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  • Hello @asterdahl, I want to know the idea and the differences in playstyle behind all three tank classes. Can you enlighten me in this point? So I can decide which tank would fit my priorisite playstyle and which one i get ready for mod 16. best regards Tilrod
  • 1. The new TAB-mechanic feels much better then Dig-In from fighter (Dig-In should be activated this way). Nonetheless i dont see any reason to use this mechanic. Its to expensive for the gain. There are only a few situations where it is usefull. The cleric has a similar encounter, but it is cheaper and has a heal over time…
  • hello @asterdahl, I think it's good how you get into the players here and try to keep the fun on our classes. I would like to hear your idea for the new paladin and how we should play him. In mod 15 playing a paladin feels like beeing a mobile tank in fights. We dont need to block and use sanctuary only to counter cc. I…
  • I miss the uniqueness of the paladin. As tank it feels like playing a fighter, who cant attack while blocking. I liked the idea (pre mod 16) of being a tank who doesnt need to block thanks to TW. Maybe we can have such a unique block ability back. This would work similar to the capstone of the Bulwark "Holy Barrier".…
  • The biggest problem are the two ways to trade ZEN in ADs. All items, which are bought from ZEN store directly, should be Acc-bound. Otherwise all players would sell them on AH because of a better ZEN-to-AD-Ratio (who will blame them for this). In the same step they have to introduce more and worthwile AD-sinks, so players…
  • The tool tip on the preview states that soul scorch is fire based damage.
  • Are the RADs from dungeon chests and the seal vendor in bags like these from the adventure seal vendor?
  • Or lock RAQ until they get the needed everfrost resistance. To queue for a random dungeon you have to fullfill all requirements not only gearscore.
  • 1. Know your enemy. it looks like you dont know that after a giant rushs at you he throws a rock. the rock is deadly. so block the rush and other ccs with your shield and move away. 2. Wait for your party. you should be the first one, who enters the combat, but your Party should be ready to support you. 3. Use TW before BO…
  • Nope, its working as intended. OP shield gives 80% damage ignore. So it is useless against piercing damage and can be mitigated by armor penetration theoretically.
  • Other players pointed out already, that the 2nd party is viable like the 1st one. That is correct. A useful build is more useful then a non useful build. Why should players, which have invested much in there euipment (better equipment = higher investment) have not an advantage above players, which refuse to do that? And as…
  • Your whole restrictions to the second group sounds like you restrict them further, until someone says, that the first group runs the dungeon in 5 min and for the second group its impossible to complete it. So restrict the second group to "assume all members are lvl 1. Which group will complete the dungeon faster?" You cant…
  • This is my try:
  • the uploaddate says nothing. i can uplaod a video from mod 3, today, but this wouldnt change the relevance for the current content. nowhere in the video or the description is a proof of the date. so it could be recorded before the last patch.
    in wTF sod Comment by tilrod2 July 2018
  • But as a new TR it isnt easy to get the right amount of dr to make SoD a relevant buff. Other classes like GWF have the same trouble with dr, but they have better selfbuffs.
  • Lets push SoD over the border between premitigated and postmitigated damage forever. PvE-Players complain, when SoD is based on postmitigated damage and PvP-Player complain, when SoD is based on premitigated damage. The only solution would be a complete rework of this feat.
  • A new hit for stronghold progression? I have 10 chars. 7 of them can run random level dungeon ans skirmish. I get 140 shards and ~112.000 AD. After these changes, i get only 105 shards for the guild and 15.000 AD for me (not all my chars can run Intermediate Queue). The needed grinding time is reduced to 50%. The shard…
  • make a new account with its own 100.000 AD cap.
  • i got so many ad only for praying and leadership tasks on alts. this is not good, because player with less alts have not this advantage. so botter would benefit the most if these changes had not been made.
  • this is not really a nerf. you get the same ads for the same amount of overflow xp like before mod 13. the devs had to reduce the ad drop chance, otherwise the amount of ad in game will raise furthermore. this would increase the prices in the ah too. you should be happy with the short duration of good ad rewards.
  • https://imgur.com/oHRtRiV
  • I think the tiger is very good for trash Clearing, because the skill, which causes bleeding is an aoe. So you have the debuff on multiple targets at the same time.
  • There is a second one. The second Encounter is called dreadtheft. But you are right there are only a few powers with that behavior.
  • Some guy from my guild has the same Problem.
  • I think ist there fault, if they spend the full price. And i have never seen an official comment before the event, that the seals of the brave are part of the discount. Can someone quote this statement, if i have overseen it?
  • It is an unfair compensation, because of two reasons. 1. a player who collected 200 seals during this event was unable to buy a piece of gear though he should have. 2. pc-players never had such an event. you can say: they have double seals instead, but this is not the same. Lets compare the the two scenarios of 2. Assume…
  • So, fresh lvl 70 chars and twinks with low ilvl have an even smaller contribution to guild progression then an char under lvl 70, because they have no access to there named random queues.
  • Is this a PvP-only Change? Is the uptime change only for the slow or for the damagedebuff and the powerbuff as well?