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  • I mean, to be fair, Vorpal as the best option seems appropriate in the D&D context anyway, it's just that Vorpal wins by probably too wide of a margin.
  • I mean, there's a reason they're removing the word Control from the Control Wizard...
  • Okay, so, your damage from self + damage from companion is (generally) what a player should optimize for. An augment has damage from companion be 0, but increases damage from self. So the damage from companion needs to be set up so that the differen…
  • So why the heck are you here? In the companions thread? Your statements adds nothing to the subject. If you don't like and don't need companions, go away and stop trolling! Companions ARE a part of the game. Also, just because I disagree with…
  • Beats me. Just because I don't think it's a big problem doesn't mean that I don't think that it's unfixable. I suspect, however, that for some reason, the dev team is either okay with or explicitly in preference of the low-damage companion model.
  • Well, the keys on their own can pay for VIP. I'll definitely grant that even without them, I'd be hard pressed to play without VIP these days though.
  • If you're asking for each companion to be equal, you're asking for each companion to be optimal. I don't care too much either way, my point is that no matter what happens with companions, it's not a big deal. The reason they made changes was becau…
  • I mean, the bottom line is that they're trying to rebuild the game from the ground up without having to actually rebuild it from the ground up. What they "should" (not really) do is shut down the server, and develop an actual Neverwinter 2, without…
  • Honestly, I think companions are an unnecessary part of the game, and they should just remove them whole cloth, so it's hard for me to be sympathetic to people complaining. Augments are basically just extra gear slots. Trying to balance extra gear …
  • The game survived for years on "augments are useless." I'm sure it can survive a few mods on "non-augments are useless." This just isn't the most important issue right now.
  • A cold based Repel could be changed to Cone of Cold, for extra D&D points.
  • If players are going to be bored because they don't have access to mods 1-15, I can't help but wonder about why the original base game wasn't boring.
  • Don't act like the reason anyone buys VIP is for the identification scrolls. It's all about the keys!
  • If I'm being honest, I'd prefer no at-wills at all. 3 seconds between encounter powers at which point I dance around is better than having to sit still and throw magic missiles.
  • To be clear, I was being silly, but not dismissive-the idea sounds fine, hence why my proposal was similar!
  • Oh, well there you go. Sounds good, have a complete proposal on my desk by Monday.
  • Well, just remember: the next module that drops, the monsters will be higher stat levels, so the caps will be higher, and you'll be using the gear you have NOW for much of it. Think of the real goal to be not the necessary stats to meet this module'…
  • Well you'd have to put some of the Underdark stuff into RLQ then. Imagine a level 30 character queuing for Demogorgon or Tiamat!
  • Also, just to dispel a common misconception, if that happens, it's because your withholding increased; your total tax burden may be higher, but your net take home pay increases when you get a pay increase. An increase in your tax bracket only applie…
  • One fringe idea: have scaling so that everyone's at the same point IL wise except for the endgame content BUT Boons bypass this. So your base is your gear sans boons, and then you add the boon bonus on top. The boon effects are relatively small, bu…
  • I thought the goal was to AVOID level scaling. RLQ scaling isn't any better than any other kind of scaling!
  • The only issue is what to do with group content. Because most players hit the level cap and then that's where they are, it'd be difficult for players to help out lower level characters if they're not being downscaled. Of course, I'd prefer if the l…
  • Nah. ELDRITCH isn't just depreciated, it's out right eliminated in usefulness. Same for the Leeching/Vigor insignias. If you're trading, say, a Silvery, it's because you don't like accuracy when you wanted recovery. If you're trading Eldritch, it'…
  • I mean, they could always just leave the exchange up permanently...
  • Super duper lame man. SUPER lame. But oh well, that's life I suppose. Thanks for the response.
  • Why is it a bad thing for speculators to profit? No item has 100% absolute value. There's no great injustice involved if someone happened to have a bunch of training runestones and suddenly their net wealth is a lot higher.
  • This does, however, involve reworking how guild upgrades work, since obviously you wouldn't have fey et al currency for guilds.
  • In my opinion, they should turn every level 70 campaign zone into a leveling zone. don't give x2 currency-remove the need for currency entirely. So boom, get to Sharandar. "Corellon preserve us! Arcane resoirvoire!" BOOM! "Now we need you to go to t…
  • Starting sometime around mod 4, most of the module storylines have been set to match up with the most recently 5E adventure module. There are of course a few exceptions (Aquisitions Incorporated-while obviously cross promotion-wasn't an adventure mo…
  • The game wasn't lacking depth back in mod 0; going straight to Undermountain isn't lacking depth now. I don't have the marketing data available, obviously, so it's hard to empirically check who's right here.