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  • Scaling level 70 campaigns... Really?? this is ridiculous. Apart from Stronghold areas and the low level random dungeons why is anything scaled?? If your level 80 and going back to those areas they SHOULD be easy, you've been there and done that so it should not be hard. It certainly should not be harder than if you are…
  • Really?? I always find the "or" logic to be helpful here. if "item" or "item+1" then x=x+1 And +1 items are a LOT cheaper than standard item because no one want or needs them... can't use them to complete quests.. The amount of gold needed is ridiculous, especially when "pricesless" items sell for silver and you pick up…
  • this happens to me too, also my friend on his DC, his only chult gear is the Hullsnapper arms. all the rest of his gear is from Riverdistrict We are both using the Paranoid Delusion
  • My 14k IL SS CW can run around chult with no problems at all and has been since it opened and I was under 12K. I can solo T3 HEs in the Stronghold and normally do either top or second top damage in epic dungeons.. I am happy with what I can do and the damage I can hand out but... but unless you are 16k or above, and even…
  • I have just been on the Preview server. There was no cool down on my Bondings. Yes the percentage was reduced, but the cooldown was not there. either 1) they have decided to not implement the cooldown (YAY) 2) they have not yet implemented all the changes on the Preview server (boo)
  • Where did you find this information?? No-one else seems to have said anything about it.
  • Since the last CUE update for my Corsair, unless there was an update by Cryptic, my keyboard has been working perfectly. I think it was the CUE update as some other things are working properly that were broken.
  • There are currently 8 Bulette pups in the AH, the cheapest (a green) is 1.7mil AD. A single Rank 12 Eldritch runestone (2 in AH) are 5mil AD. Save up or buy zen guys cause BIS augment option is going to be expensive and HARD to come by.
  • Are Eldrtich Runestones changing so that both powers are used no matter what type of slot, because at the moment you only get the % of pet ratings when in a defense slot. So this limits what augments you can use them with. My augment has 3 Offence slot so Eldrtich are useless for boosting stats.
  • OK, so it seems to work for me after rebooting and having "Advanced" turned off through the reboot. If Advanced is turned on and off without a reboot then the SDK does not seem to work.
  • Wow,and now it has stopped working... the gfxEnable command comes up as invalid in game too.
  • I just got the Corsair K70 RGB Rapid Fire and it would not work until I had rebooted, and then worked first time. On the subject of colours, could you turn off the colours or change the colours of the keys that are not used in combat?
  • If this was a known "bug" why does it seem to have been passed on to the consoles? As one other person said, real keys normally do not break after one use they work for years, why not make a single key work 10 times before it breaks or heaven forbid, subject it to a "random" roll when it will break 10% of the time.
  • Not exactly. I think you never realized that the SH main building counts towards the required buildings at a certain rank. With that, you should have enough buildings at all times to keep upgrading as long as you don't want a building that requires PvP. And yes, eventually you'll have to build the buildings that give you…
  • you are right.. but what about the Glory portion.. "First off, you don't need any PvP-related stronghold currency to level your stronghold" Ahhh there seems to be the Jubilee Trader, is this new?? although you need a metal and stone.. which we need to upgrade the stronghold to be able to get....??
  • No... I can't believe there are any bugs in this new content... this first time I tried Respen's Game, at the first group door to actually get into it, I got sent to a PvP instance in my Stronghold ....
  • And Coalescent wards still stay in the Zen store and the AD exchange prices keep rising and Trade House prices for Coalescent wards keep going up too. Nice stabilisation of the economy!!
  • Well well well, the AD exchange prices are starting to go up and up sell zen is now 420AD and by is 430AD.
  • Back before mod 6, you could change Zen into AD, but every time I went to look to do AD into Zen that function seemed to be closed. Maybe I was wrong...
  • And for all those who say, just grind AD and convert to Zen... what happens when they disable the AD to Zen part of the exchange. They have done it before, they can do it again.
  • It's sad because the original thread on the Xbox forums got closed with this information in the last post by a moderator "Closing this thread up since they have posted an update with how they plan to handle it. You can find that thread here." the new thread started with the following post "On Tuesday, February 10, the…
  • I think you mean this one.. http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/1205498/regarding-tarmalune-tradebar-rework Blatantly says that "Coalescent Wards will not be leaving the stores and pricing will not increase". Although in their defence it says "stores". Technically CWs are still in a store and pricing…
  • And not one word from anyone from Cryptic.. Surprise Surprise
  • Hmm that's strange, Mine doesn't work either.... Note the sarcasm 8)
  • Also the exact error happened when trying to remove the Loamweave from some armor and quadruple checked that I did not have that enchantment elsewhere. I have done this before with different items and not had this problem.
  • The error comes up specifically with the Loamweave enchantment and in the past when this has happened it skips the unique item and returns the others, in this case, the first thing is the Loamweave and it then stops.