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  • Once in a blue moon. I've had it on my second Pally for ages. You still look like your holding a shield when in combat, without seeing the shield. It looks cool to be honest.
  • Bulette pup 3 x empowered = 96k hp 3 x defensive gear with 6 x R14 rads = 24k hp 5 x legendary companions = 31% bonus stats on active pup Totalling approx 160k hp Add in other HP from other sources and you could end up with approx 500k HP. While it isn't bis nor a viable way to play a Paladin it's worth looking into. Once…
  • I feel that leaving the empowered at 32k is for the better. Better to have a number of choices when it comes to builds rather than the meta. BiS is boring yet one feels compelled to follow the trend, keeping the empowered as is, gives augmented companions a fair chance for defensive builds. I'll admit I do main a Paladin…
  • Stat value is something I look at. Generally 1k power = 4K hp, so 3k power is only worth 12k hp. Even though power does a lot more, I feel overall it can't compete with the huge gain from hp. Regardless I eagerly await you're tests even if half the time it goes over my head lol.
  • Going by 12b changes the bullette pup might be another option 3 x empowered = 96k hp, 3 x defensive gear slots with rads in them = 24k hp for a total of 120k hp from companion. Going full hp build where possible you could be hitting 450k hp, before TW.
  • Since my last post my IL is now 3450. I dropped all savage enchants and went Recovery in offensive and Rad in defensive Brutal in utility. Artifacts are sigil of OP, Thayan book of the dead, Heart of the white dragon and horn of Valhalla. Now all at Teal level. My reasoning at the time for these Artifacts was having HP,…
  • As far as I'm aware there is no max limit. This is from when I was playing a healadin.
  • PS4 player here. The main change to the game would be to change ALL items that are bound to CHARACTER too bound to ACCOUNT. People say that it'll never happen due to loss of revenue, however I beg to differ I believe it would encourage more buying of zen. People will try more builds and / or make new characters. Key chest…
  • Ps4 player here and you're situation is so similar to mine it's not funny. I was a Dev Pally with high crit, now respecc'ed to a Prot Pally with the same high crit. I also have a lion companion ( replaces my yeti) however I prefer the hard hitting shadow demon, even with it dying a lot. The lions buff is so noticeable many…
  • PS4 player here sorry I voted. I'm sitting at 3287 IL atm. Just need too many wards or I'd be higher.
  • Devotion Paladin ( not sure about Protection) how do they Dodge, Block,Sprint or Shadow slip? If they can't then what's the point of having the set bonuses? Add Recovery stat for the 4th stat for Pally thx.
  • What time zone are you guys in? For I'm considering leaving my current guild to join yours. Being in my 40s working 2 jobs my play time is all over the place, which leaves me soloing most of my time due my fellow guild members not on. I'm a Lvl 70 healing / dps build dev pally with a IL 3250. PSN RooBeeO
  • Voted something else, a Beastlord from EverQuest, combining a monk with a shamen has a pet as well. Wis and Dex would be the main stats, they could off tank, buff, debuff, and heal. Good at soloing yet supportive in a group. If not due to D&D rules then a Bard.
  • Have you tried using a potion of Stamina? Made from Alchemy profession.
  • The value of a Lvl 47 off hand is 330,180 Refinement Points when fed into non-matching artifact equipment. When fed into another artifact off-hand, the value is doubled, (660,360). Starting from Module 7: Underdark, this value must be multiplied for another 2x ( 1,320720 ) but the artifact off-hand's refining is no more…
  • Haha like I said i'm still learning. My apologizes too all for I mistook the floating damage numbers on screen, as the damage you do directly, however it appears to be the total amount before you're interupted so it resets. Therefore while I did do 660k crit damage then i must of critted on average 10k per crit and critted…
  • PS4 player here I too started out looking for a solo build and couldn't find one so I made my own. I started out with the idea of a crit / Heal build. With the right mounts and companions 9 times out of ten I always out heal every other group member by a couple of million and on average I'm second on the list dps wise.…