • They are bound, but account wide except the Legendary one they had. Every character you own(even ones created later) can claim one and they are reclaimable. So, not an issue.