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  • Well, funny that... going to be a while before I can remotely go since it takes a while to unlock MSP (FBIs not AS bad). 12k+ and can't queue because I decided to take my time and enjoy every campaign and play it for the story as opposed to just grind them as fast as I can and as soon as they come out...
  • Okay, gonna throw it out there. Conceptually, I like the random queue. For a long time I struggled contributing to our SH in the dungeon power shard department because, well, there were no queues popping for places like CN, ECC, EGWD. Leaving me to only do EToS, VT, or ELoL (Never could get a Malabogs). Made it very slow…
  • So it's been a long time since I looked here. Life has been crazy and I have been sidetracked. What a wonderful surprise to see more support! Thank you all :) My computer that I use for art has sadly died for the time being... hopefully to be resurrected within the next couple weeks. But after reading the support here,…
  • Thanks for the support :) I do already have a rainbow panther from Andy which I adore ;) I love my characters and I love painting them. I just hope other people enjoy too!
  • Latest character portrait. Been on a bit of a hiatus since having a kid ;) This is my GWF, hope you all enjoy!
  • You know what is worth ranting about? Players doing the dailies in Sharandar who prey on people doing the free the elves trapped in plant cocoons quest and steal the guy to arm while the game is still counting you in combat and says you can't click that npc to arm them yet... THOSE people are worth complaining about ;) ---…
  • It'll work as long as you have a weapon that can hold the enchant. The weapons purchased from celestial coins from invoking level with you all the way to 70 and have an enchant slot. As for expense... depends on the rank and popularity of the enchant. The AH is a good place to check for prices ;)
  • MMO Minds (google them) is also a good place for guides and often has more options than what the class forums provide. Most people in the forums will strictly stick to the FOTM specs and that's it. MMO minds has always seems to have SOMEONE that's tried doing a different paragon path/feat tree than the usual.
  • Thanks guys! I'll check out your foundry there, Valcontar, that looks like it has some real potential for getting a sense of scale. I just built an entire monastery and due to some error issues with custom interiors it took quite a bit of headdesking to finally get it presentable for RP-publish purposes. I guess I'll be…
  • Played around with some objects, seems to have corrected it.
  • Well, things were going relatively well on my custom room builder map and now this morning after 10 attempts, I'm still getting the 'Error attempting to play map.'. It's like I got over the 1k detail assets mark and it's become impossible to move further :-/ I'm not sure what to do. I have to use room builders because I'm…
  • I main a paladin tank. At 2.5k gearscore, I have no issues tanking T2 dungeons all other things going well (dps that know what they're doing, some sort of breathing healer that is pushing buttons). I am currently Judgement spec with no points in the bulwark tree (went for the other tree for more group buffing potential…
  • Mod removed moderated quote. Carry on. I am also a recently returned player. Last time I played was when Sharandar was released and then for a week when the paladin class was released. So quite a gap. Now that I'm more active, I've finally gotten more familiar with what all has occurred. Hopefully some of it is useful. 1.)…
  • OMG... it's not just me... I can't help but laugh when I see him pop up from getting stuff from boxes. Though it has been quiet lately from him ;)
  • I THINK I found out was causing my issue. Looks like it was the small room builder tiles. I made a new map with all larges and so far have not encountered any problems with the map loading to test play it.
  • @Taevannya -- I’d like to sign up for 8/4 from 11AM-12PM. Dungeon runs would be fun :D
  • Bah, got rid of all my Large Blank Room builder tiles and still having the same issue :-/
  • Ok, awesome, I will check that out then!
  • What was the issue? I'm still getting it :(
  • *Cries*
  • Are you saying we shouldn't use the room builder tiles?
  • Better get a signature made... o.O Update on the map loading issue: So when I go play on one of my characters questing or some sort, then go back to the Foundry and pull up my map... it loads :p Just a thought in case anyone is pure foundry at the moment and hasn't played on their toons at all in-between ;)
  • Did they do this fix recently? Just curious. My map is once again loading :) A weekend out of working on it, I'll take that ;) I hope the publishing stuff get's sorted out. Edit: Well, spoke too soon. I got about an hour's worth of work in, got disco'd, reloaded, got the error again :-/
  • I made a new 'Quest' to see if that worked, and it loaded fine. Went back to my previous map for what I'm working on and got the error again :-/
  • I am working on building a full out monastery primarily from scratch. I probably will not be doing any large quests or campaigns as for now I have a backlog of 'places' to build for role playing purposes. I have been throughly engrossed lately and I'm loving it!
  • Same problem just started up with my maps this evening :-/
  • OMG SQUEEEEE!!! So excited! Best news of the holiday weekend! Thanks guys for not giving up and doing what you can!
  • Thanks! I'd be curious to know if it works! A wired headset with a toddler running around can be cumbersome at times ;) Let us know how it goes!
  • [email protected] Thank you and good luck to everyone!
  • That is for an epic quest line to open up the Underdark/Maze Engine campaigns. It IS done in a Foundry style and is quite enjoyable. It becomes available at level 60 and is given out by Capt Belgar (sp?) who's on a horse by the Driftwood Tavern in the Enclave. I recommend doing the series at 60 and before 70 because it…